Infinity Group’s Founder Graeme Holm; Managing Money With A Strategic Plan For Increasing Wealth

Infinity Group’s Founder Graeme Holm; Managing Money With A Strategic Plan For Increasing Wealth

Reducing Debt; One Customer At A Time


The unique approach at Infinity Group begins where other banking institutions stop. The typical lender offers a loan with certain specific terms that the client must meet. It is a financially focused arrangement that benefits the institution for the most part. With Infinity Group, the focus is directed at the client, and their unique circumstances. Managing the assets and debt of the customer while offering direction centered on debt relief is the objective. Budgeting the expenses of the client keeps their goals attainable, down to the most simplistic of fund allocation such as fuel costs and entertainment. Budgeting a customers finances isn’t always received well by some clients, however after seeing the positive results and understanding the big picture, the customer learns to recognize the benefits of the strategy.


Meet The Man Behind The Team


Directer and Co-founder Graeme Holm is proud of the efforts and success of Infinity Group, citing their recent accomplishment of assisting one Australian family with reducing over 96,000 dollars of debt in just twelve months. Helping families such as this opens doors that may have been inaccessible before, freeing up available resources by early mortgage pay offs and other options. Clients witnessed the amount of mortgage debt reduced in three months was more significant than the prior twelve months preceding their involvement with Infinity Group. This initiative took home buyers down to a 7-10 year payoff, as opposed to the original 30 year term.


Staying Focused On The Prize


Graeme Holm is a firm believer in limiting the credit card options, stating that most Australians spend what they can access. Debit cards prevent overextending and offer the same benefits as a credit card without the added interest or monthly bills. Graeme Holm expresses his belief that if you are not paying cash, then you are actually not buying it at all. Keeping the long-term goals as the central and primary focus reminds the client that adding new leases, contracts, or bills to their debt will negatively affect the big picture.


Unique Fee Schedules


Implementing a fee-for-service model was an mutually beneficial and important gesture, keeping the client informed and with no surprises resulted in a better professional relationship between the team at Infinity Group and the customer base. Charges were calculated based on the amount of debt reduced, and when customers see the results first hand it encourages the continued business partnership.


Customer Retention


Graeme holm has found that most customers love their involvement with Infinity Group, citing that the banker that is assigned to the client carries the burdens of managing the budget, keeping that stress off of the customer so they are able to enjoy their family life comfortable with the fact that their bills are paid and current. A 95% customer retention rate proves the approach of Infinity Group is a success. Learn more:


Building A Dream And A Life Together


Infinity Group launched in 2013 by Graeme Holm and his now-wife Rebecca. They successfully gained 30 clients in 30 days from Rebecca’s Grandparent’s basement. This shoved them into their own office space and afforded them the ability to hire their first employees. Fulfilling a need in the financial market along with building trust among their clients became the goal and ultimately the keys to their success. Graeme and Rebecca Holm proudly accepted the Optus My Business Award of 2017 and were nominated for the Vow Financial Altitude Award which is considered a great honor.


Alex Pall and The Answers to Why He Still Sustains The Success of The Chainsmokers

In a musical culture these days where to create unique wonderful music is seen to be just an ambition, it’s hard to create inspiring music and tracks. It is as if the world is trying to expurgate us of the ideas that make us want to dream for better tracks, better songs and just better creative output. Amid all this is people like Alex Pall, who is doing his best, too, in making sure that he can create the best songs, tracks and creative work that he could possibly do through his band The Chainsmokers.

A Dream To Create Better Lyrics

It’s easy to imagine that despite the challenges of creating music, Alex Pall sees it better to just forfeit it all and live a non-creative life. However, it is really his drive to create music that will inspire people and it is also his passion to build a creative body of work that would represent the best of what he could do as a musician. Ever since he was listening to Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional, he really saw it that it was his mission to create EDM music at its best.

In the pursuit for such creative output, Alex Pall had to be a DJ in his early adulthood and learned all the ins and outs of the music scene. He was challenged by the intimidating artists and their effronties, but he didn’t see this as a hurdle in pursuing what he thought was his mission. Despite such challenges, he was able to find the energy to rarefy, dissect and analyze all the things and elements that make a good musical EDM track.

Fortunately, he was able to do so, and his research paid off because The Chainsmokers is one of the most successful DJ duo bands today that have amassed profits in chart-topping rankings. That said, with Alex Pall’s dream to write passionate lyrics that emphasize the struggles he has in the world that he lives in, he is able to create music that touches the irksome daily grind in the modern society without appearing preaching or grandiloquent.