Karl Heideck Exposes Wells Fargo’s Racist Lending Scandal In Philadelphia, PA

In the city of brotherly love, Wells Fargo Co. has been accused of forcing minorities into riskier loans. The Population is made up of over 50% minorities! The allegations against Wells Fargo have far reaching consequences as it has been reported to have damaged the cities economy when the bank denied the borrowers the option to refinance, thus leading to many foreclosures in minority dominant neighborhoods. This is just one of a series of allegations and lawsuits Wells Fargo is dealing with. Many of the lawsuits and allegations are finding their footing under the Fair Housing Act. The allegations seem to be focused on finding direct evidence of predatory or discriminatory lending practices and the damage that is caused by such practices.

While Wells Fargo denies any such allegations and insists that they adhere to fair lending practices, a lawsuit in the city of Miami, Florida suggests otherwise. A supreme court justice ruled that the city of Miami could sue Wells Fargo and other lenders Under the Fair Housing Act. The heat seems to only be turning up for Wells Fargo as they are still trying to recover from other scandals unrelated to the Fair Housing Act or the city of Philadelphia.

Karl Heideck, a devoted Philadelphian attorney with a passion for the people. His research and work includes breaking down the laws for layman, and explaining current events in the legal world of Philadelphia. Karl Heideck’s work has helped a good portion of the one and a half million people residing in the city of brotherly love. Karl’s service has focused on everything from big banking to the mortgage crisis of 2008.

Karl Heideck has quite the list of personal accomplishments to boast about. From being a Hire Counsel listed attorney since 2015, just six years after earning his Law degree from the very reputable Temple University. Anyone would find it nigh impossible to not appreciate the work he has done for his city, and the state of Pennsylvania. He is dedicated and hardworking, as his accolades can attest.

Sujit Choudhry: Fostering Peace Through Constitutional Law

Sujit Choudhry has founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions in he hopes to foster peace within countries that are experiencing emerging democracies. Choudhry hopes that through The Center for Constitutional Transitions countries going through this transition have the best possible help they can find.

Sujit Choudhry was born in India and raised in Canada, check indiawest.com. His father was an economics professor at the University of Toronto. His mother taught nursing. He grew up in a household that encouraged intellectual pursuits and he responded in kind. He attended University in three countries and holds a law degree from Toronto, Oxford, and Harvard. He is now the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at The University of California, Berkeley.

Because he holds degrees from three countries, Sujit Choudhry is uniquely qualified to assist emerging democracies on an international level. The Center for Constitutional Transitions has now helped in more than 25 countries by combining experts and resources and guiding policy as well as helping decision makers with the best possible guidance.  Related article on fundacity.com

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Choudhry saw that there was a need for more research so that he could foster a better understanding of constitutional law around the globe. This would be in the hopes of making it easier to access all the information needed quickly.

Ultimately Sujit Choudhry would like to someday see the full realization of having an organization which would house all the constitutional case law from around the globe. In the meantime he continues work with the Center for Constitutional Transitions as well as launching several research projects with the Electoral Assistance and International Institute for Democracy this fall.  More of his insight on ceocfointerviews.com.

Sujit Choudhry has dedicated his life’s work to constitutional law. He has helped bring together experts from around the globe to assist emerging democracies and help foster peace within war torn countries in the middle of a difficult transition. With the Center for Constitutional Transition he has started to amalgamate the information that was needed about constitutional law around the world and hopes in the future to bring it all together in one place so the information is easy to find.  Read blogs, visit Sujit’s linkedin.com page.

For an extensive view of Sujit’s profile, visit his official website at http://officialsujitchoudhry.com/home/