José Auriemo Works at JHSF

José Auriemo has had a successful career in various industries. When he was young, he did not have a clear direction for his life. José Auriemo Neto grew up in a poor area of Brazil. He had to work hard just to attend school. He quickly decided that he wanted to go to college and have a successful career.

During his career, He has made several wise business decisions. He is currently the chairman of JHSF. JHSF is one of the largest companies in Brazil. He firmly believes that the company can become even more successful with the right management. He takes a unique approach to management that has been hugely successful so far.

Early Life

Unlike many prominent business leaders, José Auriemo did not grow up in a prosperous family. Instead, he had to work hard for everything that he has. He was passionate about improving his career once he started working. He asked various business mentors for their advice on multiple subjects. He genuinely wanted to learn the basics of running and managing a business.

After several years of working after college, José Auriemo took an opportunity at JHSF. Taking a job at JHSF was the best career decision he has ever made. His career rapidly advanced at the company. Not only did he increase sales and profits, but he also reduced turnover during his time there.


Several years ago, José Auriemo became CEO at JHSF. When he took over, there were multiple areas that he had to change. He decided to increase the worker compensation in a variety of departments. He did not want to lose his best workers to other companies in the industry. José Auriemo also started to enact various financial changes at the company. These changes were designed to reduce debt and increase profits over time. After stepping down as CEO, he decided to stay on as chairman at JHSF and to know more