Heather Parry: A Woman of Energy, Hardwork and Dedication

Heather Parry is probably one of the most efficient individuals in the industry of production, management and directing. Heather Parry is known for her exquisite multi-tasking skills and her ability to balance everything out and not miss out even on the smallest of details. Heather Parry is the president of Live Nations Production and they handle all kinds of events.

Heather Parry is a ball of vibrant energy and she affects everyone around her, including Live Nation Production. She brings an environment of productivity and efficiency wherever she goes. Heather Parry is one of the individuals to thank for the success of Live Nation Production and its evolution to becoming one of the biggest film and television giants and a staple name in the live-entertainment industry. Heather Parry is the kind of individual that will immediately let everyone in the room that she’s there and she is present, and she will push everyone to their limits so that they will improve.

Heather Parry was instantly involved with the marketing opportunities of the hit Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper movie “A Star Is Born” when she found out that Bradley was directing the movie. She immediately stated all that she can offer the production with the capabilities and the platforms that Live Nation Productions has. Heather Parry immediately offered venues, concerts, festivals, that can provide “A Star Is Born” with a platform that can exponentially increase their publicity. Heather Parry immediately called Bradley Coopers agent, Dave Bugliari, to offer and propose what Live Nation Productions can do for them – even though she caught Dave at a bad time, she immediately received a call back and they ironed out the details over dinner with the one and only, Martha Stewart. There they had meetings where they physically presented their portfolio and marketing decks, which was immediately bought by the cast of A Star Is Born.