The Begining Of Serge Belamant

The patent holder of blockchain technologies is Serge Belamant. In the financial sector, Serge Belamant’s applications, and software development are instrumental. First founded blockchain technology  by Serge Belamant, and he is credited for that achievement. The purpose of his technology is to support cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the name of one of those currencies. Smart cards with a micro-controller is what he used to distributed independent transaction ledger.

Serge Belamant’s technology allows a safe environment for transactions to be made. These transactions include withdraw payments from banks for top private investors. His invention makes this process faster for the individuals faster. The best way to describe his Blockchain invention is saying exactly what it is. Which is, cryptography linked together with a list of records. Transaction data and a cryptographic timestamp can be found within these list, or ledger of records.

The purpose of Serge Belamant’s Blockchain technology is to help customers, and the financial services sector. The Blockchain invention does this by increasing transparency, accuracy of data and security of institutions. Smart cards containing microprocessors that can function on, or off-line is what allowed Serge Belamant to develop his Blockchain technology.

A little background information about Serge Belamant. In 1953, he was born in Tulle, France. He learned to read and write English during his time moving to South Africa with his family. He was 14 years old when he moved. His father was a skilled work, and his profession was a tiler. Serge Belamant was an enlighten young man that attend the Highlands North High School for Boys in Johannesburg. This was during the time after he mastered another language.

During his time in high school Serge would become exemplary at many activities such as ruby, chess, and his studies. As he progressed he achieved many reward during his time as a student. During 1970, Serge was a member of science and bridge clubs. In this time he achieved the title of house captain. In 1972, he went on to represent the Southern Transvaal in chess at the South African Chess School Championships. Serge was able to finish in 6th place.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: How I Built JD.Com

Richard Liu Qiangdong often referred to as Liu Quingdong, is one of the richest men in China, with an emphatic story behind his success. Richard Liu gets much attention from the business world, not only because he is a billionaire investor, but also because he is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of China’s largest retailer, According to Forbes, Richard Liu’s e-commerce empire is worth a whopping $57.6 billion and continues to grow rapidly as Jingdong works to becoming the largest online retailer on the globe.

Liu ’s journey is emblematic of the rags-to-riches story, as he once made a living taking on random coding gigs, having taught himself how to program. It is by virtue of his relentless determination that is the king of retail today, having survived harsh economic times and still managed to pick up and prosper. This was in 2003 when there was a SARS outbreak that effectively rendered human interaction redundant, forcing Richard Liu to close down 12 of his shops.

For any other average entrepreneur, being forced to shut down physical locations of a business that thrives on human interaction spells doom, but Richard Liu Qiangdong saw it as an opportunity to think out of the box. After bouncing off ideas with like-minded professionals, Richard Liu came up with the idea of taking business online, and that was the genesis of Jingdong.

At the time, the e-commerce sector was flooded with fraudulent entities that sold counterfeit items while nickel and diming their customers every chance they got. As Richard Liu knew how important ethics, honesty, and accountability are in a business model, he modeled his business alongside these strong fundamental values and designed a customer-eccentric business model. It is no wonder that, today, is one of the most trusted retailers all over the world with sales well over the billion mark.

Before Richard Liu founded Jingdong, he worked as the head of business and head of computers at Japan Life; a reputable health product company. He scored the job after completing his EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. This was in addition to his Sociology degree, which he had attained at Renmin University of China. It was after working for two years at Japan Life, that he branched out on his own to open a magneto-optics store in Beijing. He did good business and grew the venture into the largest retailer in China,

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Portfolio Supervisor Sandy Chin

Over twenty years, Sandy Chin offers managed the investing of consumer staple shares safe-guarding her experience as a portfolio supervisor. She actually is the creation óf the hédge money Tidal Boré Capital, which usually shé released in 2016 and which includes allowed her to control portfolios concentrating on the lower side up analysis.


Chin was thé individual analyst in SAC Capital Administration within a customer simply portfolio administration group. Your lover bégan owning a hedge account during her period by Visium Assét Management. Ahead of SAC Capital Management Chin worked well in Moore CapitaI Administration, her first placement on the buysidé at a lengthy /short company. Prior to that, Sándy Chin offered as the Vice President and senior expert at Neuberger Berman.


Chin also did the sell-side at Lender of USA ánd Donaldson, Lufkin & Jénrette exactly where she mét her instructor, William “ Costs ” Leach, who all she’d team up, learn, ánd research right from throughout a decade.


Chin comes with an MBA by thé substantial NY University or college Stern College of Organization ánd received á HANDBAG in political research via Columbia Universities and colleges Barnard University.


Costs were incredibly knowledgeable in his séctor having been a high ranking expert for a long time. Payment asked mé to wait for conferences and gatherings with him. My marking along allowed my actual education in learning how exactly to value program shares I actually learned how exactly to question administration businesses and looked fór pattern acknowledgment in answers, tone, and body gestures. Invoice explained whenever hé initial began in the market his expert instructéd him to wait birthdays with canal and businesses without coop and papér. This is hence the focus could possibly be on the people, what they might say and just how they might provide vital information regarding their business. Expenses would probably joke thát when the getting together with was over hé’d go out and grab his notebook ánd write down just as much as feasible as fast as possible. This expertise Bill perfected óf learning administration audio and body gestures helped informéd him about how to pick futures. This technique, seeing that my méntor, he exceeded along to my opinion.



Ted Bauman: PayPal Is A Lucrative Opportunity

Ted Bauman holds the position of the editor at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He oversees the editing of The Bauman and Plan B as well as the Alpha Stock Alert. Ted majors in asset financing and protection, privatization and low-risk investment strategies. In addition to that Ted authors the Sovereign Investor Daily for the daily newsletter.

In 2008, Mr. Ted Bauman was the International Housing Programs’ Director before proceeding to serve as Smart Money Alert’s editor. At one point he was dedicated solely to researching and writing.

Works by Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman was a guest speaker at the recent Total Wealth Symposium held in Las Vegas. The Bauman Letter produced once a month addresses strategies of wealth management, investment matters, and legal matters. Over time the subscribers’ numbers have grown to more than 10,000. He is known for using a uniquely practical approach in his publications that the audience can relate to.

Ted Bauman recently became Smart Money’s guest writer. The publication focuses on Exchange Traded Funds funding. He also contributes to Alpha Stock Alert, which is a weekly publication that provides insight into profits and how to improve them. Unlike other analysts who review the economy by employing us of the limited view, Ted Bauman examines the economy from a holistic angle.

PayPal and Investment

According to Bauman, stakeholders can take advantage in the development in cashing system and termed PayPal as a very lucrative opportunity to invest in. PayPal has grown from being used only to make eBay payments to be a worldwide enterprise that can be used for both personal and independent transactions. An estimate of over 244 million people makes use of PayPal globally. In addition to being a giant in the online payment platform, PayPal launched Venmo, which is an online payment application. It is used to transfer money between users.

Ted urged stockholders to purchase stock in PayPal as their stocks skyrocketed by more than 20 percent since May when the company hit a low point. He points out that turnover for the stock will be witnessed due to the holiday shopping.

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Talos Energy: Taking Oil and Gas Drilling to the Next Level

Talos Energy is one of the companies operating in the natural resources industry. The company deals in the exploration and the production of natural gas and oil. It utilizes innovation in recovering resources that were previously considered unreachable. Every year since 2013, Talos Energy has been receiving the Top Workplace Award, that is offered to companies that have exhibited an exemplary appreciation for their employees. Top Workplace Award honors companies that offer their workers a conducive environment and appreciates their efforts through good salaries and growth opportunities.

The company appreciates its employees for their input in helping it to succeed. They are valuable resources, which is the reason the company offers them proper treatment. Their roles in the company are dependent on their area of knowledge and expertise. Talos Energy supports the efforts of its workers by providing them with the latest technologies, the best equipment, and data, which are useful in improving the employees’ productivity.

On the 3rd of October, Talos Energy announced that the drilling of Zama-2 appraisal well had commenced. It marked the start of the company’s Zama discovery appraisal that is made up of two wells and a single sidetrack. The drilling of the Zama-2 is meant to provide information on oil-water contact so that the company can better understand the aquifer support.

Zama-3 is the company’s second appraisal whose drilling will occur on the southern side of the original discovery. Its purpose will be to assist in delineating the reservoir continuity. It shall also portray the reservoir quality to the south of the oil field that is expected to be cored to provide more insight about the geology of the reservoir.

The company is expecting to complete this appraisal program by June next year. Talos Energy has contracted Ensco 8503 rig which it is expecting to utilize throughout the appraisal program. It has also sought Mexican suppliers that have been offering services such as casing supply, helicopters, shore base support, to mention few. It has also outsourced additional manpower to assist in Pre-Feed analysis and establish the possible development options after the appraisal. The budget for this program is approximated at $250 million without considering the contingencies

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Gareth Henry: The Shift to Quantitative Investing

There was a time when the fundamental analysis was turned down as a means of picking stocks. But there existed a loophole by ‘program traders’ who created flow with computer programs. There was a total lack of program trading at the time.

According to Gareth Henry, there was a lot of potential in the program yielding. Gareth Henry, however, asserts that the technique was not verified but it replicated and saw the rise of program trading.

So what exactly does it mean by quantitative analysis? Based on Gareth Henry, it is a method of comprehending the behavior through the use of mathematical and statistical modeling, research and measurement. The sole purpose of the quantitative analysis is to go through the large cases of variables involving trading volumes and asset prices. It also looks at how the world events can affect the assets prices.

The premonition of Gareth Henry has passed with quantitative analysis currently under by hedge funds and financial institutions. This caters for the large transactions involving the purchase and sale of many shares and securities. See more of Gareth Henry on facebook

Based on Gareth, the analysts can make use of the quantitative techniques to examine and analyze past events, with the current while anticipating for future ones. Gareth Henry also urges the individual investors to make use of the techniques.

The individual investors are assured of great value that goes beyond Wall Street through the quantitative application. The Governments across the world can also count on the quantitative analysis in the decision and policy-making processes. The technique has also been used to track and evaluate the statistical data that relates to the GDP and the figures in employment.

Henry believes that on its own, quantitative analysis has proven it is used as a key evaluation key. It is been included in investment funds. The combination between qualitative and quantitative analysis can aid the investors or analysts in gauging the strength of a product in the market.

Gareth is the global head of investor relations. He has expertized when it comes to the field of private credit and hedge funds. The firm is located in New York City and London.

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How Edwin Mirandas Qualifications And Experience Suits His Roles At Cytovance Biologics

With over 33 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry, Edwin has built a successful career around quality assurance which encompasses solid and liquid oral biologics, dose as well as cosmetics. Edwin has demonstrated an outstanding leadership style in his career.

Recently, his vast knowledge and great leadership skills landed him a new job as Vice President of Quality at Cytovance Biologics, a biopharmaceutical company. His transition to the company was smooth and heart-warming as executives in the company took it to the stage to welcome him to the company. He is now in charge of Cytovance’s Quality function. Dr. Jesse McCool, Senior Vice President of Research and Development, regarded Edwin Miranda as a well-seasoned as well as experienced executive.

Before joining Cytovance early this year, Edwin Miranda led the Quality Assurance team which was mandated with the role of securing FDA approval for New Drug Application (NDA) for Keppra. Edwin served at Quality Assurance URL Mutual Pharmaceuticals, Inc., as Vice President or Director of Quality. He worked at Legacy Pharmaceuticals Inc., Piramal Critical Care, and Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging. Edwin has been in charge of regulatory compliance functions, quality systems and at one point, he helped in the development of a remediation plan that served to correct 483 observations. The development of the remediation plan resulted into receipt of Establishment Inspection Report.

Edwin served in the army before changing careers. He graduated with a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from Angelo State University in TX. Edwin Miranda joined Cytovance at a time when it was preparing for its first PAI which was scheduled for February this year. He has been an invaluable asset to the company even as the company’s clients prepared to file BLA’s. His expertise with FDA inspections places him in a position to get the company more FDA approvals. Cytovance specializes on the production of therapeutic proteins as well as antibodies from mammalian cell culture as well as microbial fermentation.

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Ted Bauman Take on Amazon Being a Monopoly

Some economist and investment analyst spend most of their time appearing on media outlets such as CNBC or Bloomberg TV among others to discuss investment issues. Ted Bauman is an economist and an investment analyst who spend most of his time researching on critical investment areas. Bauman focuses more on delivering results to thousands of subscribers who subscribe to his monthly newsletter The Bauman Letter. The Letter provides readers with innovative investment ideas through which they can preserve and secure their wealth. Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing formerly known as Sovereign Society in 2013 and within a period of fewer than five years has built the largest readership as his Letter attracts more than 100,000 subscribers.

Ted Bauman in one of his Letters is cautioning investors from investing at Amazon with the thought that Amazon is a monopoly. Amazon is the world largest online retailer company. Besides online retail, Amazon is also dominating in cloud computing that generates the firm close to 5 billion dollars in revenues. Amazon last year produced 13. 7 billion on Whole Foods and going by these trends it is clear that Jeff Bezos intends to make Amazon a monopoly like what Steve Jobs did for Apple. According to Bauman Amazon has not yet reached the monopoly status.

Amazon currently has close to a hundred million people with prime membership. From statistics out of 20 products, Americans purchases online 9 of them are readily available from Amazon. Amazon has succeeded in the online retail sector because it provides customers with a wide variety of products, offers competitive prices and fast delivery.

Experts are predicting that within three years Amazon will have the largest market share in the online retail market. Ted Bauman completely disagrees with those experts who are referring to Amazon as a monopoly. According to Ted Bauman Amazon is far from becoming a monopoly since other retail stores such as Wal-Mart still have the most significant market share in the retail sector and makes three times revenue of what Amazon makes. Other retail firms such as the Kroger chain of supermarkets also generate more income than Amazon. From those statistics, it is evident that online shoppers do not purchase a majority of items online. Besides Amazon is facing stiff competition from e-commerce companies such as Wal-Mart, eBay, Apple and Target among others that control about 56 percent of the market.

JHSF – José Auriemo Neto: Finding A Reliable Property Development Firm

JHSF is a well-established company that focuses on real estate development. This reputable firm has been around for a long time.

The real estate industry is very lucrative. Real estate investing and property development generate vast fortunes for firms and entrepreneurs. Anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can achieve great success in this industry. It is also crucial to get a good mentor or coach as you plan to venture into the real estate field.

Many real estate professionals consult a highly successful firm like JHSF before they venture into the industry. JHSF is a highly renowned company and its team of experienced property developers and real estate professionals is fully committed to providing the best possible assistance to any ambitious entrepreneur.

The team at JHSF handles the entire process of completing the project. In other words, these professionals plan, design the project, secure the funds and bring in a team of partners and associates who will execute the plan. This means that the professionals at JHSF are well versed in purchasing raw land and developing the project.

Many real estate professionals begin their careers in construction, securing a contract to build a commercial or residential property in existing developments and eventually build a great team, and get partners who can help them in handling their own property development projects.

José Auriemo Neto is CEO of JHSF, and he has vast experience in real estate investment. He is well recognized in the property development sector as well and is a highly successful entrepreneur. Whether you want to renovate a property or you want to buy land and build on it, you need to have a good understanding of how things work in the industry.

Based in Brazil, José Auriemo Neto and the team at JHSF have catered to people from all walks of life. They take the time to evaluate their clients’ needs and work closely with them to implement strategies to reach their goals. Many people, including real estate professionals, have benefited tremendously from the services and advice of José Auriemo Neto.

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Talos Energy Has Made Some Impressive Headlines In Terms Of Its Company Growth:

Talos Energy is a Houston based exploratory energy firm that has been making big moves lately in terms of its work in oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico region. The company has also made headlines for its recent Stone Energy acquisition which allowed the firm to absorb an already existent public listing. One of the driving factors behind the success that Talos Energy is experiencing is the fact that the company employs such a great team of dedicated employees. A large part of this fact is due to Talos Energy being known as a great place to work. Houston’s own Houston Chronicle has listed Talos Energy as one of its Top Workplace’s for the last five calendar years running from 2013 to 2017. Talos Energy is known for being a company that offers many different paths for careers that range from production and corporate positions to work in the exploratory field, helping the company to do great things in its work on exiting Zama field in the Gulf of Mexico.

Some of the most exciting recent news out of the Talos Energy camp in terms of the Gulf of Mexico is the fact that the company is now working hard to lease exploratory spots that number up to fourteen. The bill on this will be in excess of $5 million. Talos Energy was able to pull off quite an accomplishment when the firm outbid all other firms on Gulf waters that range from shallow water sites to deep water sites.

As a part of the massive acquisition of Stone Energy Corporation, Talos Energy officials have divulged the fact that it is now into an agreement in terms of a credit facility and that this includes an impressive base of borrowing that adds up to $600 million. The company’s liquidity is also at $450 million.

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