Committed to Community

NexBank is a community bank operating out of Dallas, Tex. and has been chartered since 1922. NexBank operates primarily in Texas and offers financial services in the areas of mortgage, investment, and commercial banking. NexBank has shown considerable success over its lifetime. As of December 2016 they had over $4 billion in assets. NexBank has continued to grow in recent years and has shown several notable milestones in 2016. The achievements of the company show a commitment to social responsibility as well as financial growth.

NexBank stands out as part of the larger regional community, and that is exemplified by two separate but related stories. The first was the appointment of Mary Pirrello, President of NexBank as President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association in June of 2016. Mary had previously served on TMBA for over twenty years, and her appointment indicates the merits that she brings not only to the Texas business community but also to NexBank itself. This leadership sets NexBank apart from competitors by indicating its ties to regional identity.

Shortly after Pirrello’s appointment, the Dallas, Tex. area was rocked with tragedy when a protest rally became the site of a sniper attack against Dallas police officers. Following this, NexBank reiterated its commitment to the safety and vitality of the Dallas community by donating money to the families of the police officers affected by the attack. This commitment to the city NexBank calls home makes it a leader in corporate responsibility and social awareness.