NuoDB – A Cloud Database – Explained

NuoDB is a webscale distributed database management system (DBMS) offering standard SQL capabilities for applications that need to operate in a cloud model. Developed and marketed by NuoDB Inc., NuoDB is best described as a NewSQL database similar to traditional SQL databases but with additional features to support scale-out processing in cloud computing environments.

Unlike other databases that are built upon a synchronous, client-server architecture, NuoDB uses a tiered approach comprising of three layers; the management, SQL and data layers. This layered approach helps scale the data effortlessly on the cloud.

The management layer has an agent that runs all NuoDB processes. The agent starts or stops NuoDB cloud database processes and gathers statistics from the transaction and storage engines. Some agents are configured to be brokers (a broker communicates with the client then introduces the client to the transaction engine). Additionally, the management layer provides a web-based management tool and command line loader for managing the databases and importing/exporting data respectively.

The SQL layer is comprised of transaction engines that parse, compile, optimize and execute the SQL statements in support of the clients. Lastly, the data layer is comprised of storage managers that offer persistence of the data.

Uses of NuoDB

The database is best used for cloud-based mobile apps which need to scale out according to demand. It is also very suitable for SaaS solutions as it does not need sharding, replication or other kinds of performance work.

NuoDB can also be used for web-scale applications and multi-tenant solutions.