Technology in the schools – The ClassDojo app.

Technological advancements are not only taking place in the production, transport, and communication fields , but also in the education arena. ClassDojo is an application used for communication when sharing reports between teachers and parents. It enables teachers to track student’s behavior and upload videos and photos. The gamification style through real feedback educates on developmental skills. ClassDojo app translates into over 35 languages, and bases in 180 countries and 91% of all the schools in the United States. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don Launched ClassDojo in August of the year 2011 in Palo Alto. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Initially, it got funded in ImagineK12 seed accelerator of education.

A better version of the app got released in September 2011. Over 3.5 million students and teachers in over 35 countries. In 2012 August, ClassDojo raised over $1.5 million of central seed capital from Lere Ventures, SV Angel, Paul Graham, SoftTech VC, and Mitch Kapoor. ClassDojo released its first Android operation system app in February 2013. The company through series A round of funding raised over $8.5 million and began offering the platform in other languages other than English. In 2014, the platform added a messaging platform which allowed communication between parents and teachers either directly or a group.

In August 2015, classDojo included class story which was a digital content stream designed by teachers for parents to access. Through series B round funding, ClassDojo raised over $21 million led by General Catalyst Partners. In January 2016, ClassDojo released a series of educational videos focusing on instructional videos through its partnership with Stanford University. The app added school story on the platform to ensure that teachers and school administration share all the school-related content to parents. Student stories enabled students to connect with one another and share experiences with parents. The company released mindfulness curriculum in May 2017 in partnership with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

Tools and features of ClassDojo.

The platform allows students, parents, and teachers to develop skills, suppor.t and connect with one another. Teachers create classes with the students through the established free accounts. Students can see their individual progress and access updates on classes. Parents access their children’s progress and all the school information. Teachers directly communicated with parents through the ClassDojo application.