Securus Technologies adds GovPayNet to Their Portfolio

If you have been following the latest business news, chances are you have heard that Securus, a purveyor of technology solutions aimed at law enforcement, corrections, and public safety, has recently acquired “Govpaynet.” If you’re unfamiliar with “Govpaynet,” they process debit and credit card payments for several government entities. Securus Technologies, Inc. and “Govpaynet” have joined forces to essentially become a one-stop shop for government payment services and technology solutions. Since 1986, Securus has been a recognized leader in civil and criminal technology solutions, providing communication services to over 1 million inmates throughout the U.S and Mexico. The recent acquisition of “Govpaynet” significantly adds to the company’s already impressive portfolio and provides customers with a convenient payment method to satisfy parking violations, court fines, and much more.


Securus Technologies, Inc. routinely looks for ways to provide value to their customers; “Govpaynet” along with Jpay, which was acquired in 2015, helps accomplish this goal. Adding these two companies to their portfolio has allowed Securus to enjoy exponential growth; in fact, the Dallas, TX-based company has been ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in its segment. These acquisitions have also expanded Securus’ reach; they now have the ability to tap into “Jpay’s” current customer base, which operates in over 33 state prisons, as well as Govpaynet’s existing customers, which encompasses 2,300 agencies in the U.S. What does this all mean, exactly? Basically, in addition to an already impressive array of products like calling services, video visitation, and information management, Securus can now also offer, through Jpay, email services, tablet products, and inmate payment services. By adding Govpaynet, Securus Technologies is now in a position where they can also provide payment services, which makes paying for things like publicly administered child support, court fines, property tax assessment payments, and parking violations much easier.


Securus Technologies Wins The Gold Stevie Award For Excellence In Customer Service

Recently, it was announced that Securus Technologies won a Gold Stevie Award for Best Customer Training Department in the customer service industry.


According to Securus Technologies Senior Vice President for Service, Danny de Hoyos, it is quite an honor to be recognized with a Gold Stevie Award as this is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed on a customer service organization or sales professional.


The key to this honor for Securus is the hours of work that were put in by all customer service staff in improving the training materials to show compassion and empathy when dealing with customers who are under stressful conditions. The hard work has paid off, according to De Hoyos, by having the best customer satisfaction rating and highest first call resolution scores to date.


The Stevie Awards are in their eleventh season and honor the best in customer service. With over 650 executives from across the world attending the award banquet, the Stevie Awards acknowledge excellence in 61 categories of customer service. The final businesses picked for each category are selected by 77 businessmen acting in the role of judges for the competition and there are Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners for each category.


To watch the acceptance speech for Securus Technologies, or to read more about the Stevie Awards, please click here.


Securus shuts down GTL lies with simple challenge

Recently, Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, offered a simple challenge to its competitor, GTL, which has been making inaccurate statements regarding the status of patents and other things over the course of the last year. The challenge was an offer to take the companies’ respective versions of video visitation and investigations technology and put them head to head, in a test to be judged by an independent third party. GTL declined the challenge. Their refusal to take part constitutes a tacit admission that their technology is inferior and that the claims they have made over the course of the last year are completely without merit.


It’s lonely at the top


Securus has been warding off pot shots from competitors and detractors over the course of the last 10 years. This, in no small part, has to do with their rise to a position of unquestioned dominance in the prison services and inmate communications industries. After introduction of their video visitation solution, the technology quickly became wildly popular with inmates and spread throughout prisons across the country like wildfire. This success has both fomented bitterness in those competitors left behind as well as painted a target on Securus’ back as the bogeyman du jour for those individuals and organizations who are opposed to any sort of non-governmental actor being involved in the administration of U.S. prisons for any reason.


But Securus has continued to demonstrate, through broad customer satisfaction and leadership in new technological rollouts, that the detractors have little to say worth heeding. Securus’ video visitation alone has added greatly to the lives of tens of thousands of inmates across the country, allowing for unprecedented levels of communication with friends and family and making a tough life situation a little more bearable. Securus, at the end of the day, believes in leading by example.



Securus Technologies Delivers Video Visitation

Video visitation absolutely improves the way inmates may communicate with relatives. In-person visits are wonderful, but there are limitations and costs involved. With video visitation, seeing and hearing loved ones becomes a lot easier. Securus Technologies of Dallas, TX has been delivering products to the correctional industry for decades. The company’s video visitation app/program is one of its most brilliant inventions.


Securus Technologies wants to do its part to make more people aware of how valuable video visitation is. The program is already quite popular as Securus Technologies has publicly noted “two million human connections” have been made with video visitation. Considering how user-friendly the program is, the ability to connect with others should not come with many difficulties.


Not every inmate or prison administrator is aware of video visitation so the promotional endeavor — a 50 state one — conducted by Securus Technologies is a wise plan. CEO Rick Smith has pointed out the enormous benefits associated with video visitation. Smith mentions that families do not have to miss special occasions together since the video hookup can be done right over a smartphone.


Securus Technologies is working very hard to promote this program. Hopefully, more of those who would benefit from it will learn about the program’s availability.