InnovaCare Health strives to outdo competitors in the delivery of best services

InnovaCare Healthcare Inc. is the leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. The benefit of the services offered by this healthcare company is that they are sustainable and cost-effective. When it comes to delivery of health services in Puerto Rico, Innovacare beats them all. The healthcare services offered by this company are up to the best standards. They have been aligned with the latest technologies to ensure that the customers are getting nothing but the best. InnovaCare operates two Medicare plans namely PMC and MMM Healthcare. Both programs have a membership of over 200,000 people. They also have a membership of 7500 providers. To ensure that they have the most effective services in the whole industry, they have gone ahead and added tow plans in partnership with the government healthcare plan.




The main mission of InnovaCare Health is to deliver the best healthcare services to their clients. They have strived to offer first-class services to all their customers in North America. Under the current leadership, the firm is making sure that they offer solutions to the needs of modern healthcare needs. The management is not relenting until they see all the people have access to quality based healthcare services and not quantity-based ones. Check out





Under the leadership of Rick Shinto, the company continues to outshine the competitors. Rick Shinto is the chief executive officer and the president of the company. He has a wide knowledge of the matters in this industry and has what it takes to drive the company to another level of success. Before he started working for InnovaCare, he was at Aveta Inc., PMC Medicare Choice, and MMM Healthcare Inc., all as the CEO. He has spent the last two decades in the healthcare sector and some of them in clinical operations. He is therefore conversant not only with the management but the running of clinical services.




Rick Shinto not only offer healthcare services to patients in North America but also ensures that the company is educating the people about issues related to health. He has done so many things in this industry that he has been recognized with Access to Caring Award. For more details visit Crunchbase.




In 2015, InnovaCare appointed Penelope Kokkinides as the CAO/COO of the company. Just like Shinto, she is well experienced in the management of healthcare operations after spending two decades in the industry. She is known for her deep understanding of government healthcare programs.


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Drew Madden: The Impending Changes In Healthcare IT

As healthcare consumers learn of the merger between CVS and Aetna, along with the impeding entry of Amazon into the world of pharmaceuticals as the company obtains licensing in multiple states, there are numerous questions arising regarding just how secure will all this new data be within electronic medical records systems. Because of this, corporations as well as healthcare facilities of all sizes are now carefully evaluating their systems, and what they are finding is concerning to say the least. With most systems operating on outdated software and being very vulnerable to data breaches, the role of entrepreneurs who are skilled in healthcare IT is expected to grow tremendously in the years ahead. As a result, individuals such as Drew Madden will be instrumental in determining just how safe the data of many patients and consumers will be in electronic records systems.

As the President of Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew has been working with corporations and healthcare facilities for almost two decades. Due to this vast amount of experience working with electronic medical records systems, Drew has been able to utilize many aspects of his education and experience in developing new and innovative systems. For example, because Drew was trained as an industrial engineer, he has been able to use aspects of this field, along with his skills in software analysis and development, cloud technology, cyber security, and advanced data network design and analysis, to create and implement electronic medical records systems that are considered to be state-of-the-art. Because of this, Drew’s reputation for excellence has allowed his company to grow immensely over the past decade.

Now employing well over 700 of the best healthcare IT professionals in the industry, Nordic Consulting Partners has a client list of almost 200 healthcare facilities, corporations, and other organizations from around the world, making NCP the foremost authority on electronic medical records systems. As a result of the company’s success, annual revenues have increased from just over $1 million only a few years ago to more than $130 million. With these signs of growth, it’s clear Drew Madden knows the secrets of success.