Michael Lacey, Changing The Perception Of Mathematics In Society

Mathematics is a field that most people do their best to run away from, but there are those who’ve proven it is possible to not only excel but also come up with groundbreaking solutions to improve the subject. Headlining this list is a man whose name will forever remain embedded in the Mathematical hall of fame, Michael Lacey.

Academic background

Born in 1959, Lacey began his journey towards excellence in mathematics at the University of Texas where he earned his first degree in the said field. If many people had the chance to switch positions with him, then they would undoubtedly be content with one degree, but Michael was not one to settle and his desire to be the best pushed him to further his studies at the University of Illinois. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

He received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the facility. However, he was not yet done and his thirst to solve the mathematical problem in probability and algorithmic equations had him pursuing a doctoral thesis in Banach spaces theorem. Again, he excelled and even managed to crack a problem which for many years had been a thorn in the flesh for many seasoned mathematical experts.

Career growth

With such skill and wit, Michael Lacey was now more than ready to for a grander stage in life. Thanks to his skills, Michael became one of the most sought out mathematicians, and it was evident that he was headed to the apex of success.

Lacey kick-started his career at the North Carolina university in Chapel Hill where he tutored for a year before moving on to Bloomington where he spent seven years as a professor in Indiana University.

Since then his career has seen massive growth, and he is now ranked among the global mathematical geniuses in the world. He then moved to Georgia Institute of Technology where he served as an associate professor for three years before being promoted to a full professor in 2001.

From the onset of his career, Lacey has contributed significantly to the progression of the discipline. For instance, he regularly publishes scientific journals explaining various mathematical concepts to young and old minds. His efforts have not only benefited the discipline but also seen him bag a long string of prestigious awards.

During his early years at Indiana University, Michael Lacey was the proud recipient of the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. He also boasts the Guggenheim Fellowship Accolade to his hat and countless others.

Michael Lacey is indeed living his dream. He endeavors to pass on the mantle of mathematical excellence to the others in the society through his position. He also seeks to change the perception of those who thought it was impossible to excel in the field of mathematics.