How James Dondero Is Improving The Dallas Community

James Dondero isn’t just a high-profile entrepreneur in the financial industry. He’s also a philanthropist who has been very generous with not-for-profits across the greater Dallas area. He co-founded and is the president of an alternative asset firm, Highland Capital Management, L.P., in the early 1990s.  Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

One of the alternative asset classes that James Dondero invests in at Highland Capital is high yield credit. Some of the funds he is the portfolio manager of include high yield credit because he wants to beat a benchmark. High yield credit is a bond issued by a corporation which is not investment grade. He carefully analyzes the company and the bond they are issuing in order to determine if the positives outweigh the negatives of buying the company’s bonds and holding them until maturity. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

His professional career began in 1984 when he was hired as a financial analyst for the Morgan Guaranty training program. The next year James Dondero joined American Express as a corporate bond analyst. By 1989 he was a portfolio manager and had a fund worth roughly $1 billion. He also worked for a subsidiary of Protective Life before establishing his own company.

He has been trying to make a positive impact in the Dallas community for the past several years. He has donated over $14 million including $1 million to the Dallas Zoo. The Dallas Zoo had closed their hippo exhibit years ago and needed money to develop a new one. James Dondero stepped in and with the money he donated they were able to construct a building to view the hippos.

Another nonprofit that James Dondero has supported is The Family Place. This organization helps people who are fleeing from domestic violence. He provided enough money to complete their newest building which houses victims of domestic violence and provides them with job training and other services.


Southridge Capital and Its Abilities To Protect People and Companies’ Assets

According to newswire, there are new fund managers today that try to always change the game of how economics and trading is done. While most of these fund managers fixate on many ways to increase profit, there’s not a lot of experts today who really know enough about trading to ensure survival first. It should be noted that there’s a big luck involved in stocks and trading, and all these irrational changes in the market seem to affect how the value of a certain asset is perceived. However, there are still financial services companies today like Southridge Capital who can tamp on the best ways to address the modern stock market challenges without forgetting to hedge oneself first against the risk of ruin. For more details

The Southridge Capital Progress

What makes Southridge Capital stand out today is not just its unencumbered series of soltuions that they employ to their clients. These solutions improve the development of these companies’ assets and spread their financial programs to them in a way that helps their clients tap their own innovation through the assistance of Southridge. With the excellent executive team that Southridge Capital has assembled, there are now many people, companies, especially start-ups in need of assistance, that can see the right direction in order to make sure that their assets don’t eventually end up in the drain.

About Southridge Capital

Southridge Investment Group is a private equity firm that has its roots in Connecticut. It is a company that offers various investment banking and securities brokerage consultancy and assistance since 1996. With about 50 employees, the company is able to make sure that many people can gain better control of their assets without losing their initial capital. For more details you can visit

It is also impressive to know that Southridge right now has been able to finance over 250 public companies with their innovative soluitions in financial analysis, balance sheet optimization and operational guidance. Some would say that there are other companies out there who can tamp the offers of Southridge Capital in ways that can threaten Southridge, but experts argue that Southridge is better and has a proven track record to withstand the threats of fluctuations in the market.

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Finding Investors for a Startup

There are many startups today and every entrepreneur has ideas as to how to raise capital for their ground-breaking ideas, but in a place which is the #1 place for startups in the world, finding an angel investor is the first practice recommended (

The differences between a venture capitalist and an angel investor are three; while a venture capitalist is harder to convince they have more capital to invest. Secondly, the angel investor wants to invest in profitable ventures and are more easy to convince. Three, Venture Capitalist won’t start an investment with less than $1 Million, while angel investors will begin investing with a smaller amount and go up to $1 Million.

First, when approaching either the venture capitalist or the angel investor keeps things simple. Follow the tried and true seven-second rule. These investors are busy people so keeping things to a minimum and intrigue them. If they want to know more and you have piqued their interest they will ask.

Secondly, be professional in your presentation, but steer clear of persons who are interjecting their own ideas into your presentation. In other words, always go with people who are interested in your project and not those who want to change the direction you are going. You’ll never be wrong in believing in what you have to offer.

Three, be willing to admit you don’t know something if stumped by a question one of your investors asks. Investors are savvy people and understand the difference between someone who is willing to remain focused and professional despite not knowing and someone who is just making things up to flatter.

Fourth, keep away from buzzwords that your new found investor may not be aware; the industry is constantly changing its language to speak about technology, but there is no need to impose on your investor fancy jargon to impress them you know how to impress. Rather, stay on firm ground by giving your investor an honest presentation filled with the vocabulary both of you can relate.

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