A Look At The Career Of KOI IXS CEO Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the Chief Executive Officer of KOI IXS, an innovative marketing agency. The company operates out of Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Miranda believes in performance marketing. He also believes that maturity is the key to having success. You must be mature enough to persevere in the midst of adversity. Recently, Miranda sat down and gave some insight into his career.

Miranda says that he has the opportunity to work with talented people every day at KOS IXS. Every employee brings a different set of creative talents that allows KOI IXS to produce best products. Miranda says that KOI IXS has the necessary tools to give their clients an advantage over their competitors.

Miranda considers himself a morning person. He wakes up every day before dawn to check his emails. Miranda says that he gets up early every day so that he can get a head start on everything that needs to be accomplished. Miranda makes a to-do list every day that helps keep him organized. Miranda also writes out a list of his short term and long term goals.

Miranda cites his passion as one of the main reasons that he has been successful. Miranda accepts that sometimes he will make mistakes, as he believes that will help him grow as an entrepreneur. Miranda advises aspiring entrepreneurs to surround themselves with good people. He also believes that it is important to take risks sometimes.

Edwin Miranda is a fan of Fantastical 2, a time management app. The app allows Miranda to keep track of his scheduled meetings. Miranda encourages entrepreneurs to read predictive marketing, as the book provides a guide on how to create a successful marketing strategy.

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How Shiraz Boghani Has Become A Star In The Hospitality Industry

Some people don’t struggle to get success, but they don’t enjoy it. The success you can’t enjoy isn’t worth inestimable efforts. You only know you have made it in life once you can enjoy the success you have achieved. Some entrepreneurs like Shiraz Boghani haven’t just become influential, but they have found tremendous joy in their success. Shiraz hasn’t just succeeded in one area but several. When you see a person succeeding in several ventures, you know they are unstoppable goal-getters in life. The reputation his career has today is fathomless. If you were to get someone to teach you how to enjoy your success, that should be Shiraz.

Shiraz is a man of notable contributions, and this has made his name prominent in many parts of the world. His involvements in hospitality industry go beyond what words can explain. He has worked hard to see the elderly get the first-rate care they should get. Sussex Healthcare happens to be the company behind most of the world-class elderly care services in England, and Shiraz Boghani happens to be its co-founder. After seeing how those with neurological conditions suffered, Shiraz decided to act and offer the best care services he could afford. Although Sussex Healthcare is based in England, its influence cuts across many countries in the world.

You may have heard about the Splendid Hospitality Group from some reliable sources, but you probably didn’t know Shiraz is its chairman. Among the several successful ventures Shiraz ever had, Splendid Hospitality is too dear in his heart. The Great Britain-based hotel has made Shiraz a celebrated entrepreneur. The society esteems him a lot due to the notable positions he has held. Shiraz Boghani has served at Agha Khan, National Council, and Resource Development Convener as a trustworthy member. He also serves in the National Conciliation and Arbitration as the board’s chairman.

The great influence Shiraz has across the world leaves most people amazed when they realize he has African roots. Although he was born in Kenya, his influence couldn’t be contained in this country alone. The certified accountant knew he needed to relocate to England to increase his capacity. He worked at Chartered Accounts in 1969, the year his career journey started. Shiraz Boghani later joined KMPG mainly known as Thomson McLintock & Co and helped it achieve significant success. He has a chain of branded hotels in Britain, something that has earned him several awards such as the Hotelier of the Year award.

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