How Chris Burch Overhauled an Island

If you’re wondering where you should take your next great vacation, consider Sumba Island. Think surf, sand, and everything fine you can imagine all on a remote island. This is where billionaire Chris Burch re-invented the way a vacation should be taken. He took relaxation to a new level with his overhaul, making it an island paradise beyond compare. Some refer to this island as a “cult surf destination”. What you may not know is that this fashion mogul turned it into a five-star resort. The name of the island is Nihiwatu, or “Nihi” which means “mortar stone”, check

Located in Indonesia, the island was attractive to Burch. He wanted to do something different, and had been considering delving into the business of resorts. Attracted by the raw, natural beauty of the island, Burch was ready to ask for assistance from a famous hotelier and disrupt his typical entrepreneurial path. The plan was set in stone, to attract the adventure seeking elitist. The one remote island is now considered the best resort in the world. As the island is now buzzing with visitors on a consistent basis, Burch has now made a name for himself as having re-created the hotel into the #1 hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine two years consecutively.

Twice the size of Bali, what was once called “Sandalwood Island”, is now home to some of the most beautiful fixtures and just a short flight from Bali. Those who are seeking the finest in leisure around the world will appreciate all that Nihiwatu has to offer. With a population of under 605,000, the island is appreciative of the jobs and revenue that the resort has attracted. The island has always been last on the list for Indonesians, mainly because it lacked natural resources.

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Chris Burch, Leading Niwahitu to World Greatness

Mr. Chris Burch was born and raised in Pennsylvania. The celebrated Entrepreneur wasn’t the academic giant. What he lacked in grades, however, he made up for in creativity that led to the establishment of his company, Eagle Eye. His early entrepreneurial endeavors were pure instinct courage and creativity. The young Chris Burch was a spring of great ideas, but it was only later that he realized a talent resided within him. The investor has over four decades of experience up his sleeve, and he hopes to get better with age. The founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, private investment company, has used his impressive entrepreneurial skills to create nature and support genius ideas bringing most of them to life. Mr. Chris Burch is the proud participant of the uprising and establishment of more than fifty companies.

He stated Burch Creative Capital in an attempt to help other entrepreneurs with great ideas. The company is continually pairing great ideas with the right funding to bring about significant possibilities in the world. His grasp goes beyond the obvious to include financing retail to hospitality and organic foods. Mr. Burch’s real estate investments span different countries and partnerships with respected people in society. His most exceptional ability, he believes, is reading the needs of every person he encounters.

In 2015, the business guru and fashion mogul made a world-class surfing destination and five-star hotel out of a remote island of Sumba. The resort is a product of his ambition and the genius of his friend and hotelier James McBride. Mr. Burch discovered Nihi with all its attractive features in 2012. The land that has seen very little of the external influence together with natives that stick to their first past was a chance too good to pass. Visitors were mainly interested in the surfing waves and got refreshed from a single resort, Nihiwatu (

Nihiwatu beach runs for 2.5 kilometers and takes the beautiful shape of half a moon. The coast is also characterized by two reefs that have served as protection from severe storms. The story of Nihiwatu began in 1988 when Claude and Petra Graves landed on the island of Sumba in their quest for the perfect waves. They decided to set up a resort that would support other travelers with similar agendas while maintaining its mystery. When the graves were in need of an expansion, Mr. Burch swept in to get it covered.

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Why Chris Burch Got Into The Hospitality Market

Chris Burch has spent most of his professional life planting the seeds for business ideas most notably in the fashion industry but also with several advanced tech companies in the Internet of Things area and even in home improvement. But hs’s also made several investments in hotel properties including a 2013 purchase of an Indonesian Island resort. This hotel, Nihiwatu has made it to the top of Travel & Leisure’s review list and it’s loved by tourists because of its beautiful beaches and hotel villas designed with some of the world’s best artwork. Burch said he wanted to buy this property because its tropical location and natural resources allowed him to be creative in his design plans while not harming the environment, and he also wanted to have something timeless to hand down to future family members (

Burch’s business investing is managed through Burch Creative Capital, a company he founded in 2008, but his business startup portfolio began back in 1976 when he turned a gig he ran while still in college into a multi-million dollar retail company known as Eagle Eye Apparel. He and his brother had bought $2,000 worth of sweaters that they began selling around campus, and as this business picked up they realized they could turn it into a big chain store. Eagle Eye Apparel reached as high as $140 million in sales one year and had as many as 50 stores in operation before Burch sold it in 1998.  Click for more.

In the years following the sale of Eagle Eye Apparel, Burch started a couple other fashion brands including C. Wonder and partial ownership of Tory Burch, a line that his then wife had gotten the idea for. He also owned shares in the Internet Capital Group and Guggenheim Partners, and around the same year that Tory Burch was founded he made an investment in the Faena Hotel + Universe in Argentina and had several other joint partnerships in the Florida real estate community with real estate guru Alan Faena.  Check  Burch Creative Capital got its name because Burch wants entrepreneurs that come to the company to let their imaginations go free and allow ideas of all sorts to take root, and in his blogs he’s even said that creativity and production can mesh together if entrepreneurs are willing to consolidate them. Companies seed funded at Burch Creative Capital include Voss Water, Actua, Next Jump, Poppin, Pypestream, Jack Rogers and Snowe Home.

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