Sapphire Rings are a great trending alternative to diamond wedding rings

A wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love and should be chosen with care. When choosing a wedding ring it is important to choose one that you love just as much as the groom. Increasingly women are choosing colorful rings that reflect their personality. Non-traditional wedding rings have gained popularity amongst brides looking for beautifully colored stones accented with the traditional diamond. Sapphires are typically blue but they do come in a wide variety of other colors. Sapphires of other colors are referred to as fancy sapphires. Sapphires can be pink, orange, yellow, green, brown or violet. The variety of available colors makes sapphires an optimal alternatives to diamonds.

Sapphires are chosen for wedding rings because of their high durability and distinguished beauty. They are the third hardest mineral right after diamond on the Mohs scale. These exquisite gemstones can occur naturally or synthetically.

Synthetic gemstones are lab grown under environments specifically suited for optimal production. They both have the same chemical orientation. The creation of synthetic gemstones is relatively new. For centuries, natural gemstones have been the only option.

Natural gemstones hold value and unlike their synthetic counterparts. Although synthetic gemstones have fewer flaws they hold very little value. You cannot put a price on the beauty and brilliance of what nature has created. Nature presents all the right elements and conditions at the correct time to create a beautiful treasure. Their rarity makes them remarkable and cherished.

When shopping for you may run across the terms cultivated, or cultured. These terms are just synonyms for the term synthetic. You should be careful not to be confused with the term simulated. Simulated stones are imitations usually created by cubic zirconia. Sapphire wedding rings are a brilliant option for brides who want more than just the traditional wedding band.

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