Dr. Jennifer Walden: An expert In Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery

Jennifer Walden is a Texas-based board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon. She is the first female to be appointed to the executive council of the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is a nationally respected expert in this field of medicine because of her skills and knowledge of plastic cosmetic surgery. She is also familiar with genes, ethnicity, and culture of different people. She practices in Austin. She took cosmetic surgery for her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital in NY. She also qualifies as one of the few female plastic surgeons in the country.

With the knowledge and experience she has in this industry, she has come up with her facility known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. Some of the services offered in her clinic include breast augmentation, Brazilian buttocks lifts, facelifts, eyelid lifts laser resurfacing among others. The facility is equipped with state of the art equipment to ensure that the services offered are world class. She has installed 3D imaging equipment to clients to assess the results of her work. She has also been one of the revolutionary doctors who are ready to try out innovations. She has applied some unique measures for vaginal rejuvenation. She is one of the professionals who are applying efforts to bring innovations which will bring even better methods of plastic surgery.

Jennifer Walden is also a philanthropist who has created a number of philanthropic causes. She has donated towards an organization that raises funds for blood cancer research. She is a member of an organization that supports the fight against child abuse as well as another organization that provides weekend nourishment to needy children in elementary schools in Austin. There are other organizations that she supports, and her work can be seen from his Instagram updates.

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a body that regulates the industry to ensure that only the best practices are allowed. It has active members from the United States and Canada. There are about 2,600 members who are approved by this organization to offer plastic and cosmetic surgery services in the country.

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