OSI Food Solutions America

OSI Production Company is a private company located in Aurora. It is a worldwide distributor and producer of food products. The company has tremendously grown with the help of Sheldon Lavin as the CEO. It was begun as Otto and Sons business and later remodeled to OSI in 1975. This mean that OSI Food Solutions is a family owned business.

OSI company focuses on increasing its services and delivering customized food products everywhere in the world. The business is now able to build, establish and distribute food solutions because of the establishment of new facilities, professional team, and financial materials. OSI Group attained Baho Food in August 2016 in order to expand in its industry in Europe. David, the company’s president, stated that the acquisition of Baho would help in developing the company’s awareness in Europe.

Baho Food produces meat items, snacks and other food products. These products added to the OSI production strength and also widened its abilities in producing quality and standard services and products to the increasing customer wants and needs. However, the business transaction of purchasing Baho is yet to be approved.

In the agreement John Balvers, the Baho managing director was to continue managing the company together with all the managerial experts and would also join with executive leaders of OSI Group. Mr. Balvers was very pleased by being a part of the OSI Group. He said that OSI had an excellent relationship with its clients and suppliers. He further added that the combination of Baho and OSI powers would be the best in supporting its clients in the realization of their strategy offering a wider product cover. Balvers went ahead and said that business deal would help in speeding Baho’s development strategies and in helping in the attainment of its goals.

In 25th November, 2016 OSI Group was rewarded with the Globe of Honor Award at Draper in London which was given by the British Safety Council because of its support and dedication for environment management. Mike Robinson, chief executive of the British council said that the award would help in improving the businesses of the organization. An organization was expected to illustrate to an independent panel its capability to keep a track record of best practice in health and safety of management during the entire business.