Why Much is Required of Marc Sparks

You may have heard it said that, “to whom much is given much is required.” This is what Marc Sparks believes, and he lives it. Sparks, an serial entrepreneur knows that life isn’t easy, but he also knows that you can make it better by making better choices.

Sparks has made numerous choices that have had a great outcome, meaning that he has started numerous successful businesses and some that were not so successful. Sparks has spent most of his life learning the ins and outs of life and business.

Each time, Sparks chose to learn or he was a winner in the eyes of his fellow entrepreneurs. Sparks has chosen to share his story with everyone with his book,”They Can’t Eat You”, as well as his continued efforts in the world of business. Sparks continues to share his story with others through speaking engagements and through his company Timber Creek Capital, where he helps entrepreneurs get their start.

Sparks teaches young entrepreneurs how to take an idea for a business and turn into a way to generate revenue. The entire process of starting a business can be daunting, but Sparks demystifies the process with the help of Timber Creek Capital. He is always forthright in telling others that he had no formal training, and in school he was a C plus student. This makes Sparks attractive to all kinds of folks, especially those who are struggling to figure out how to take their ideas to the marketplace.

Training with Timber Creek Capital covers all aspects of business including short-term and long-term goals and addressing the vital needs of all areas of your business like financing, design, and much more. Sparks has been transparent from start to finish with his entire journey, and while he shares the good he shares the painful moments as a young entrepreneur too.

He takes great care in making it clear that starting a business isn’t all fun and games, and it’s anything but luxury. Starting from nothing can be more rewarding than starting with being handed everything initially. Sparks’s message is real and it’s honest. Entrepreneurs have tremendous respect for Sparks because of his honesty, and for the simple fact that he learned the hard way how to make a business work from the inside out.

All of these reasons are the one reason that Sparks is now regarded as the entrepreneur for other entrepreneurs.