Chris Burch Invests In Brands That Help People To Feel Better About Themselves

Chris Burch is the creator of Burch Creative Capital, and he is valued at over $1 billion. In 2004, Chris Burch helped to create Tory Burch with his ex-wife but sold his stake of the business in 2013. He also sold C. Wonder afterwards and has been investing in many different companies ever since. He has admitted that he loves the fashion business and that he owns stake in some of the most popular fashion companies in the world today. Some of these companies include Chubbies, Solid and Striped, Staud, and ED by Ellen Degeneres.

Chris Burch was asked in a recent interview to reveal what kinds of brands or companies he is avoiding investing in and what types of companies are nearing an end. In response, Chris Burch commented on the state of digital marketing and also talked about how many copycat companies will be coming to an end. He also believes that brand marketing is over and that most people will simply move onto the next brand as soon as one fades away, read (

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Chris Burch also revealed that he has noticed a shift taking place in the world and that this shift is causing people to value experiences a whole lot more. This is part of what inspired him to launch Cocoon, which is a company that offers smaller living spaces and apartment spaces for people, learn more info on He believes that luxury will continue to be something that people desire but that the modern equivalent of luxury is to be found in travel experiences. In the end, Chris Burch loves to help people feel good about who they are and has admitted that he spends a lot of his time thinking about how to better do this. He plans on continuing to stay involved with companies or brands that are all about doing so, visit