Academy of Art Alumni Worked on Coco

Coco was by far one of the stand out movies of the year. The film captured such a beautiful story of love, family, and connecting with the ones you love. Coco encapsulates the beauty of La Familia in a story where the animation is top notch and one of the best in the film industry. Having won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, there is no doubt that Coco has struck a cord with the Latino community, Disney, and everyone who watched the film.

What’s interesting is that the Academy of Art alumni, Daniel Arriaga, worked long and hard on this movie. He is now the Pixar Animation Studios current Senior Director, overseeing plenty of aspects regarding the film and where it was headed.

The Academy of Art University is by far one of the most prestigious schools in the industry. Arriaga spoke to students who were currently at this University to provide a question and answer opportunity from students. He explained indepth that there is a lot of growth and development that can be attained by going to the right school and getting the best possible education. He briefly spoke about what the importance of simply building your body of work and knowing what it is that you need to do in order to sufficiently grow in this industry. Being an animator is more so about building your style as efficiently as you can and finding what it is that brings you to the next level.

The Academy of Art provides the most efficient and indepth classes for those looking to jump in to animation. It’s proof through the man who helped create Coco that there are plenty of people who have made it in the world of animation by getting in to this school and using it as a way to grow and get the best education you can get. Academy of Art is the place to be if you want to learn from the best in the industry and gain an education that employers would be delighted to see on your resume. This is the way to get that knowledge.