The Midas Legacy Investment and Advancing Opportunity

Midas Legacy is a wealth management and consultancy firm based in Winter Garden, Florida. According, the company offers investors and entrepreneurs a lifetime opportunity to participate in joint ventures or become affiliates. The research services provided by the company target all individuals looking for success, from budding investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to anyone else who wants to become a better and happier person. Subscribed members get exclusive access to crucial advice on real estate investment, retirement saving, natural health and financial planning and other areas of public interest.

Investors worrying about wealth management now have a partner who is able to sit them down and offer the right advice of growing investment and ensure peace of mind. The retirement savings advice is crucial for people who plan to take early retirement and natural health advice for individuals interested in using natural cures to treat various illnesses. The advisory council of Midas Legacy includes prominent experts from various fields such as Jim Samson, Mark Edwards and Sean Bower. Jim is a highly successful entrepreneur, publisher and bestselling author, Mark is a specialist in natural health while Sean is an accomplished chief editor.

One of the bestselling books Jim has written is called the “Real Estate Riches”. Mark dedicates most of his time, spreading the word about the benefits provided by natural cures and reveals the secrets behind healthy life practices and common food that are unknown to many people. Besides working as an editor, Sean is adept with the workings of the capital markets and is well read on financial matters. He is also a highly opinionated personality, having made several appearances in international media, including the International Business Times and Yahoo Finance. The Midas Legacy is also involved in charitable giving as part of its growing corporate responsibility.

Some of the organizations that have benefited from this generosity include; the Wounded Warrior Project, the Salvation Army and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, among other organizations. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is at the forefront of fighting childhood cancer and other debilitating illnesses that afflict children around the world. According to the Midas Legacy Website, you can share in the success of the company from day one by getting the Midas Code book, which is offered to members FREE. The books demonstrate firsthand business, investment and healthy living experiences from Midas Legacy experts and contributors, stock market investors, authors and entrepreneurs.

Using Keywords for Maximum Effect in SEO

Good SEO relies heavily on well-placed and smart keywords. The use of keywords is at the heart of what makes SEO effective for marketing. Keywords not only allow you to reach your intended audience, but they indicate to customers what your business does and what they can expect by visiting your website. Without the intelligent use of keywords, your online marketing campaign is unlikely get off the ground.

Before search engines developed more intelligent algorithms, it was common to see unscrupulous marketers cramming as many keywords as possible into a single sentence or paragraph. This boosted a website’s ranking, but made for a lot of unreadable or tedious content. Since then, search engines have prioritized websites that use keywords in ways that do not compromise quality. Any good SEO strategy will use keywords so that they flow naturally within the text.

When deciding on which keywords will be most effective for your company it is best to use the aid of a keyword tool. A good keyword tool will give you information on how many searches a particular keyword or phrase gets monthly as well as how much competition you’ll face. You should hone in on a group of words and phrases that both describes your product and give you maximum reach potential. This takes some research, but the pay off is huge.

When you have your keywords ready, plan out how you want to integrate them into your website. It is good practice to include one of your keywords or phrases into your url if possible. If this isn’t realistic, keywords should certainly be in your website’s header. In the body of your website, your keywords should be used strategically so that your content will rank well. Don’t go over-board. Only place keywords where it’s practical so you can avoid being penalized by search engines. While this is a good primer, be sure to check some more in depth tips as well.

White Shark Media is a leader in SEO marketing. Their internet marketing solutions are customized expertly for their clients. They specialize in working with small and mid-sized firms. With proprietary techniques and software, White Shark Media gives their customers every possible advantage when designing a marketing campaign. Customers can expect keyword-level call tracking, integration with Google Analytics, in-depth reports and high accessibility.

White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs with many years of marketing experience between them. The company prides itself on its relationship with its loyal clients. Their first client is still a happy customer. They have been recognized by Microsoft for their impressive results in the online marketing world and will make excellent partners for any company looking to expand its reach.

An Insightful Look at Cone Marshall and its Principals

Cone Marshall boasts as one of the top global law firms in matters pertaining foreign trusts and tax law. Since its inception in 1999, the Auckland, New Zealand-based legal firm has maintained a high adherence to the top principles of transparency on trust and tax matters. Further, Cone Marshall has strived to assure all its clients and potential clientele that they will be accorded top notch as well as trusted counsel on global trust and tax law.

The Leadership of Cone Marshall

The Cone Marshall law firm leverages the experience and skills of its two principals, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Karen Marshall joined Cone Marshall in 2005 after serving a London-based law firm for about a decade. In the London-based law firm, Karen specialized in commercial litigation. Karen is not only a principal at Cone Marshall but also a trusted advisor to statutory trustee entities or companies. On the Other hand, Geoffrey Cone boasts of a vast experience that spans more than thirty years in various legal fields such as international tax and trust planning, as well as trust and trustee management services.

Statements by Geoffrey Cone

In an article dubbed as New Zealand-A model of Tax Transparency, Geoffrey demystified a long-held notion that New Zealand resembled a tax haven, which has a very secretive private banking sector. According to Mr. Cone, New Zealand is not only a charter member but also subscribes to the codes or principles held in the in the gold standard for transparency. The gold standard is advocated highly by the 2002 Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters, which was created by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Geoffrey Cone attributes the high increment in the number of international trusts in New Zealand due to the country’s reputation as high quality, stable and safe jurisdiction, which is accompanied by a qualified judiciary and professional infrastructure. The positive reputation held the by the country bolsters that of its law firms such as Cone Marshall.

Cone Marshall Limited

Cone Marshall Limited is a prominent New Zealand-based law firm that has built a reputation of working closely with global families as well as their advisors. It is popularly known for offering international wealth planning guidance as well as creating New Zealand companies, trusts, and partnerships. Instead of seeking for private clients, Cone Marshall aims its services to private banks, family advisors trustees, attorneys and other entities located outside New Zealand in a bid to help them make appropriate plans for their clients. It offers full New Zealand trust, tax structuring and succession advice, which can also be accompanied by administrative services.

The Career And Notable Achievements Of Mr. Sam Tabar


Mr. Sam Tabar is one of the most prominent lawyers and capital strategist in New York City and the United States at large. He started his career as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP before venturing into the business establishment and capital strategy. Additionally, he has served in various capacities, for example, as a Co-Head of Business Development and a Managing Director at Sparx Group Co, Director and Head Capital Strategist with Asia-Pacific Region. Later, he returned to the legal field where he joined Zabel LLP and Schulte as a Senior Associate and Advisor. Among other roles that he held include fund formation, the establishment of fund structures, and handling regulatory and compliance matters. These positions make him one of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals from whom some of the leading companies seek legal and investment guidance.

Background And Education

The education and background have had significant contribution to the success of Mr. Sam Tabar. He graduated from Oxford University with honors before joining Columbia Law School in which he participated as Associate Editor for Business Law Review. He engaged in numerous activities during his school days and performed excellently.


LinkedIn shows that after graduating from Columbia Law School in 2001, Mr. Sam Tabar joined Skadden, a prestigious law firm in which he worked as an associate to advise clients on the formation of hedge funds, investment management and designing private placement agreements, employment matters, and various other legal issues. After gaining significant experience with Skadden, he proceeded to the field of great finance at PMA Investment Advisors in September 2004 and his exemplary performance earned him a promotion to the Managing Director of the Business Development. At this point, he was in charge of managing all facets of investment relations and global marketing for a hedge fund amounting to $2 billion.

Mr. Sam Tabar’s notable achievements include designing and implementing strategic marketing plans for large family offices, institutional investors, and high-net-worth investors. Moreover, he recruited over four hundred new investors and raised assets worth $1.2 during his management term. When he joined Bank of America in 2011, he recorded excellent performance and brought a great number of institutional investors. He has also recorded great achievements later while working with Adanac LLC and Schulte, the firms in which he held high positions recently.  Also, see the softer side of Sam on GoFundMe, where he has an account dedicated to charity.

Jim Hunt Believes He Can Make Anyone A Millionaire, Even His Mom


Jim Hunt for VTA Publications and is expert in stock trading in the UK. He has published a number of different blogs and videos on YouTube that teach others how to make better trades and use the cards they have been dealt better. He recently expressed that he has the ability to make even his mom a millionaire through his knowledge of the markets. Jim says that the true way of becoming vastly successful is by knowing what kind of stocks to go for and which ones to avoid, more so than the trading aspect itself. Hunt has put out a number of different publications on beating the stock markets and learning how to properly read the charts.

VTA Publications is a company that offers their clients products on how to become successful financially as well as become financially independent. The company is perfect for those who are determined and have the persistence to reach their goals no matter what it takes. It doesn’t matter what kind of background they have or their personal history, VTA is capable of teaching anyone how to become an expert, especially in something such as stock trading through the expertise of Jim Hunt. But they have much more information for all different topics, especially overcoming obstacles.

The company also hosts a variety of different seminars on Jim Hunt’s YouTube, that feature some of the most recognized and successful business people from all over the world. People are even able to take recordings of these seminars so they can listen to their advice while at home. All of the products offered by VTA Publications can be shipped practically anywhere in the world, and their support is ready to help anyone who has any questions or issues with the products they have received. The regularly hold seminars so it’s a good idea to check their website to see when they become available.

Amazing Efforts Made by Securus

One of the greatest things about the United States is the general sense of community that strangers take on in times of natural disaster or tragedy. We have seen it time and time again that when tragedy or hardships strike, Americans and American countries step up and pitch in to help one another out. This is particularly interesting to see when the person or people step up to help those that are not often thought of. One great example of this has popped up in a recent article that was published by PRN Newswire.


The article was about the donation of free phone calls in prisons and other detention facilities by the communications company, Securus Technologies, based out of Dallas Texas. In light of all of the recent flooding that has been spreading like a plague throughout the south eastern portions of the country, and particularly Louisiana, Securus decided that it wanted to also do its part to help out those in need. Therefore, they will be allowing for prisoners and their families or loved ones to both make and receive phone calls from one another for a limited time up until September 7th.


This news came as a very welcome surprise to all of those that have been affected by the crises of flooding in the south. Many of those families cannot afford to make regular phone calls to their family members in prison or a juvenile detention center because there is usually a steep cost per minute, plus additional fees. Additionally, there are many others that can normally afford to make some amount of communication but now could not because they lost so much due to the flooding from all of the storms. The company estimates that they will be donating a whopping quarter of a million dollars’ worth of free calls.

ClassDojo Startup Application Gaining Popularity Among Teachers And Parents

During the series B funding campaign, ClassDojo managed to raise at least $21 million. The project is meant to further develop an application that is now connecting teachers and parents and is a great tool that is offering a consistent way to share information between teachers and parents about the progress of students.


At least 2 in 3 schools in the U.S. are now using ClassDojo and the number is projected to rise due to the reliability and configuration of the application. Unlike the once-in-a-semester meetings that would be held to review the progress of students, ClassDojo is making this a continuous process that is also going to bring students closer to their teachers.


At its establishment in 2011, the founders of ClassDojo were concerned about the growing trend where tech firms were making digital curriculum and grade books while they forgot about creating a culture and community that would unite teachers, students and parents. This is why the ClassDojo application was launched and to their surprise it has gained a lot of popularity, becoming a key element that is helping teachers to conduct their business. The application is used by teachers in more than 85, 000 schools in the U.S., both charter and private to public schools.


To make it a conducive environment for connection and empowerment, ClassDojo is designed with heavy security features. The company does not make revenue from user’s data and is privy to the security threats the application is likely to face. Privacy is also guaranteed and provided for through features that also allow the users to control their accounts. The Series B round has brought on board new investors including GSV, SignalFire and Reach Capital. The whole process was overseen by General Catalyst and is bound to make the company bigger.


More about ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a San Francisco based start-up that is working to revolutionize the classrooms by connecting teachers, students and parents through empowerment. The company has created an application that offers real-time messaging between teachers and parents. These interactions are targeted at making classrooms positive places where students can enjoy working in.


At ClassDojo, most ideas are derived from the comments teachers and parents share. The community is created to connect the learning fraternity, so the company has been making effort to ensure those who benefit from the application are offered what they ask for. The company also welcomes individuals with great ideas that could help to make the platform better.

NutriMost Battles Rival Company in Court While Combating Weight Gain on the Side

People often affiliate dieting with females, but that often stems from the manner certain regimens are marketed in. Ignoring the traditional manner for marketing diets is the popular program, NutriMost. Their belief that gaining weight is genetic and installed in everybody’s unique DNA allows a team of specialists to construct plans using NRF technology. These plans are totally unique to the individual who was analyzed by the company, which results in a client losing twenty to forty pounds in only a few weeks. Equaling out to about five pounds of fat each week, clients lose weight in a way that helps them better understand how to keep it off well after their program has ended.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost
NutriMost has yet to be proven ineffective, so rivals of the company have been working tirelessly to develop their own technology that accomplishes the same task as NutriMost’s exclusive NRF technology. After their results are deemed less than favorable, desperation sets in and forces the competitors to take extreme measures. Healthy Living, for example, took a shortcut in an attempt to be more like NutriMost by swiping their promotional video. Advertising their “Can’t Lose Diet,” Healthy Living’s video is an exact replica of NutriMost’s; they even kept NM clients in the video. Surely Healthy Living has been taken to court, and NutriMost has been working tirelessly to sustain their clients, attract new ones, and win this legal battle. Though this may seem stressful, the company’s team of experts are more than prepared for the job.

Sanjay Shah of Solo Capital

Autism is a development disorder that is commonly diagnosed among young children. With a one in 68 chance of being diagnosed with autism, this is an interesting developmental disease that lacks information about the disorder despite its common diagnosis. In recent news, one individual in particular is on a mission to learn more about autism and has even started a foundation to collect donations to further fund the research of autism. This individual is known as Sanjay Shah Denmark who founded Autism Rocks in 2014 as a way to learn more about the development disorder due to the recent diagnosis of his son in 2011.


Sanjay Shah is an expert when it comes to giving financial advice. Though he is the owner of the successful investment firm known as Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah is first and foremost a family man who has kept his family in mind with every single important decision that he has made. As a father of a child who has been diagnosed with autism, he feels as though it is his own duty to understand the triggers of the development disorder that will help his and his son’s relationship flourish and continue to develop overtime. With research, Mr. Shah has no intention of curing his son. Instead, Mr. Shah wants to understand how his son processes information.


Autism is a commonly diagnosed disorder that is misunderstood. For children who are diagnosed, it can often be hard on the parent as the diagnosis not only requires extra attention to be provided, but also medical attention to be required. As a parent, Mr. Shah feels it is his duty to understand the diagnosis more. Though it is commonly known that autistic individuals communicate in a different way and that they often have a hard time in social situations, the questions that needs to be answered for Mr. Shah is the cause behind this. The research will not only help him and his family, but will also help other families around the world.


 Autism Rocks was officially founded by Mr. Shah in 2014 as a foundation that is currently based in London. The inspiration behind this foundation was using the love that he and his son have form music as inspiration to developing a foundation that could bring his family together. Though this foundation is only two years old, it has raised millions of dollars and has helped further the overall advancement.

The Greatest Historian of a Lifetime

The best career is one built out of one’s passion. You never tire to do what you love best, in the face of challenges, you never give up, and always press on until achievement of that which you so much desired. The motivation force being, it’s your passion, it’s your life, it’s what keeps you going, getting you out of bed every morning, fending for your family and hence, never have time to give up. This force is quite strong, and no man can resist it.

Michael Zomber, educated and graduated in Illinois with a degree in English and Psychology. He is a father and a husband. Alongside this, he has a great passion for history, and even bigger motivation to collect antique and preserve history. He is the most prominent expert in the weapon collection from the sixteenth to the ninetieth century. His expertise hasn’t been exceeded by anyone. His motivation in collecting the armor is to preserve history. Michael doesn’t allow anyone purchase any weaponry without knowing its use both in the past and what it can be used to do in the present and hence future upon purchase.

He connects perfectly with others like him who are interested in the preservation of history. He has owned weapons belonging to prominent leaders, e.g. George Washington, Simone Bolivar, collecting arms from Europe, America, Japan and Islamic arms. His wife is a great supporter of his work, and together they have partnered on many projects including, the formation of their film formation company; Renascent Films. Apart from collecting arms, Michael, is an author of many books, writing about; civil war buffs, the Japanese culture in his books; Shogun Iemitsu and Jesus and the Samurai, he also does a lot of history writing. Zomber is also an actor, a film maker, and a philanthropist.

It doesn’t matter how much you struggle to get where you are after all no one remembers that. All that matters is the impact you make to those around you and for the generations to come. Zomber’s work will be memorable for generations, his art of preserving history alongside the books that go along to aid in its preservation.  Read more about what Michael has done so far on CrunchBase.