Eva Moskowitz: Chief Executive Officer and founder of Success Academy Schools

Eva is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Success Academy. Born in the year 1964, she continues to thrive in the Education field in the USA. She founded the first Academy school in the year 2006 and it has given birth to 41 great schools. The initiative has also created employment for many teachers. Success Academy is based in New York City and is recognized for instilling quality education to students and creating great minds. The students are examined through a standardized exam in math and English, unlike other schools in the state.


Eva Moskowitz chose to leave politics and instead stand with the plight of young children. This was back in the year 2003 when she spoke her mind concerning schools being stifled by unions. Her success path in education commenced in the year 2006 when she founded the charter initiative. Interesting to note, ten years down the line, the charter has spread its wings and grown to a network of about 41 schools.


In May 2016, Reason Foundation awarded Eva Moskowitz the great Savas Award for her outstanding Private Public Partnerships. Reason Foundation is behind Reason TV and Reason magazine. In an interview held with Reason TV, Eva Moskowitz says that Success Charter’s mission is providing students with a platform where they are exposed to proper education. She continues to say that the Charter Schools provide young ones with an opportunity to make it in life by exposing them to the right environment.


Eva Moskowitz reveals that at the Charter Schools, children are not only exposed to math and English, but also arts, sports, science, and chess. It is a culture for the teachers at Success Academy to go through severe training to ensure that they are at their best. At the same time, they are attentive to their students and ensure that they work closely with the parents.


Eva Moskowitz says that Success Academy continues to receive more student applications than they can handle, a move that is prompting them to open more schools. Eva continues to reveal that being a mother has played a huge role in influencing her. She says that during the early days, it was no walk in the park, but, being determined and planning ahead made all the difference.