OSI Industries- A commitment to the customers

OSI Industries is the leading company in the production of processed foods. It is based in Illinois and currently serves customers in 17 countries. The company is in the process of expanding its operations to countries around the globe. Those who have been keen on the growth of the company will realize that the role of CEO Sheldon Lavin has everything to do with the success of the company. He believed in the idea of making this company great and has never relented on the mission he set out to accomplish. He has been trying as much as possible to make a difference in the food industry by ensuring that the needs of the customers come out first. Visit their page at facebook.

OSI Industries is aiming at meeting the needs of the customers all the time. When the customers feel that a company is taking care of them, they will be inclined to support it. This is the case with OSI. It has shown the customers that it is committed to the cause of helping them get superior and safe products. Through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company has always aimed at releasing products that meet the taste and preferences of the customers. It is for this reason that all products that this company has released meet the needs of every palate. There is no product that one can consume and fail to recognize the difference with others.

OSI Industries uses the services of a product development managers to manage the food production business. The managers are supposed to research and know what the consumers need. Such services are left to the local experts who understand the culture and traditions of the people. OSI Industries has never tried to introduce new foods to its customers. Its goal is to offer customers what they need but in a better way.

OSI Industries has also left decision making on issues that affect the customers to the junior managers at the grassroots. These are the people who relate with the customer on the daily operations, and therefore they stand a better chance to understand the needs of the market than the senior managers. Learn more: http://www.careersinfood.com/osi-group-company-1088.htm


Impressive Growth Trajectory of the OSI Group of Companies

The OSI Group is an American company which specializes in retail of food products to consumers all over the globe. The outlet got established in 1917 by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto was an immigrant from Germany and its first headquarters were in Oak Park, Illinois. Ideally, the outlet focused on selling retail and wholesale meat to residents of Chicago. Barely a decade after it got founded, the firm had won over the hearts and admirations of the residents of this state to the extent that they had to expand and take their venture nationwide.

The McDonald Connection

In 1955, an extraordinary development took place. The OSI Group landed a contract to be one of the sole distributors of meat to the then starting up McDonald’s Company. That deal would effectively change the course of the history of these two future billion dollar valued establishments. Another milestone deal took place in 1999 and it was between the sons of the founder of OSI Group and the Best Chicago Meat Co., LLC. The agreement gave OSI the rights to use the recognized Glenmark brand based in Chicago. Today the franchise has a strong presence not just in the states but abroad as well. They are now in 17 countries and they have a staff of close to 20K. Those developments have transformed this company into a billion-dollar success story which got a valuation of $3B in 2011, by the Forbes Magazine. Effectively, that net-worth made them the 136th largest American private food company.

Innovation Meets Excellence

In the recent years, the venture has continued to forge strong allegiances with independent food retailers and wholesalers. These include the Baho Food and the Tyson Food Plants in the US. Before the establishment takes on a new agent, however, they first ensure that the supplier meets all the ethical and quality assurance standards the OSI Group operates with. Everyone, the sole suppliers, and the consumers have benefited immensely from the partnership with the Chicago meat firm. For starters, the food commodities reaching the end-consumer is of exceptional quality and what’s more, it comes at the most market competitive rates and prices ever. Then, the suppliers stand to earn more owing from the efficient protocols set in place by the OSI Group.