The Entrepreneurship Journey of Jojo Hedaya with, Email Organization tool

It increasingly became difficult to keep up with what’s important in email inbox. Relevant mails could be buried in junk and it was difficult to retrieve them. Two 24-year entrepreneurs experienced the problem first-hand and endeavored to change it. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald started, an email organization tool.

Unroll.Me was conceived out of a personal frustration. Jojo Hedaya, co-founder and COO, could send emails to Josh Rosenwald and never get a response. In defense, Josh said he never got the emails. The tool puts together subscriptions, newsletters, and updates to make it easy for you to decide on what to keep and what to unsubscribe from.

The two entrepreneurs grew up in New York City but met in a college in Israel. They had a lot of similar things. They even share a birthday. They both attended Jewish high schools. Both Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald didn’t graduate from college. Mr. Hedaya believes that there is more into life than a college degree. The skills are what matters the most.

Jojo Hedaya didn’t anticipate that the company will become this big over 6 years later. In fact, Mr. Hedaya considers themselves lucky owing to the number of startups in the United States that don’t survive in the market. They experience their fair share of challenges while trying to getting Unroll Me up and running. They soldered on during turbulent times and investors started having confidence on them after they stood the taste of time. Josh and Jojo made Unroll Me as simple as possible to the users.

Jojo Hedaya has three credits to finish to be able to go for a degree. However, he plans to go back and finish his studies. The passion he had for simplicity streamlined the email unsubscribe process and as a result, users gained control over their inbox. Under his tenure, the company gained millions of users over the past few years.

Unroll Me grew rapidly and attracted the attention of Rakuten-owned shopping startup called Slice. Slice is in the email business in that it pulls up receipts and analyzes them with an intention to help shoppers to track their discounts, packages, orders and more. The acquisition came in the wake of negotiations on a partnership deal.

Jason Hope-Lover Of Technology And A Philanthropist

Jason Hope is one of the highly successful business persons in the field of technology. He has been working in this field for the past two decades, a period in which he has brought significant contributions to businesses. The holder of MBA from Arizona State University has been working with businesses helping them to identify technological trends that are likely to affect the businesses in coming years. The ability of a business to know what will happen in the future is an advantage since it will align its goals with the possibilities of the future. Jason Hope loves technology and has played a significant role in its development. He can predict what will happen in the future by looking at their current trends. For instance, he’s one of the people who predicted the coming of the internet of things technology.

The internet of things is based on the ability of devices to connect to the internet by themselves. Through this connection, these devices can communicate with each other and with human users. What it is means is that we are moving into an era where machines will be performing tasks by themselves. According to Jason Hope, we are just experiencing the beginning phase of this technology since a lot more is yet to take place. In the coming years, we are going to experience smart cities where everything will be done through the application of advanced technologies.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist who has played a significant role in the ongoing research on rejuvenation technologies. He’s one of the people who are hopeful that in the future there shall be an anti-aging drug that will help human beings cure the causes of old age diseases. As human beings get old, their bodies become weak and therefore susceptible to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and cancer among others.

To aid in the attainment of the goal of an anti-aging drug, Jason Hope has donated $500000 to an organization known as SENS Research Foundation which is currently in the process of creating an anti-aging drug. He believes in this organization that they will deliver on the mandate ahead of them.

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The Begining Of Serge Belamant

The patent holder of blockchain technologies is Serge Belamant. In the financial sector, Serge Belamant’s applications, and software development are instrumental. First founded blockchain technology  by Serge Belamant, and he is credited for that achievement. The purpose of his technology is to support cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the name of one of those currencies. Smart cards with a micro-controller is what he used to distributed independent transaction ledger.

Serge Belamant’s technology allows a safe environment for transactions to be made. These transactions include withdraw payments from banks for top private investors. His invention makes this process faster for the individuals faster. The best way to describe his Blockchain invention is saying exactly what it is. Which is, cryptography linked together with a list of records. Transaction data and a cryptographic timestamp can be found within these list, or ledger of records.

The purpose of Serge Belamant’s Blockchain technology is to help customers, and the financial services sector. The Blockchain invention does this by increasing transparency, accuracy of data and security of institutions. Smart cards containing microprocessors that can function on, or off-line is what allowed Serge Belamant to develop his Blockchain technology.

A little background information about Serge Belamant. In 1953, he was born in Tulle, France. He learned to read and write English during his time moving to South Africa with his family. He was 14 years old when he moved. His father was a skilled work, and his profession was a tiler. Serge Belamant was an enlighten young man that attend the Highlands North High School for Boys in Johannesburg. This was during the time after he mastered another language.

During his time in high school Serge would become exemplary at many activities such as ruby, chess, and his studies. As he progressed he achieved many reward during his time as a student. During 1970, Serge was a member of science and bridge clubs. In this time he achieved the title of house captain. In 1972, he went on to represent the Southern Transvaal in chess at the South African Chess School Championships. Serge was able to finish in 6th place.

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Pushing VR To Infinity With Alex Hern

Alex HernXR or extended reality is an advancement of Virtual reality that unlike VR combines the virtual with the real instead of completely blocking out the real in favour of the virtual. XR has the potential to ease the work of a lot of professional’s in the world today and that is what Alex Hern is looking to achieve. It has the potential to revolutionize virtual interfacing in the same way power steering did to cars in the 1950s.

Today there are some fire-fighting teams using XR helmets that have thermal imaging and all they have to do is put on the helmet and the devices thermal imaging capabilities are immediately accessible. Similar applications can be made fo hospitals making information readily available instead of doctors spending time reading through charts to find specific information. At the forefront of this revolution is Alex Hern and his company Tsunami XR.

Tsunami XR offers two main products to its clients that is Tsunami XR Studios which is a tool for a 3D model and Tsunami XR Workplaces. These products can be used in various industries including the automotive constructions and manufacturing industries. Alex Hern was inspired to create Tsunami XR by the current shift from CPU to GPU in computers and mobile devices. He also realized there was a lot of potential for growth in the sector as the value of VR was projected to be at $200 billion in 4 years time up from $6 billion two years ago. This is, therefore, a great area to invest in as one is bound to make a profit.

Alex Hern is passionate about mentoring people and writing. He pointed out the importance of being focused on one task at a time instead of attempting to multitask. He firmly believes that it is not possible to multitask effectively. Writing provides great opportunity for him to better his focus and develop a linear way of thinking. Alex Hern explains that startup is a challenge and one needs to work very hard, invest in the right staff and exercise patience.

About Alex Hern

Alex Hern is the founder and CEO of Tsunami XR. He has been in entrepreneurship for the last 25 years and in the time has helped establish a number of companies including Inktomi, Military Commercial Technologies and CloudShield.

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NGP VAN, the Campaign Game Changer.

Up until January 2011, NGP VAN was formerly known as Voter Action Network. Since its formation in 2001, it has had its headquarters and base of operations in Washington DC. The main benefactors and enlistees of the services NGP Van provides include the American Democratic Party, non-profit organizations with the authorization of the Democratic Party and Democratic campaigns.


What does the NGP VAN have to offer to these groups?

NGP VAN is famous and famous for its voter database and the web hosting services it provides for campaigns.


Some of the aspects NGP caters for include:


  • i. Fundraising


  • ii. Finance compliance of the attacks


  • iii. Digital organizing services


  • iv. Field organization.


These campaigns are not limited to a political one but also include social campaigns.

Campaign Phone Services is one of the aspects that NGP Van seeks to specialize in. They offer phone tools that will help you to reach the voters.


On top of enlisting the services of NGP VAN to help with your fundraising, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the fundraising tactics you will apply in conjunction with NGP VAN. Fundraising is one of the core activities for a campaign to be successful.


Funds help the candidate reach his voters to voice his ideas, plans or manifesto. For you to successfully raise funds, you need to employ the following:


  1. Set the fundraising target

You will need to define the budget that you will need to win your election.


  1. Define Fundraising Tactics

For each tactic that you lay out to raise funds, you need to determine what you will spend on them and establish an estimate for their economic output. Examples include calling, direct mail and telemarketing.


iii. Establish a Fundraising Calendar

Once you have the tactics down, you need to schedule when to employ them and define deadlines for meeting your fundraising goals.


  1. Ascertaining your fundraising network

Your fundraising network mainly involves your donors. They will include both your professional and personal contacts.


  1. Establish a Fundraising or finance committee

The finance committee you will most likely be from your network. They are the ones who will be donors, act as links to potential donors, and engage in fundraising tactics like hosting events.


NGP Van fundraising plan, however, does not stop there but extends to the execution of the fundraising tactics and events.

Jason Hope Looks Toward the IoT as the Future of Technology

The latest buzzword in the world of technology is undoubtedly the Internet of Things (IoT). Using embedded sensors, this rapidly rising technology enables networks of devices to communicate and exchange data with each other as well as humans. This forward-thinking technology has been embraced by a variety of business industries looking to capitalize on all of the possibilities it can afford its users.

One of the biggest advocates of the possibilities of the IoT is Arizona-based investor, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur Jason Hope. He has spent his career working to promote the latest trends in the technology sector, frequently expounding the virtues of the IoT in the process.

Jason Hope believes that the IoT shows great promise in the advancement of a variety of technology industries, most notably Artificial Intelligence. The emergence of AI in recent years is already using some of the most advanced applications and processes of IoT. As the technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, companies will continue to develop new ways to use the IoT to produce greater AI products and services than ever before.

Jason Hope sees incredible promise in the ability of IoT to improve the safety records of a myriad of industrial technologies. By using the already available features of IoT, businesses can work to reduce the risks associated with working with heavy machinery in industrial settings.

In addition to the advancements in safety and AI, Jason Hope also predicts that the IoT sensors will emerge as even more useful to the advancement of AI technology. Face recognition technology is already using a myriad of the available IoT applications to provide consumers with tangible ways to improve their lives. The use of sensors in the automobile industry brings a bevy of advancements all designed to improve safety, enable emerging driverless technology, and bring modern conveniences to the road.

Through his work through a variety of technologically-driven initiatives, Jason Hope is working to put these modern IoT applications to use in a host of real-world settings and situations.

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Prepare for the Internet of Things with Jason Hope

It is getting the point where everything will have a plasma screen attached to it. From gas pumps to refrigerators, to kitchen counters, the integration of technology is everywhere. It is estimated that by 2020 over 30 billion objects will be connected to the Internet of Things. The gigantic data streaming network will reach further into our homes and business. It will be with us when we drive, it will watch over our homes, even our wallets may have WIFI capability. But what exactly is the Internet of Things? Many people still have no idea even though they are already a part of it. Jason Hope, a respected futurist and advocate of IoT, believes it to be an inescapable future everyone will have to face. To prepare people for this eventuality he has written an all-purpose guide to everything IoT related. The gudie is called, Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era. In is a full and easy to swallow explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of IoT. Its purpose is to prepare and protect future users.

The Internet of Things is an all-encompassing network of devices that collect and stream data. Such data is accessible to any other device connected to the network. IoT allows for unlimited connectivity, access to information, and digitization of physical systems. Unfortunately, it also renders personal and private information vulnerable. Individuals who do not understand IoT may accidentally open themselves up to exposure. They also might never enjoy the full benefit such a network has to offer. For this reason, Hope has created an easy to use guide for the purpose of safely navigating the IoT. Individuals using this guide gain a full understanding of what IoT is, the dangers involved, as well as the benefits. The guide can be used to safeguard personal information from attack, properly connect devices, and optimize use of the IoT. Hope’s knowledge of technology is vast, and his expertise on the subject of IoT is invaluable.

Jason Hope graduated with an MBA in finance from the W.P. Cary School of Business at Arizona State University. He is actively involved in business, politics, and writes articles as well. As a philanthropist, Hope has contributed greatly to the advancement of technology for the welfare of all people. His book is available on Amazon for free download on all kindle accessible devices.

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Bob Reina: He Is Here To Show People A Better Way

One of the saddest things for Bob Reina to see in life is defeat. He has seen it in the eyes of many people in the past. They have been in a situation where they have simply given up on any chance at happiness. That makes Bob Reina sad because he knows this was once a promising person with big dreams and big goals. Now, they are simply going through the motions and they have turned into a robot. Bob Reina does not want that for anyone on planet earth. That is why he came up with the great idea for Talk Fusion. The genesis behind it was to change and impact lives. Learn more:


Now, for most people, that might sound like a bunch of baloney. From Bob Reina, it is all from the heart and all from his soul. He was born the right way: with respect, honesty, and kindness. The way Talk Fusion can change people’s lives is by allowing them to live life the way they see fit. They don’t have to answer to a rude boss or put up with nonsense that has sucked them dry. They can finally start to live and be the best version of themselves. That is pure joy and that is pure happiness to the fullest. Learn more:


That is what makes Bob Reina happy. He is just happy he was able to play a small part in it with Talk Fusion. Bob Reina is not one to take credit for things. When the company wins awards, two in fact in 2016, he stayed out of the limelight. He didn’t want all of this attention on him. He wanted to thank his IT team for their work on the video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences. He knows how hard they work to make sure the product is up and running in a good position.


Since so many people are counting on Talk Fusion, they can’t afford to take a day off or have any bugs. They need to be on top of their game at all times in order to keep moving in the right direction. Learn more: