Rona Borre and Her Miracle Company

Rona Borre sits in leadership positions on several Chicago business groups, such as the Economic Club of Chicago, The Chicago Network, and the Young Presidents’ Organization. It is not because of her personality or good looks that she is leading those groups, but it is because she is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, one of the most successful staffing and recruiting companies in America. More on

Most recruiting companies are in the habit of sifting through massive amounts of resumes and interviewing lots of candidates. Rona Borre and her staff get their facts about exactly what the company needs and then finds the one candidate to fill the position. Her track record is incredible as only 1% of her hires every leave that company.

Borre states that the real reason that her system works as well as it does is, by the time she gets through getting to know the top brass of the recipient company and everything about their company, she can find the candidate who will fit into the culture of that firm. Read related article on

People get into a rut, and they feel that they need to do everything a certain way. But Borre states that if another way will work better, why not try it, as opposed to staying with a mediocre or worse, a bad method?

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