Greg Secker; the Foreign Exchange Expert

Greg Secker is a renowned foreign exchange expert, an author, and an international speaker. He provides financial trading education. Greg has founded several companies like; FX Capital, SmartCharts software, Capital index and Learn to trade. As an author, he has written bestselling books including; Trading your way to success, Everything you wanted to know about success, and has also contributed in writing The book of success.

Greg Secker was born in 1975 and was raised in Norfolk in England. He enrolled at the University of Nottingham where he obtained his degree in Agricultural and food sciences.

Greg’s career journey started when he first served at the Thomas Cook financial services where he worked to develop foreign exchange systems. He, later on, moved to the Virtual Trading desk which mainly dealt with foreign exchange; this was the first time Greg got to engage himself in the foreign exchange business. At VTD, he learned and gained the experience of the foreign exchange sector. He was then appointed as the vice president of the Mellon Financial Corporation, at Mellon he got the opportunity to work with the world’s best traders. He used his knowledge and experience to start his own company, Learn to Trade which has advanced to have offices in Australia, London, Philippines and South Africa. Through his company, over 200,000 people have had the opportunity to learn more about foreign exchange through its seminars.

His company learn to trade has been recognized as the best Educator by World Finance Magazine for two years (2012&2013) respectively. Learn to trade was also awarded the best forex trader award. The company was also ranked position 17 in top 30 philanthropic companies in the UK.

Greg Secker is a generous man and has engaged himself in several charitable programs. He founded a non- profit organization called The Greg Secker Foundation. The foundation has positively impacted lives across the world. The organization has joined forces with youth programs to improve the education in communities, provide leadership and mentorship programs.It also provides life skills education in communities. In 2017, he was appointed as the board of Ambassadors for city Philanthropy. Secker was nominated in the list of the 200 most influential philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.