Using Keywords for Maximum Effect in SEO

Good SEO relies heavily on well-placed and smart keywords. The use of keywords is at the heart of what makes SEO effective for marketing. Keywords not only allow you to reach your intended audience, but they indicate to customers what your business does and what they can expect by visiting your website. Without the intelligent use of keywords, your online marketing campaign is unlikely get off the ground.

Before search engines developed more intelligent algorithms, it was common to see unscrupulous marketers cramming as many keywords as possible into a single sentence or paragraph. This boosted a website’s ranking, but made for a lot of unreadable or tedious content. Since then, search engines have prioritized websites that use keywords in ways that do not compromise quality. Any good SEO strategy will use keywords so that they flow naturally within the text.

When deciding on which keywords will be most effective for your company it is best to use the aid of a keyword tool. A good keyword tool will give you information on how many searches a particular keyword or phrase gets monthly as well as how much competition you’ll face. You should hone in on a group of words and phrases that both describes your product and give you maximum reach potential. This takes some research, but the pay off is huge.

When you have your keywords ready, plan out how you want to integrate them into your website. It is good practice to include one of your keywords or phrases into your url if possible. If this isn’t realistic, keywords should certainly be in your website’s header. In the body of your website, your keywords should be used strategically so that your content will rank well. Don’t go over-board. Only place keywords where it’s practical so you can avoid being penalized by search engines. While this is a good primer, be sure to check some more in depth tips as well.

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