OG Juan: Shot out in a Close Friend’s Album

The Gazette Day website features an article entitled “Everything Is Love: A Shout Out to Roc Nation Husband & Wife OG Juan and Desiree Perez”. The reason why this article is so important is that it talks about the recent album that was dropped by musical pair Beyoncé and Jay-Z. For anyone that has been paying attention, they know that Jay-Z and Beyoncé have not always done well as a couple. Previous albums accused the other of cheating and there have been some difficulties. In fact, the couple has even seen some degradation of their close friendships because of their pullback from social life.

It is often during the times of great peril that will become aware of the forces in their life that are truly beneficial. OG Juan and wife Desiree Perez have proven themselves to be quite beneficial for the couple. In fact, the recent album features a track that gives shout-outs to some of the more important people in their lives. OG Juan and his wife are both given mention through this music. They have been quietly standing behind the couple throughout the years as valued members of the Roc Nation family. Sometimes, it’s not about who you are friends with but who you’ve been friends with that have shown their loyalty to you.

OG Juan is the acting president of Roc Nation. His wife Desiree also holds a high position within the company as COO. The album is reminiscent of people who are truly grateful for the people in their lives who matter. The album actually mentions how good friends have been instrumental in pulling them up. These are people who have been by their sides in one capacity or another for the past decade or more. It is a beautiful tribute album and one that many friends like OG Juan appreciate.

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