Steve Lesnard: Marketing Through New Social Mediums

It is no secret that the landscape for marketing products is changing and changing fast. Although companies now have the opportunity to utilize these new mediums at almost no cost, the fact is that simply posting about your product isn’t enough to have a successful marketing campaign on social media. Steve Lesnard, one of the most revered figures in the marketing industry has unveiled the two principles he always follows when working with companies large and small.

”Keep it simple to make it memorable.”

Disney founder, Walt Disney always said that the most important thing to do is to get the story right. Steve Lesnard states that the best products are always the ones that have a clear benefit to them. One of the best examples comes from tech giant Apple when they launched the iPod. Although their product clearly held more features than the competition, the marketing understood that not everyone had the time or wanted to research it. Therefore, their first AD was merely a black screen with the words “10k songs in your pocket”. The AD captured was both simplistic and conveyed emotion. Another great example comes from fitness company Peleton. The introduction of their premium bike was not marketed as having simply having a high-quality spinning bike in your home but capturing the energy of New York’s best spinning classes from the privacy of your own home.

“Bring it to life to make it real”.

The second principle will focus on the consumer experience, this, of course, is after you’ve chosen the right story for your product/company. One of the first steps within this principle is to ask yourself a few questions about the product. This could include questions such as “How will it look on me?”, “What does it do?” and so on. One of the best ways that this principle has been used came from YETI, an outdoors company. YETI often utilizes its connection with ambassadors to promote their products. These ambassadors will use the product during their outdoor adventures and film it, a great way to showcase the products use but also tie in a visual emotion to it.

Oren Frank’s Talkspace hires a new chief medical officer

Recently, Talkspace, a start-up that provides therapy via video chat just announced that it had hired a new chief medical officer. The new hire is Neil Leibowitz who previously worked for United Health as the senior medical director. Making this announcement was Co-Founder and CEO of this revolutionary start-up Oren Frank.

An insight on Talkspace

Talkspace is a revolutionary start-up that is saving lives and helping people living with mental health challenges have it easy. According to Oren Frank, its CEO, this company has more than a million subscribers taking advantage of its online therapy services. This CEO told CNBC in an interview that its the company has been making tens of millions through its subscription services. The platform offers quite a number of subscription options to its clients. For $79 weekly you can get to talk to a therapist online. There is also a $49 option which allows you to message a mental health profession. Visit Oren Frank on Youtube.

Bettering the services provided

According to Oren Frank, the hiring of Neil Leibowitz will enable the company to improve on the services that it provides to its clients. He stated that with such an experienced medical officer at its disposal, Talkspace could soon be able to prescribe medication to its clients when needed. The Talkspace CEO also mention that the medicine prescription will only be done through the video tool in line with federal regulations. In addition to this, the entry of Leibowitz into this company will be opening the doors for it to enter into the corporate space.

Oren Frank is a big advocate for the provision of mental health education. It’s easy to tell this by looking at his tweets. Frank tries to use the platform to educate his fans on the subject. He has been very passionate of late in trying to provide solutions that will mitigate the current mental health epidemic. Check out:

Why Content Calendar Things in Press Release Distribution

It could be tough for the brand to remain upgraded and go on top of your posts marketing campaigns. However with one, important tool called content schedule, you can set as well as disperse your marketing campaign as well as plot the specific dates when to implement them.

What’s a content calendar?

It’s a schedule which has precisely what and when to implement write-ups marketing campaigns. It helps in arranging as well as planning any kind of upcoming event. Likewise described a content schedule, it’s utilized to arrange material sources, like websites, sites, media releases, and also social internet sites.

Know the considerable reasons Why You Need to have a web content calendar to your brand name:

  1. To maximize chances.

If you plan your content calendar for a calendar year, you get a crystal clear comprehension of what is can be found in the future couple of weeks. It includes a material method for the subsequent twelve month.

Why is this considerable? As an example, if you’re mosting likely to sponsor a trade convention concerning your merchandise, it’s well worth preparing a news releases prior to the normal occasion. It’s feasible to tweet it or make up a product introducing the deal show to market even more customers and notify your neighborhood.

When more people understand your celebrations with your press release service, you can take advantage of opportunities. Being aware of what date to organize your posts can assist you recognize your audiences much better.

As an example, your previous campaigns exposed that composing websites about your company does high throughout June and also July. From this info, you can prepare your sites around this moment to maximize effects.

2. You can achieve a more comprehensive audience.

It’s more difficult to visualize the larger picture if you simply see part by the section of your material ad campaign. But whenever you have actually obtained a web content calendar, you find every detail and also which type of content attract your designated target market.

For example, using a calendar, after that you can get to distinct sections of your target market if you mean several kinds of material. This makes your advertising and marketing a lot more effective.

3. Boosts goal planning

Brands generate material based on their goals. Possessing a calendar aids manufacturers to function with the purpose in their ideas. It makes intending much easier considering that you recognize that you are creating material projects which will target your purposes.

4. Airplane the suitable devices which you desire.

Besides plotting your write-ups programs on the calendar, you prepare to assess what tools you intend to achieve your objectives. As an example, you could need a Cision database to try to find your meant media. You may even plan for the supply business to distribute your news release.

As an example, you do not require to rush looking for copywriters to your white paper or webinars. If you want images, you can employ an organisation or a photographer to take specialist pictures which you will certainly need to your site or releases.

5. You recognize the most important dates.

Planning the supply of your short articles, primarily news release are substantial. Whether there are vacations, ensure you’re not publishing your information on precisely the exact same day.

It is the most awful time to discharge your narrative because most reporters and books are occupied covering stories regarding the vacations.

6. Boosts cooperation.

A schedule keeps your personnel updated, and also it is a considerable element for cooperation. It’s a reliable and also handy resource that enlightens your team about what to anticipate in the upcoming months.

Whenever your articles schedule is created utilizing Google or Excel spread sheet, everyone in the group will team up. It boosts teamwork and boosts results.

7. Conserves time.

Making use of a schedule, the entire team enhances the total effectiveness. Planning sees to it that whatever is going to prepare in time. You recognize when is your time to write websites, when to distribute releases or if to make webinars that make campaigns much more efficient.

It prevents unanticipated events, such as Injuries or being unprepared. Whenever there’s efficiency, it will help boost the end results of campaigns.

If you prepare your posts, you know what kinds of materials are best to be successful in your items advertising and marketing. It offers brand names an obvious plan of material actions, when is the suitable time to run them as well as specifically what web content pique the attention of your target customers.

Edwin Miranda: An Eye on the Future

In the world of marketing, each and every people can witness that it is rapidly changing and growing as the years go by. There is currently an infinite list of agencies that promise unfiltered and instant access to the customer’s base of a client. On the other hand, the moment that all of the meaningless guarantees go away, one almost always finds that they are little more than the technological intermediary between two parties. The most challenging part of searching for a marketing agency is looking for one that can actually attain or accomplish all of their promises. The most certain method in finding rare agencies who can fulfill promises is to look for one that has good and reputable credentials of success.

According to Edwin Miranda, he began KOI IXS with a wide and promising vision. It was an idea that he had where he was able to turn it into reality when he was about 21 years old. He firmly believes that the agency that he has built became his passion and desire, and exceeding the client’s expectations is his utmost priority. The KOI IXS is a performance-driven marketing agency that only hires talented and passionate groups of strategists, creators, designers, and thinkers. Edwin Miranda stated that creativity and dedication plays a major role in the mission of KOI IXS in making each venture that they partake in massive success. To know more about him click here.

Edwin Miranda has led his own agency very well and today it is known as the leading marketing sector at Puerto Rico. He has always had a good leadership skill as the Chief Executive Officer and has always believed in the power of performance marketing. Edwin Miranda is a man who is driven and motivated in helping international brands to earn a big market share as well as establishing good customer engagement.

Article Title: Agera Energy

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Agera Energy Is One Of The Leading Energy Suppliers

It can be frustrating when you can’t find a company that offers low rates on energy bills. Agera Energy understands the need for people to get affordable electricity and gas service and stepped in to handle the situation.

You have a choice when it comes to energy suppliers and Agera Energy makes it easier for customers to choose. The company has well-trained professionals who are ready to guide you in making the right decision for your situation.

If you need expert guidance in choosing the right plan that will save you money, you can contact the representatives at Agera Energy. These experts at Agera Energy will help you to understand the various features and plans that are available to you.

Agera Energy has various plans for customers to choose from. Agera Energy caters to both commercial and residential customers and comes highly recommended.

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Article Title: How Central Group Partnership Will Revolutionize Thailands E-Commerce Market

Article Text: is one of the few companies in the world that have brilliant policies on expansion. According to the management, expansion to Asian markets is part of the company’s bigger objective in the e-commerce market. Although is in most South East Asian countries, Thailand remains one of the markets the company has highly invested in for the recent 12 months.

In order to have a more significant impact in Thailand for example, the company is in partnership with different entities. In this market, for instance, Jingdong is in good business relations with Central Group. The creation of JD Central will revolutionize — how Thailand people shop for commodities and more importantly from e-commerce spaces.

Apart from working with Central Group on this new outfit, hopes to change the shopping experience in Asian market. Some of the areas the new outfit will pay attention to, including speedy deliveries, quality goods, and all-inclusive shopping experience. Before this partnership, the two companies carried out research. In the findings, they realized that the market does not have a reliable delivery system.

With the use of technology, JD central will not only supply goods to the customers at a faster rate but also offer safe and efficient deliveries. The new outfit will also adopt the policy on quality goods. According to representative, the policy on quality goods has enabled the company to make significant progress in customer satisfaction and more importantly  safeguard the interests of customers.

Apart from streamlining the market operation, the new company will also exploit the necessary technology by the Over the years, the top Chinese company has invested heavily in systems and technology. One of the most iconic technology is simplifying the shopping trends. With this information, JD Central will not only make better returns in this market but also ensure that customer satisfaction is a reality.

In 2017, the company ( signed an agreement with Intel to create a modern resource center where they can collect information on different markets. When this project is complete, JD Central will benefit in all the above areas and more importantly when making policies. With enough information about the market, creating a rational decision is not farfetched.

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Article Title: Liu Qiangdong And The Future Of E-Commerce In China

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Making a Difference Where it Counts

Its rare that a company is set apart by its innovations. Today there are hundreds of multi-billion dollar companies that all seem to compare to one another. The Good News is that customers notice the quality of service they receive and the bargains or prices from which they get quality merchandise that changes the way they shop.

The CEO Behind

Liu Qiangdong has created a company that doesn’t thrive on keeping from its customers the internal things that make it tick or cause it trouble; and its Chief Executive Officer make choices, either scheduled or unscheduled and make those changes transparent to the customer. Furthermore, transparency is the way business takes place at

Leading by Exampler keeps three principles at hits business core and that is the way in which it keeps integrating low-income communities into its business model, the way in which it makes an environmental impression on populations it serves. wants to be known as a company that leads by example. makes its operations align with its goals. Lastly, invites its customers to help with its goals on a smaller home-based environment.

Vast Scale Warehousing has created over 500 warehouses in different part of its distribution center locations in order to be the most aggressive handler of packages while offering to its customers next day as well as two-day delivery on s packages. Liu Qiangdong has a passion for his customers and making the services offers to reach customers with optimum timing. Today services over 500 million customers.

Growth and Expansion

It continues to grow and expand into other strategic locations like its recent movement into Southeast Thailand, where it is working with another global corporation to bring more E-commerce services to the Thai people. Over 80% of its customers shop because of its cellphone accessibility as well as its great assortment. carries the most successful brands from around the world, especially China’s most successful companies and continues to expand its selections as customer demand more prominent.

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Serge Belamant’s Professional Contributions and Achievements

Serge Belamant is a French native born in the city of Tulle. He is renowned for his with a savvy mind in the blockchain technology. He later relocated to South Africa at the age of 14. This was to his father’s pursuit in the tiling business. Serge Belamant enrolled to study at Johannesburg Witwatersrand University in the computer sciences and technology field.

In his career journey, he has acquired immense expertise while serving various companies. He has earned a reputation for his unmatched skill and passion for building software in a coding digital financial transaction. He has also created multiple technological accomplishments. This has resulted in a massive financial banking systems worldwide.

Learn more about Belamant at

In 1989, Serge Belamant founded his first company, Neti UEPS technologies. This firm was aimed at generating electronic payment systems or UEPS at a universal level. He built these system designs himself. He was responsible for designing a chip offline pre-authorized card for VISA. He worked with his team to develop a digital payment system to aid in the transfer of welfare grants and finances across South Africa.

He is the current co-founder of Zilch Technologies based in the UK. In addition, he works at Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions as well as Prism Groups Holdings. He has owed the success of his business ideas to his son, Philip who is an IT engineer expert. Philip launched a firm that creates mobile games. He enabled his father to realize how influential social media can be in offering financial products, especially to the youth. This would require the use of their mobile phones in solving their financial situations.

Serge Belamant has accrued his wealth by simply designing useful products for people. He first discovers a need to be met, whether it is known or unknown to the people. This contributes to the overall financial success. He also believes that the desire to create something is also crucial at the start of a business venture. During his time spent at the firm, he has learned to trust his instincts and experience. Moreover, he believes in word of mouth as a great marketing strategy.



Rebel Wilson as the Lead on Isn’t it Romantic

 Background Information

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson was born in Australia on the 2nd of March in the year 1980. She is an actress, a singer, producer, and writer.

In 2003 after Rebel Wilson graduated from the Australian Theater for Young People, and started appearing on the sketch comedy series and the comedy series Pizza on Special Broadcasting Services (SBS). She later attended the University of New South Wales where she graduated in 2009 with two degrees; a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Performance Studies.

Isn’t it Romantic Netflix Movie Is Not Your Regular Romantic Comedy

Most romantic comedies are based on a particular set of regulations where the lead roles have to be hot and with a romantic attraction towards each other than everyone else notices first expect for them.

Isn’t it Romantic is however different since it is set to make fun of the regular romantic comedies making it a satirical and more entertaining for everyone to watch even those who do not like romantic comedies.

It starts with Rebel Wilson as Natalie, being told by her mother, that she will never get a man to marry her except only if the man requires a visa.

Natalie carries this romance skepticism and lack of self-esteem when she becomes a grown up. While working as an architect designing a new hotel, she is treated as a coffee goffer by the men she works with instead of being treated as the qualified professional that she is.

The Twist

Natalie gets mugged and hits her head pretty hard making her lose consciousness. She later wakes up in a hospital in a private room with pretty flowers and flattering lighting. Her face is glamorously made-up, and a very handsome doctor attends to her.

This is where the script of the movie changes and Natalie finds herself in her worst nightmare; her life being a romantic comedy which she had vehemently mocked earlier. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Rebel Wilson is cast perfectly into the role of Natalie, who is awkward, has a cringy sense of humor and with self-depreciating confidence. The movie now turns into a romantic comedy with their sets of rules like having a stylish gay neighbor and a hot stranger, Liam Hemsworth, who hits Natalie with his car by accident.

It also includes a work rival who wears high heels that seem impossible to walk in and not forgetting a great best friend who is kind and right for Natalie, but she doesn’t seem to notice that. The soundtracks also become romantic with top radio romantic hits such as Donna Lewis, Six Pence None the Richer, Annie Lennox, Vanessa Carlton, and others.

Rebel Wilson has run a successful career in the film industry. At a very age, she has accomplished what other fail to get in a full blown career in acting. Her commitment to playing enchanting roles in various films makes her one of the few actors who are adored by film lovers.

Click on the links below learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Article Title: Jana Lightspeed Highlights Utilizing Resources Available To You

Article Text:

Jana Lightspeed venture partner is aware that the internet and the world wide web provides a significant amount of opportunity for all individuals to connect, grow, and build something that will matter to the market.

As such, it is important for individuals to look to people like Jana lightspeed venture partner to help guide them in their entrepreneurial path to success.

But first, entrepreneurs should make certain to utilize the resources that are present within their own community to move forward and make an impact.

Let us look at a few different options for budding entrepreneurs to grow and succeed.

Tap Into The Free

If you think that you will have a successful startup, you will have no problem adding more time and effort to your cause. You do not necessarily want to spend a lot of money on your new venture, you want to put in sweat equity to build it out. If you think that you will take forever to build out your product then you will want to use the money to build it out. The fact of the matter is that you have to weigh the costs and the value of your time, you have to look at your end goals and see what actions will help you get where you want to go.

As such, it is important to understand what you can tap into for free. Always remember the trade-offs and choose wisely. Remember, it is always important to be as resourceful as possible.

The internet has a variety of mediums that range from Craigslist to Fivver that will provide individuals with access to many different types of options to start to build in an efficient manner.

Use the resources that you have in hand and generate value continuously. Sit, strategize, bring value and you will continue to grow.

End Of Article