Securus Technologies adds GovPayNet to Their Portfolio

If you have been following the latest business news, chances are you have heard that Securus, a purveyor of technology solutions aimed at law enforcement, corrections, and public safety, has recently acquired “Govpaynet.” If you’re unfamiliar with “Govpaynet,” they process debit and credit card payments for several government entities. Securus Technologies, Inc. and “Govpaynet” have joined forces to essentially become a one-stop shop for government payment services and technology solutions. Since 1986, Securus has been a recognized leader in civil and criminal technology solutions, providing communication services to over 1 million inmates throughout the U.S and Mexico. The recent acquisition of “Govpaynet” significantly adds to the company’s already impressive portfolio and provides customers with a convenient payment method to satisfy parking violations, court fines, and much more.


Securus Technologies, Inc. routinely looks for ways to provide value to their customers; “Govpaynet” along with Jpay, which was acquired in 2015, helps accomplish this goal. Adding these two companies to their portfolio has allowed Securus to enjoy exponential growth; in fact, the Dallas, TX-based company has been ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in its segment. These acquisitions have also expanded Securus’ reach; they now have the ability to tap into “Jpay’s” current customer base, which operates in over 33 state prisons, as well as Govpaynet’s existing customers, which encompasses 2,300 agencies in the U.S. What does this all mean, exactly? Basically, in addition to an already impressive array of products like calling services, video visitation, and information management, Securus can now also offer, through Jpay, email services, tablet products, and inmate payment services. By adding Govpaynet, Securus Technologies is now in a position where they can also provide payment services, which makes paying for things like publicly administered child support, court fines, property tax assessment payments, and parking violations much easier.


Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Epic Takeover

The founder and CEO of Bumble, Bizz, and the new BFF app hailed from Salt Lake City, Utah. Future power woman Whitney Wolfe Herd was born in 1989 to property developer Michael Wolfe and stay at home mom Kelly. While in College at Southern Methodist University, she started a company called “Help Us Project” which benefited the areas affected by the BP oil spill.

The company took bamboo and created stylish tote bags that caught the attention of celebrities who sported the bags around town. Ahead of her time, Whitney accomplished this at nineteen.In December 2014, Whitney Wolfe Herd would become the founder and CEO of Bumble (headquartered in Austin, Texas). A dating app that gives women more control over initiating conversations with their matches. Bumble matches women and men up but allows the women to make the first contact when connecting with an opposite-sex partner.

Last July 2017 Bumble announced that they would launch Bizz a new site where professionals and mentors can connect locally. Bizz allows users to swipe and find a connection with mentors. Essentially the app makes it easier to expand network and make career moves with its over 20 million users. In the same year of Bizz launching, Bumble launched BFF.

A new app that allows users to use the same algorithms for friendship instead of dating. To differentiate between dating and friends the conversations in the app is color-coded. Green for a new best friend and yellow when conversing with a potential date. Launching BFF will be the first app to grab this niche.

Whitney Wolfe Herd may be still under 30 (Which Forbes Magazine named her on its 30 under 30: Consumer Technology list) but she has shown she is well aware of what the next hot tech is. This is how you launch an Epic takeover. This woman is on fire! With her finger on the pulse of the next generation of Tech suave souls, Whitney is sure to have something ready for everyone.

If that was not enough, while running a company valued at 1Billion, Whitney Wolfe Herd is still able to take time out for a personal life. Recently she tied the knot with Michael Herd, A Texas oil heir in the picturesque setting of Positano, Italy. Whitney is more than the CEO and founder of Bumble in today’s world of Tech but a Dynamic force to reckon with.

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Adam Milstein: Ensuring the Welfare of the Israeli-Americans

The United States and Israeli has a long history of the relationship. They are working together to achieve certain goals, and some individuals are helping the two states in promoting the welfare of its citizens. Adam Milstein is one of these Israeli-American who is contributing a lot to the society. He is a businessman and an entrepreneur who worked in the real estate industry for years. He is now active in doing philanthropic works, and he stated that helping other people makes him feel better. Adam Milstein is sponsoring several groups and organizations which are promoting goodwill between the two states, and he stated that more people now realize that the cooperation between the two states would become beneficial in the long run.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel, and he served the military during the wars that ravaged the Jewish nation. When the wars have come to an end, he decided to continue his studies and attended the Technion University. He transferred to the United States in the early 1980s and joined several real estate companies where he served in the managerial position. After decades of working for a Southern California real estate firm, Adam Milstein decided to settle for good and left the company. He focused on helping Israeli-Americans who are facing difficulties in the United States. One of the programs that he is supporting would be the dissemination of books for poor Israeli-American families. He believes that through educating the people, more opportunities would come for them.

Adam Milstein is also joining several organizations centered on schools, universities, and other educational institutions. He is working with these organizations to protect the rights of Israeli-American students who are attending these schools. He would also make sure that their rights are being observed, and that no instance of racism or discrimination would take place. For many, what he does is just an act of goodwill because he was born as an Israeli. However, for Adam Milstein believes that the philanthropic works that he is participating in would be beneficial for the improvement of the relationship between the people of the United States and Israel.

Tailoring Our Work To Your Needs

We’re NexBank, and we’re proud to be the premiere bank to service Dallas and other Texas regions. The expansion of our own market is a direct result of the expansion you’ve brought to the city and State. The work we’re both accomplishing means we must continue to labor together and to improve the financial future you have. There’s no better way than teamwork.

The part we’ve already prepared is in customization. We feel that we’ve revolutionized banking and by taking into account your locality. Our success as a renowned financial expert gives us a unique perspective on Dallas. Your city is booming in ways that no one could ever have imagined. This expansion of business and commerce works in your favor and in ours.

Specialized Services And Personal Banking

What we did after looking at the expansions underway is simple. You need something that works with the environment you’re in and not against it. It’s difficult to rely on the major banks of the United States when their headquarters are hundreds of miles away and when their services are made to tailor a general person and not you specifically.

Our bank will know you by your first name and will greet you with the right tone of voice. The message we have for you is also simple. There’s an impact being made in Texas, and we both can be a part of it. The process starts with us working together and to ultimately give your money more power and your future more security.

Staff Members And Financial Experts

The surprise we have for you rests with the professionals working on our team. Our agency didn’t just come from the dust of the Earth. Our professionals come from major universities and have gotten mentored by the best professionals on Wall Street. The combination of experience these individuals have is derived from their work in the financial markets. Our experts have the right success in their past to model the future that you should be living.

George Soros Transfers $18 Billion to His Liberal Philanthropic Foundation

The liberal billionaire and philanthropist George Soros has spent more than half of his money through championing numerous charitable organizations in the world. George Soros has worked through the Open Society Foundations to accelerate his numerous charitable activities in the world. According to the latest statistics from the Wall Street Journal, the Open Society Foundations has received more than $18 billion in funding from George Soros to support his mission in the world regimes. The same source also states that the Open Society Foundations is only second to the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation based in the United States. However, the Open Society Foundations extends George Soros’ tentacles worldwide.

The 87-year-old George Soros was born in Hungary. He was born during the era of the Nazi Occupation. The Nazi Occupation was the cruelest regime George Soros has ever worked under since he was born. This is because their main aim was to kill every Jew who had not evacuated from Hungary according to the short notice. For this reason, they went around killing the Jews with their crude militia in all parts of the country. It is also important to note that George Soros was a Jew residing in Hungary during that time. However, he wanted to make ends meet in education before they fled to other parts of the world, and what George Sosos knows.

George Soros secured false Hungarian identification cards for his family. This was a desperate action that was meant to save his academic life because he had one year to complete his high school education. For this reason, George Soros went on with his studies and graduated from high school. Instead of continuing with his college education in the country, George Soros decided to secure a voyage to London from Hungary. This was the turning point in his life. George Soros worked as a waiter to raise money for keeping his family and paying school fees at the London College of Business studies. George Soros studied for three years before graduation. His life led a normal path until the graduation ceremony where he was offered a job at the London Investment Banking Company. However, George Soros turned down the offer to seek his way to the United States.

When George Soros landed in New York, he decided to commence his career working at two New York-based hedge funds before he went his way. During that time, his success in the hedge fund companies grew tremendously before he founded the Soros Quantum Fund. George Soros wanted to seek his administration through the Soros Quantum Fund Hedge Fund Company. He commenced his work as a risky financial trader who amassed a great amount of wealth betting against the risky currencies in the world. Because of his capability to note a trend in the industry, George Soros was always successful with his bets. When George Soros realized he was rick enough to get to active philanthropic activities, he founded the Open society Foundations. George Soros has also been involved in the Democratic politics because he believes they stand for what matters in a modern society, and

Brown Modeling Agency Cares About Models and Helping Them Find Work

Brown Agency is a full-service talent agency that is located in Austin, Texas. They specialize in representing actors and models with all different looks. Their goal is to get their talent placed in commercials, television, film, print, runway, and more. Brown Agency is always looking for people who have what it takes to make it big. They host an open call every Thursday afternoon for those who want to get discovered.


The reason Brown Agency cares so much about getting their models placed is that they have a passion for this industry. Brown Agency, led by Justin Brown, truly takes every single person that walks in their door seriously. They know what it takes to make it big. They’ve got a great success rate for getting their models placed. That’s why Brown Agency won’t waste anyone’s time. If they feel like you have talent, they’ll do everything they can to help you grow. Brown Agency believes that modeling an acting is so much more than just having a pretty face. You have to have heart, soul, a story to tell, personality to back it up, and raw emotion. Brown Agency wants to find the right fit for those who have the right look.


Many people think that they need to be insanely tall and thin in order to find work. Brown Agency puts those rumors to bed. For Runway and High Fashion, Brown Agency is looking for male models that are 5’11 to 6’2 and female models that are 5’8 to 5’11. The requirements are more relaxed for other types of works, however. For commercial print, there is no height requirement. You just need to have a dazzling smile and know how to pose. One of the most versatile areas is that of commercial television. Depending on the campaign, the needs of the model will change. Brown Agency can work with models to help them find the right fit. Plus size modeling is another high demand area that Brown Agency keeps an eye out for.


The president of Brown Agency often says, “We’re only as good as our talent.” That means that the Brown Agency works hand-in-hand with their models every step of the way to get them placed. They go above and beyond depending on what a model’s needs are. If you just need headshots taken to strengthen your portfolio, they will help you. If you’re ready to take it to the next level of finding serious work, they will get you placed. Brown Agency has been in the business for years and they know what works and what doesn’t work. They also keep up with the latest trends, meaning they know the correct poses, makeup styles, and more that models need to embrace. Check out to see more.


Prepare for the Internet of Things with Jason Hope

It is getting the point where everything will have a plasma screen attached to it. From gas pumps to refrigerators, to kitchen counters, the integration of technology is everywhere. It is estimated that by 2020 over 30 billion objects will be connected to the Internet of Things. The gigantic data streaming network will reach further into our homes and business. It will be with us when we drive, it will watch over our homes, even our wallets may have WIFI capability. But what exactly is the Internet of Things? Many people still have no idea even though they are already a part of it. Jason Hope, a respected futurist and advocate of IoT, believes it to be an inescapable future everyone will have to face. To prepare people for this eventuality he has written an all-purpose guide to everything IoT related. The gudie is called, Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era. In is a full and easy to swallow explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of IoT. Its purpose is to prepare and protect future users.

The Internet of Things is an all-encompassing network of devices that collect and stream data. Such data is accessible to any other device connected to the network. IoT allows for unlimited connectivity, access to information, and digitization of physical systems. Unfortunately, it also renders personal and private information vulnerable. Individuals who do not understand IoT may accidentally open themselves up to exposure. They also might never enjoy the full benefit such a network has to offer. For this reason, Hope has created an easy to use guide for the purpose of safely navigating the IoT. Individuals using this guide gain a full understanding of what IoT is, the dangers involved, as well as the benefits. The guide can be used to safeguard personal information from attack, properly connect devices, and optimize use of the IoT. Hope’s knowledge of technology is vast, and his expertise on the subject of IoT is invaluable.

Jason Hope graduated with an MBA in finance from the W.P. Cary School of Business at Arizona State University. He is actively involved in business, politics, and writes articles as well. As a philanthropist, Hope has contributed greatly to the advancement of technology for the welfare of all people. His book is available on Amazon for free download on all kindle accessible devices.

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Talkspace offers Professional Advice with Medical Input


There are many people in the world who have suffered from mental illness. One in twenty-five people will have a mental illness at some point in their lives. Talkspace is an app that will assist you in your search to find a professional therapist in your area. Talkspace strives to maintain the most experienced therapists to match your needs.

By downloading the app and creating a profile especially for you, Talkspace, with a low weekly fee, will walk you through the process step-by-step, you’ll have access to a personal friend that can talk to you. You decide what time of day and when and where you can be reached. Talkspace therapists are sincere and always ready to speak with you. They will answer you in a timely fashion and with genuine advice. Communication is easily accessible and you’ll feel more confident in your decision to join Talkspace.

Talkspace is a great opportunity for employers who find healthcare expensive. These costs can add up to close to a million dollars or more annually. Employees who seek mental guidance for anxiety or depression will benefit from Talkspace. Most people can’t afford $200 per visit, with Talkspace, only a weekly fee is asked and that will cover any time you need to communicate with a professional therapist.


George Soros’ Commitment to Ensuring the Success of the Open Societies Foundation

George Soros is appreciated across the world for his involvement in charity for the past four decades. He strives to improve the lives of the less fortunate people. The billionaire has given a significant percent of his wealth to facilitate charity undertakings, and therefore, he has been listed among the most generous people on earth. George Soros has made a lot of money from venturing into the hedge fund and currency speculation industries. He recently increased his involvement in charity undertakings by offering $18 billion to ensure that the Open Societies Foundation was stable for many more years. The philanthropist founded the organization, and he is its current chairperson. It is now listed as the second biggest philanthropy after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Since the 1980s, the Open Societies Foundation has transformed the world in various ways. It has established divisions in 120 nations and works with multiple groups to improve the world.

Soros’ charity foundation has taken part in several philanthropic undertakings for the time that it has been active. In 2014, it was on the frontline in the battle against an Ebola outbreak. The organization facilitated the construction of cancer treatment centers. George Soros has been involved in transforming the U.S politics, and he is a Democratic Party supporter. The billionaire has funded the party’s activities and candidates for years. President Obama benefited from his donations during his re-election campaigns in 2012. He also gave millions of dollars to various PACs that participated in Hillary Clinton’s campaigns in 2016. Soros has received a lot of criticism from the Republicans. In the past, the Open Societies Foundation was interested in international charity undertakings, but it has shifted its focus to the United States. The Trump administration has been harsh on immigrants and other minority groups.

Soros is a Jew who was raised in Hungary during a time when the Nazi people oppressed his community. This background has inspired his participation in charity. He has always wanted to help people who are despised by others. George Soros left his motherland for the United Kingdom where he had an opportunity to join the London School of Economics. He later started his career on Wall Street and has been quite successful. The billionaire got $1.5 billion from a currency speculation deal in 1992. His wealth has made it easy for him to support democracy and human rights. The Open Societies Foundation started by establishing its first offices in Hungary.

The annual budget of the Open Societies Foundation is currently estimated to be between $800 million and $900 million. The recent donation that it received from its founder has offered it the ability to increase its activities. Soros is now 87 years old and wants to make sure that his foundation will be able to run its operations even when he will not be around. To date, the Open Societies Foundation has transformed the lives of millions of people from across the world. It acts as a voice for the people who cannot speak for themselves.

Eli Gershkovitch Brewing Genius and Leader

Any fanatic of a cold beer while watching a football match, or perhaps while at home or in a pub relaxing with friends may enjoy the fantastic chance to be the judge of worldwide entries come to the United States Open Beer Championship. Most loyalists who stick to their one favorite brand may come to a shocking day and realize that hundreds of styles exist nowadays in which we consume beer, and all of them will attend the 2017 edition of the competition in Ontario (WeeklyOpinion).

Over 6000 beers took place in the competition for prizes and recognition by a board of directors of 2017 U.S Beer Championship. Judges from around the world, Canada, England, and the U.S. brought their expertise to judge the beers. Judges’ accomplishments would be a career as a president in a brewery, a designated master brewer, or being an editor at an industry publication or having broad experience as a professor at the college, instructing in the art of brewing.


The International Scope


The competition is open to award-winning home brewers, and even professional brewers seeking bronze, silver or gold medals. Some of the leading categories are lagers and ales, barrel-aged beers, hybrids, unique and non-alcoholic brews. The art of beer brewing attracted Eli Gershkovitch‘s attention from a young point in his career.


Craving for a quench


Most people attain a degree in law and March forward in life with the satisfaction of success as attorneys. Eli Gershkovitch is not your ordinary person, as he never rests until he creates something higher than himself. His preferred style of beer makes him seem like the machine that helps the process work, instead of the grease (

Shortly after his graduation from Toronto law school, he started developing that passion in craft beer, in 1987 while on a European tour. After tasting a Belgian beer for the first time, he craved the ability to make a libation that would satisfy his passion for building something great.

Eli Gershkovitch, born 4th of July 1975, got his name to mainstream in Canada through his businesses, primarily as CEO of Steamworks brewery and Co. Additionally, he is a pilot and lawyer.