More than Just Energy Supply with Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a service company that provides energy supply such as electricity and gas, wireless home services that fit with someone’s lifestyle. Its other services include mobile and protective services. It was created in 2004 in Texas as a company that deals with electricity and energy supply for homes in Texas. However, it officially started operating and offering its services in 2005. The founders are Rob Snyder and Pierre Kojashki. The current CEO is Larry Mondry. The headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Over the years the company has grown and offers its services to other places too such as Illinois, Maryland, New York, Washington D.C among other states. Apart from the energy supply, all other services are available throughout the nation.



The company has earned the country a lot of revenue by making over 8 billion dollars’ worth of tax in 12 years. With more than 500 workers, Stream Energy has offered employment to many people. Its associates get a commission when they sell to customers or recruit other associates. It has become one of the top global energy companies. Stream Energy acquires customers through marketing. At first, it was merely by word of mouth, and now it has become the leading direct selling energy company.



Stream Energy company is also involved in other activities such as humanitarian work. For instance, during the hurricane disaster, the company offered $25000 to go to the affected persons. Moreover, the company eased the burden for the affected by allowing late payments from their customers affected by the hurricane ( It has further asked people, their employees, associates, and customers to donate to the America Red Cross even through them. The industry holds retreats for its women associates to empower them through their group known as Women of Power. The group mentors encourage and inspire the female associates. The meetings are at their headquarters in Dallas.



The company has received positive reviews and is highly ranked. For instance, it has been named as among the top 10 trusted electric providers in Texas following research by Marketing Strategies International (SaveOnEnergy). Stream Energy has proven to not only being more than just an energy supply company