How Eric Pulier Embraces Entrepreneurial Success

The charge for every successful entrepreneur is to, at some point in their life, look for advice from people more successful than them. Great  Entrepreneurs are a rare breed of people because they take a look at an industry and don’t try to attach themselves to success, they try to make it their own. That is how Eric Pulier, the founder of the coveted XPrize Foundation as well as vAtomic Systems, has found so much success. Still, it never hurts to try and learn from the people that came before you. Pulier broke down some of the important methods and avenues of success that have made him the man he is today.

Eric Pulier succeeds because he is willing to look at the industries in front of him as more than just static things. For Pulier, the focus has always been on the tech sector. Pulier has made a career out of embracing technology and pushing for innovation as early and as often as possible. From his beginnings in 1991 with the company ‘People Doing Things’ to his disruptive-tech approach with ‘vAtomic Systems‘, focusing on micro-transactions, Pulier has been willing to embrace the change. Quality entrepreneurs will be able to see these changes coming and positively network themselves to be in the right place to take advantage of it.

The focus for entrepreneurs is also to know how to approach your problem solving. As an entrepreneur there is no clear cut, singular correct path to success. This can cause many entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed by the industry in front of them. In order to get ahead of and around that problem Pulier likes to focus on extensive list making. Any potential ideas or concepts that come into his brain, they get written down. By the end of the week Pulier could have a notebook full of bankable concepts that he can turn into something much larger and much more important. The goal for entrepreneurs like Eric Pulier should ultimately to do a great job at whatever it is that they attempt. It helps when you are passionate and it helps even more when you are talented — and Eric Pulier is both.

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