New Mortgage Lending Solution Discussed by Michael Nierenberg

A qualified mortgage is a type of financing that meets the lending standards of government entities. In recent years, there has been a growing amount of mortgage options that include loans that go beyond these standards. This type of financing is known as non qualified mortgages. A non qualified mortgage has a considerable impact on both homeowners who seek a new mortgage and an investor who is looking to review the alternatives to securitized mortgages.

The company known as New Residential Investment Corp is one of the many real estate investment trusts that include a number of non QM securities. Michael Nierenberg is the chief executive officer who is behind the development of many of the firms’ loan programs. New Residential offers services that help investors make decisions on what to put their money into. Michael Nierenberg has been very active in assisting investors who are looking to invest in mortgage backed securities. There is a difference between both qualified mortgages and non qualified mortgages that investors need to be aware of according to Michael Nierenberg.

Traditional underwriting of mortgages can be somewhat rigid. Due to the inflexible nature of some underwriting guidelines, a number of loan applications can be denied. These denials can even be given to high income borrowers. When a QM mortgage verifies the income of a borrower, it will be necessary for them to provide several pay recent pay stubs. The loan guidelines of QM mortgages can also result in denial for non traditional applicants such as self employed individuals, those who possess a substantial amount of assets, foreign nationals and a person who has had a recent sale of a distressed property.

During the past few years, non QM mortgages have become the ideal solution for borrowers who need to get around the rigid guidelines of traditional QM mortgages. Michael Nierenberg has been involved in establishing more of these programs. With a non QM mortgage, lenders use different underwriting guidelines that are much more flexible. While these types of loans are more flexible, they still consider the borrower’s ability to make the loan payments when deciding to grant them a mortgage loan. According to Mike Fratantoni of the Mortgage Bankers Association, all mortgage loans are evaluated based on the applicant’s ability to repay the loan. Those who are non traditional applicants are able to use their financial statements instead of W2 forms in order to inquire about a mortgage.

Hussain Sajwani- The 10th Richest Arab

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most influential Arab personalities and is chairman and the founder of DAMAC Properties UEA based real estate Company that has in prime properties. DAMAC has been reported to have interests in the luxurious properties in the world. Mr. Hussain is ranked as the tenth richest Arab. He also ranks amongst the hundred most notable and influential Arabs in the Arab world. He has worked his way up to become one of the most successful businessmen of his time in the Arab world.

Having attended the University of Washington in the US and acquired a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He was among the very few Arabs on government scholarship that studied in the USA. He was born to an entrepreneur father, and thus his career kicked off at a very high note. He started as a field manager at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He later established some hotels and developed an interest in real estate later. His has been a story of determination and persistence. Today, he is one of the most notable business moguls in the globe.

Mr. Hussain is considered a founding father of the property market in UAE. In the mid and late1990’s, Sajwani Hussain built hotels in Dubai after noting that there was quite a large market gap in the sector. He aimed at accommodating the people traveling to Dubai to shop and do business.

His interest in real estate drove him to establish the DAMAC properties company in 2002. DAMAC has grown to be the largest property merchant in UAE. Hussain also sits on the board of some other companies he has co-founded with business partners.

Hussain in a recent interview asserts that diversity in business is good. He also notes that DAMAC properties values diversity a lot and has invested heavily towards becoming the diverse company it is today.

Hussain Sajwani notes that he might not be joining politics of the UAE any time soon. He only hopes that the government will continue implementing policies that are friendly to the business world. Hussain looks into the future with hope and is sure that DAMAC is a legacy on by its own right.

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Investors are Seeing Huge Profits Through Freedom Checks

Thousands of Americans can take advantage of a new investment strategy thanks to the recent tax cut plan that was passed by Congress in December of 2017. The points out several people who are already benefiting from this investment in an article titled “How to Get Your Cut of $34.6 Billion in Freedom Checks.” For example, one investor in Missouri will receive a check for $24,075. Another investor in Oklahoma will receive a check for $66,570, and a third investor in Colorado will receive a check for $160,923. Freedom Checks are the latest investment that many see as having huge potential.

Freedom Checks were introduced by financial expert and geologist Matt Badiali. Master Limited Partnerships are publicly traded businesses that are typically involved in the production, processing, and transportation of natural resources. These companies can operate as tax-free entities only if they distribute 90 percent of their revenue to their stakeholders. This is where Freedom Checks come in. An investor purchases shares in an MLP and in return, a distribution check is mailed to the investor. The investor can also have their distribution funds directly deposited in their bank account. Anybody can become a stakeholder regardless of income or assets. Read this article at

Many MLP companies are involved in the oil and gas industries. These companies are in an excellent position to see massive profits in the coming years for two reasons. First, there is an increase in domestic U.S. oil and gas production and less reliance on foreign oil. Second, domestic oil and gas companies are increasing their production through fracking. Matt Badiali expects Freedom Checks investors to receive $34.6 billion in distributions in 2018. These investments are not taxed until the investor decides to sell their shares. Shares that are sold are taxed at the capital gains rate, which is lower than the standard income tax rate.



Why Advice on Freedom Checks Is Worthy Listening

Why Advice on Freedom Checks Is Worthy Listening

Interacting with finance advisors and writers is at all times obliging. You will not only learn about new trends in the investment sector but also clear your doubts concerning new developments in the finance sector. Investment and finance researchers and writers have recently introduced a new development to subscribers the “Freedom checks”. A lot of hullabaloo has graced the media about these checks. This is basically because many people don’t know how these checks work and how they can benefit them.

When you come across an investment expert like Matt Badiali promoting certain investment developments, as a novice investor, it is wise to put what he is saying into consideration. Matt was featured in his newsletter holding large sums of checks and most of his subscribers were curious to know “what are freedom checks?” From Matt Badiali and other investment experts perspectives, readers and investors just need to gather more information about freedom checks. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Many green investors may think that these checks are a government establishment or a federal plan. It is a tax-free investment development that is governed by the federal law referred to as Statute 26-F. It is an initiative by many energy business providers and the law makes it easy for these companies to provide investors monthly checks. These more than 550 companies are known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and have played many roles in the energy sector.

For an energy transportation and survey company to be incorporated in the MLPs, it should be able to produce 90 percent of its income from its undertakings. More so, the oil and gas company must distribute 90 percent of its profits to all its shareholders on agreed basis. This policy gives American investors a chance to make good profits and pay a small tax if they sell their shares. This federal investment strategy guarantees independence in production of more energy. Hence, the surge in number of individuals and companies investing in domestic oil and gas production. Freedom checks are a great initiative that offers similar opportunities.

Real estate sector is also another industry that is employing the same concept in its operations. Many investors who follow the advice of investment experts such as Matt Badiali have been able to enjoy this tax free option and even reward shareholders. Financial experts also advice investors to support MLPs as they help increase cash flow in the market. The same MLPs will bring more profits to investors through distribution of assets. Lastly, freedom checks and MLPs can also be traded for as less as $10 and both small scale and large scale businesses can benefit.

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Regulation Expert and 20-Year Legal Executive Heather Russell Joins TransUnion

Heather Russell, a legal executive and regulation expert with two decades of experience, has joined leading credit agency TransUnion. She will be acting in the dual roles of Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer and in her new role will be involved in the agency’s legal, security and regulatory undertakings so as to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, mitigate security risks and prompt growth.

TransUnion, founded in 1968 and based in Chicago, Illinois, is one of the country’s largest and most successful credit protection and credit reporting agencies, with an annual revenue of over $1 billion and a combined total assets value of over $4 billion. President and CEO of the agency Jim Peck, in a statement announcing the new hire, described Russell as bringing “expertise and skills that are highly relevant to TransUnion”, while touting the hiring as a symbol of the firm’s continuing growth and dedication to innovation and customer service.

An expert in private and retail banking, transaction, and government regulations, amongst numerous other disciplines, Russell has worked across the globe in the financial services industry in sectors such as data security, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and many more.

Russell is the holder of two Bachelor degrees from the College of William and Mary, one in English and another in Biology, as well as a Juris Doctorate from the American University. She began her career at law firm Skadden Arps as an Associate, before joining Bank of America where she served for five years as an Associate General Council.

Russell would go on to join the Bank of New York Mellon, where she was chief regulatory officer and founded the firm’s Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, before joining Fifth Third Bancorp, where she’d eventually become Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer.

Her final role before joining TransUnion was at law firm Buckley Sanders, where she was a partner and the head of its Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision and Technology (FIRST) practice, in charge of aiding corporate clients understand and successful navigate the post-2008 regulatory and legal standards.

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The Advantages of Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

Recently, the media introduced the latest ad featuring Matt Badiali known as Freedom Checks. In the advertisement, Matt Badiali holds a large check for approximately $114,287, which resembles the checks the government gives to you for your tax revenue refund. Matt Badiali, a renowned financial analyst, provides meaningful insights regarding these financial checks and investment strategies. Matt Badiali eradicates any doubts concerning the working of the business checks given that he is suited for the task. Matt Badiali has overtime collaborated with many executives in the geological industry. As such, he possesses first-hand information concerning investment including the Financial Checks. Matt Badiali states that the investment component makes the Checks different from other frauds. Watch this video at Youtube.

Moreover, Matt Badiali illustrates the validity of financial checks in his video that he introduced to the public. The video demonstrated that Matt Badiali’s investment in financial checks is relevant to helping Americans realize their dreams of attaining freedom in the energy segment. The Checks originate from different natural resource organizations. Usually, these companies are responsible for the production, processing, storage and transportation of natural resources in the nation. In other words, Matt Badiali attaches the worthiness of freedom checks to gas and oil corporations. Additionally, Matt Badiali provides the importance of investing in freedom checks. According to him, investment in checks will reward individuals in the next year given the emergence of the boom period in the industry.

Now, many companies have adopted Matt Badiali’s concept of free checks. Currently, 568 enterprises are providing Checks to their investors in quarterly or monthly payments. The payments are considerations of capital returns rather than income. As such, the investors are exempted from tax because they receive the capital returns as tax-free. Nevertheless, individuals who intend to sell their freedom checks are only taxed at the rate of their capital gains. Taxation at this point is often lower than the tax rate for the income. Given these great policies on freedom checks, Matt Badiali earns relatively highly in the market. The financial checks benefit not only investor geologist Matt Badiali but his students as well.

Master Limited Partnership is another organization that benefits from the operations of Mr Badiali. An MLP is a venture partnership under the publicly traded limited collaboration. The MLP help in enhancing cash flow due to its policy directed towards the distribution of assets to investors. The financial checks supplement the activities of Master Limited Partnership.




Jed McCaleb is the Co-founder, CEO of and also the inventor of Mt. Gox. In the Stellar organization, Jed carries out the vital task of technical development. Jed McCaleb has confidence in deliberately utilizing technological innovation to lessen ineffectiveness and enhance the living condition of human beings. He made eDonkey, which is one of the leading file and document sharing systems in this era. McCaleb perceived that the world’s monetary framework is broken and that excessively numerous individuals live without assets they should possess in the first place. He helped to establish Stellar Foundation for Development in 2014. Jed McCaleb is additionally a counselor to MIRI, which explores computerized intelligence for positive effect.

In 2000 eDonkey was the first system to execute multi-source downloads and primary usage of the DHT Kademlia. Jed McCaleb has invested a considerable amount of energy and time pondering on how to enhance innovations, and how they can be utilized in improving the world. Jed has a vision of a single Blockchain system of payment that will be used by the whole world. Stellar is a worldwide installment setup of payment which utilizes the digital token. He believes that in the future there is the likelihood of having an all-inclusive operable network payment platform. Jed McCaleb also sees a hybrid system which will encourage fiat currencies payment via a Blockchain.

By the year 2028, blockchain technological innovation will have established network powered universal payment which process payments as well as traditional resources like shares and stocks. For a long time, Stellar Lumens has been leading from the front, and its current reception of the system of lightning has assisted in neutralizing any future challenges. Jed McCaleb has worked for quite a while as a crypto designer; he has anticipated that Stellar’s innovation will reorganize global monetary frameworks, like payments, fundraising, and stock markets. Jed has a vast working capacity which incorporates coming up with Mt. Gox and operating as Stellar’s CEO. Jed McCaleb says that the system of finance doesn’t currently tap the whole industry. Stellar is a completely decentralized network payment installment that enables anybody to exchange and send any currency. It can also function as the decentralized bitcoin exchange.

McCaleb and his prediction about the future of bitcoin:

Richard Dwayne Blair: Choosing A Leading Investment Advisor

Are you trying to find the right investment firm for your needs? Want to choose a highly reputable and experienced financial planner or wealth building expert? Richard Dwayne Blair is a great choice for any investor who wants the best quality advice or guidance.

Choosing lucrative investment opportunities is an important step and is crucial for your success. There are many professionals and firms that offer investment advisory services but you need to find someone who is well known for meeting their clients’ needs.

Richard Dwayne Blair is highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of investing and wealth building and can help you manage your money and secure your future. His firm, Wealth Solutions, has been providing excellent services to clients. Based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions provides the resources and services that enable people to start investing wisely.

Today’s investment markets require investors to be highly knowledgeable and be able to make smart, rational financial decisions. You need to have access to top notch investment and financial advice and well-developed financial plan. It is important that you have a reliable financial advisor by your side.

Good financial or investment advice can make a huge difference in your financial future, and that’s why it’s imperative to choose the right advisor.

Richard Dwayne Blair endeavors to provide clients with the services and guidance they need to make the right investment decision. He starts by having a good understanding of his clients’ financial status and their expectations, especially when it comes to things like retirement planning.

Richard Dwayne Blair takes the time to explain things in a way that even beginners will understand. He simplifies the investment process, and strives to ensure that his clients understand what works and what doesn’t.

Richard Dwayne Blair is reputable and reliable and many people turn to him for expert assistance. As an experienced financial advisor and wealth building expert, Richard Dwayne Blair has the top resources and skills to help you save money, plan for retirement and investment wisely. Contact him to find out more about the services he provides.


Chris Burch and Nihiwatu Resort

In 2012, Chris Bunch with James McBride, a hotelier bought a hostel at the beach of Sumba, an Indonesian island. The two used up to $30 million to modernize the hostel. In 2015, they then transformed it into a five-star resort and opened it as Nihiwatu. In 2016, Travel + Leisure named Nihiwatu as the world’s best hotel ( According to Bunch, he specifically bought the hotel for his children and as a way of benefiting the community. The hotel includes 27 confidential villas with pitch pools as well as Bunch’s private home, Raja Mendaka. Raja Mendaka is also offered to clients. Nihiwatu is found on Sumba’s west coast, a distant Indonesian island. The name NihiwaTu simply means mortar stone.

Currently, Nihiwatu is the biggest local company and employer on the island. Moreover, a portion of the profits of the hotel is offered to Sumba Foundation, an institution that supports projects that benefit the local community. From the hotel’s plunge pools, a guest is able to view the India Ocean as well as the Nihi Beach. Moreover, the hotel also includes a big outdoor -indoor entertainment area. In addition to this, the hotel features the traditional antiques from the Sumba community. The hotel also has a beach spa but guests can also receive the services from the comfort of their rooms. Furthermore, the hotel also offers group yoga sessions every day through its wellness center. During a low season, one-bedroom villas go for $750 per night. Also, Bunch’s private house go for $14,000 per night during high season.

Christopher Bunch is a CEO and founder of Bunch Creative Capital. He is also an entrepreneur as well as an active investor in a broad range of sectors for almost 40 years. He has been involved in the development of several luxury and technology brands including Voss Water, Poppin, and Faena Hotel + Universe (  Previously, he was a board member of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.

Mr. Bunch went to Ithaca College and it is at this point that he started his entrepreneurial success. Together with his brother, they launched Eagle’s Eye apparel that cost them $2,000 and grew up to $165 million.  Check They later sold the business to Swire Group. Mr. Bunch is one of the pioneers to invest in Internet Capital Group, IPO, and a famous internet space story. He recently acquired and refurbished Nihiwatu, a luxury hotel in Sumba, one of the beaches on the Indonesian island.

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There Are Several Gift Ideas You Should Consider According To Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a businessman who loves working with people whose ideas could become real business disrupters. The kind of businesses Burch has bought shares in at his company, Burch Creative Capital range from wireless power charging technology such as that of Powermat, office space planning and furniture sales in Poppin, and other household and fashion brands. Burch also has bought gifts from some of these companies either for himself or for family and friends, and he decided to share them with others in a company blog post. Burch recommends buying things like a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote if your loved one likes quality handbags, a U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair if they’re an elderly person who needs a chair to relax in, a Barbour Gisburne jacket or maybe just small sweets from Fatty Sundays or Pretzables.  Check

It’s quite remarkable to know how Chris Burch came from rural New York and the campus of Ithaca College to become a billionaire in 2012. He began his first business at that college by selling sweaters that he would buy from a nearby factory and make a little extra money delivering them to customers. This small business soon had enough demand that Burch decided to finance the opening of a factory and department stores for his new Eagle Eye Apparel company, and sales began to soar in the millions. He and his brother owned the company for over 20 years until they sold it off. By then Burch had started taking up other investments as a partner of the Internet Capital Group and a key investor in Guggenheim Partners. Burch also was a joint owner in Tory Burch, a fashion group named for his wife at the time, and after selling his stake in that company he started Burch Creative Capital (

Some of Chris Burch’s biggest acquisitions have been residential and commercial real estate including partial ownership of Faena Hotel + Universe and majority stakes in Nihiwatu Resort, the recently named world’s best vacation destination (   Outside of business Burch is involved with charity as a former board member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and the Tilton School. He also produced a New York Times reviewed movie known as “Watch It.”

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