Victoria Doramus; Communications and Marketing Expert

Victoria Doramus is considered to be a modern marketing professional and a consumer trend expert. She is capable enough to have a unique strategy of how to market products and services to people. She fully understands different cultures and traditions which make her one of the most searched for marketing deviser in today’s modern world. Victoria Doramus has gained a lot of experience, throughout her career, which helped her to achieve her goals over the years.

Victoria Doramus graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Journalism and Communication that are basically the key subjects to speak through the brains of people. After graduating from University, Victoria was assigned with the challenge of generating, printing and transmitting plans for Mindshare. Ms. Victoria absolutely nailed in creating a marketing strategy by making practical use of her communicating skills to build bonds with the media high officials. Victoria was then hired as an innovative advisor to Stila Cosmetic to look upon numerous creative marketing projects.

Victoria has also served as a Coordinator for Creative Artists Agency around the world. During her job, she arduously and slavishly maintained a chain and a network with all the experts of marketing trends internationally around the globe that provided her with the chance to work with different clients and colleagues and to maintain a deep and thorough understanding of local and traditional trends. She also worked as a writer for Trend Central and The Cassandra Report, where she showed her skills and wrote a number of articles for these trend systematic and logical publications.

Victoria utilized her communication skills again in order to develop and create new relationships to generate and make new clients and customers. She created and produced marketing campaigns and mass awareness. In addition, she used her skills to supervise and overlook the contract workers and to make new and different marketing strategies to gain more benefit with less cost as possible which ultimately helps to develop better products and efficient brand implementations.

During leisure time, Victoria Doramus imparted her creative techniques and skills at the Road to Read charity which actually helped low-income families gain basic educational knowledge.

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David Giertz Helps People Plan For Their Future

David Giertz is a financial advisor with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He had a successful career as the President of Nationwide Financial’s Sales and Distribution Organization. His skills and expertise helped the company increase their sales by over $6 billion in revenue. David earned his BS degree from Millikin University and received his MBA from the University of Miami.

David Giertz understands the importance of valuing his employees and staying connected with them. To help prevent top performers from “jumping ship,” he brought them together with senior executives to attend yearly development workshops. This allowed them to collaborate together to come up with ways the business and themselves can improve. The workshops motivated the employees to want to develop future leadership skills. This was a valuable strategy that resulted in a reduction in employee turnover.

David and his organization performed a study that concluded that 30% of retirees were receiving benefits much smaller than they wanted. Most people believe they only need to start building their retirement nest egg later on in life. However, David teaches his clients how to plan for their future early to ensure a comfortable retirement.

David likes to start his day as early as possible so he can organize, assess, and strategize his schedule. Just like in his workshops, David collaborates with colleagues, business associates, and customers on a daily basis. Before he ends his day, David resolves any pending issues and then prepares for the following morning. Giertz is fascinated with the changing technology, and when combined with human talent, it can set businesses apart.

David Giertz understands the importance of hard work. He was raised by a modest family and had to put himself through college. His mother gave him advice in high school saying: “Work hard, be positive, and learn something new every day.” He started out working several odd-jobs where he learned the value of treating others with respect. Working as a team is very important to him no matter what role they play within an organization. He expresses that he has been very fortunate in building an extensive network of people from diverse backgrounds.