The Career Background of Visionary Entrepreneur, Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist and author raised in Teaneck, Jersey but based in Los Angeles California.

His career began as a programmer while still in fourth grade, establishing a programming company immediately he joined high school. He was enrolled at Harvard University in 1984 where he pursued American and English Literature. At Harvard, he became an editor, writing a popular column article ‘The Harvard Crimson’, a review that prompted his recognition. He later graduated from the school in 1988.

Pulier resettled in Los Angeles in 1990 establishing a company, People Doing Things that focused on developing technology solutions for education, healthcare and other issues. 3 years later, he founded another interactive company, Digital Evolution that was later acquired by U.S Interactive LLC in the year 2000. Eric Pulier continued to pursue his entrepreneurial goal by supporting the creation of a social media site where chronically ailing children could have fun by chatting, blogging and posting content and meeting new friends who shared similar experiences.

In 2000, Eric Pulier was appointed by the President Inaugural committee to create and execute the most popular Presidential Exhibition at DC, codenamed, ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century’. This made him very popular and was invited to participate in the then Vice-President’s healthcare and technology forum to advice people on healthcare and technology projects.

Pulier has worked for several others companies including Media Platform, Desktone and Akana among others.

Politically, Eric Pulier is strong supporter of political causes. He is a participant and supporter of the democrats with his latest political initiative being Clinton Global Initiative.

Eric Pulier believes in giving back to the society. He has funded several non-profit making organizations and foundations among them, the X-Prize Foundation, a foundation that manages competition aimed at encouraging technological advancement that would benefit human. He is also a member of the Painted Turtle Foundation, a non-profit organization that create camps for kids with serious illnesses.

He is also an author who contributed in the writing of a note book ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA’ that teaches about service-oriented architecture.

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Keith Man leads in contributing for Low –Income Students

Due to his philanthropic activities, it’s evident that Keith Mann has been doing the best he can in improving the hedge fund financial services industry. In his latest activities and that are in progress, he managed to raise over $22,000 to support the Uncommon Schools activities in New York City. The fundraising was enabled by the participants in the financial services and other good wishers who are interested in improving the industry for the betterment of the society.

Uncommon Schools is a group of 42 charter public schools that are spread across New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. The network is aimed at providing the right supporting activities such as mentorship and training and financial aid to students in high schools. They aim at sponsoring many students to graduate from college. Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) concentrates on how to raise the right school leaders, offer staff recruitment and professional development among other activities in the market.

The funds that were raised are geared towards providing the sponsored students who are eager to join college so that they can continue pursuing what they feel is right. It will offer the necessary boost to the financial requirements so that more and more students are sponsored to the new high school that was opened by the charter. The main aim of the Uncommon Schools is to offer a solution to students and prepare those who earn low-incomes to graduate from college.

In conjunction with Dynamics Search Partners, the cause is offering each an opportunity to graduate to and from college. Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners that is involved in searching for executives and sourcing the right talented individuals to work in the hedge fund and private equity industries. Through such a partnership, therefore, the industry will acquire professionals and the right people that will be beneficial to their clients.

Keith Mann owns and manages Dynamics search Partners that he founded in 2009. He has been working at Dynamics Executive Search as the managing director where his primary role was to recruit for leading financial services providers globally. Through his network, he is currently offering solutions to firms across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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Diversification at DIVERSANT

The World has been reduced in a small global village through the massive changes in the Internet, information technologies. Firms and institutions are striving to develop and acquire the latest internet in the market. This is to enable these companies to connect with the consumers and to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Hence, every firm organization with a vision to do better needs an Information Technology service provider business to develop appealing information systems.

The company, born of a merger of two well-established IT companies is among the fast growing private Information Technology companies in the country. The firm is guided by principles, core values, and values of diversification to offer the best services to the clients.

DIVERSANT understands the basics of success in the business world. It has put in place excellent customer services and highly qualified IT personnel with creative and innovative mindsets. Daily challenges from the customers keep the company moving. Objected to provide the most satisfying IT services to and exceed the clients’ demands. DIVERSANT has installed mega faith in their clients for its quality and transformative innovations in IT sector than any other organization.

John Goullet is the Principal of this largest African-American IT staffing firm, the DIVERSANT LLC. John’s love and passion for solving IT problems and providing solutions clients can relate to having indeed manifested in his previous works. He started his career journey as an Information Technology and eventually venturing into IT staffing in a company he founded, Info Technologies.

The self-made IT pro and entrepreneur sees no obstacles to stop him continue doing what he loves and enjoy. John has a mindset of creativity, innovativeness, and diversification in every challenge and product that presents itself. John has pioneered the firm into the provision of Best-in-class goods and services they offer to the clients and community as a whole.

Engagement of stakeholders and the use of consultative approach method has profoundly contributed to a greater extent in solving important client’s problems. The company that believes in diversity in the provision of products and services is the one to place your bet. The company is not any other then DIVERSANT, to meet all your IT challenges.

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Highland Capital Management Buys Argentina Bonds

Argentina is making a comeback in the international bond market. Highland Capital Management, a firm led by James Dondero will help the country in raising $12 billion. This has been noted as a good sign by financial experts. The hedge fund firm plans to scoop huge amounts in the securities deal. Highland Capital Management was previously holding the lion share of notes worth $4 billion in Argentina. However, six months ago, it started paring. James Dondero said the hedge fund firm is planning to buy more bonds in the new issuance.

A Big Win for Highland Capital Management

Previously, the country was disadvantaged in global trading because of a legal ban. However, U.S District Judge Thomas Griesa is expected to lift the ban on paying restricted debt. When this happens, the hedge fund firm will take the lion share of the new opportunity. The Argentina bonds have already earned 20% annualized returns according to James Dondero.

Promising Venture in Argentina

While other people may fear venturing in a country with poor tax policies and huge subsidies, Highland Capital Management President James Dondero is seeing great opportunities. He said there is a possibility of starting an Argentina fund. The great opportunity is also getting bigger after the defaulted debt is paid. This is according to Sebastian Rondeau and Jane Brauer who are both analysts working with the Bank of America Corporation. The analysts argue that the holders of the debt will reinvest in the country upon getting paid.

James Dondero Career

Dondero has had a successful career even before founding Highland Capital Management where he serves as President and Co-founder. His massive success at Protective Life GIC subsidiary is reflected in Capital Highland Management. He has accumulated over 30 years of experience. His mega skills in equity market have enabled him to deal efficiently in distressed investing.

His career started in 1984 where he worked as an analyst. Mr. Donderois an alumnus of University of Virginia where he studied Accounting and Finance and scored the highest honors. Today, he is a Certified Management Accountant with 30 years of experience. He has also earned the designation of being a Chartered Financial Analyst. The fund he has managed has been highly praised in the hedge fund market.

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