How Louis Chenevert Raised the Share Value of UTC By 200 Percent

United Technology Corporation is a company that produces solutions for all types of technological needs, such as solutions for refrigeration, air conditioning, flight technology, and more. Since their work is so vital, they need someone with superb business skills to manage their company. They found exactly that with Louis Chenevert. Once he joined United Technology Corporation, it has jumped to a new level of success that nobody previously thought was attainable. Under his leadership, focus, and management, the price of a share of United Technology Corporation rose almost two hundred percent, which is how United Technology Corporation became one of the most profitable companies in their field.

Louis Chenevert had the foresight to know that acquiring Goodrich would be a good idea. His leadership and management skills helped get the deal through, and United Technology Corporation purchased Goodrich for over sixteen billion dollars. This resulted in United Technology Corporation becoming an entire new type of company that produces its own products and is a leader in its field.

Louis Chenevert understands the importance of new and innovative solutions and the role they play in the tech industry. This applies not just to techniques and inventions, but to people as well. For example, Chenevert understood that a certain group of engineers was not fulfilling its potential, simply because they were not in the right place. He transferred them to another location, where their skills were needed and where they could be a lot more productive.

Louis Chenevert is a well known Canadian businessman. He was the chairman and the CEO of United Technology Corporation. He was the president of the Canadian branch of Pratt & Whitney before that. He studied at HEC Montreal, where he received his bachelor’s degree in production management. HEC Montreal is a business school that is affiliated with the University of Montreal. Before working with Pratt and Whitney and United Technology Corporation, he worked with General Motors for fourteen years. He was also the Vice Chairman of The Business Council. Chenevert stepped down from UTC in 2014. He currently serves as an Exclusive Advisor to Goldman Sachs in their merchant banking division. He got the Honor Award from the National Building Museum.

Eli Gershkovitch Setting Trend in the Canadian Craft Beer Market

Beer is among the top consumed drinks in Canada. The Canadian beer industry contributes over $ 14 billion annually in economic activity with 90% of the country’s beer consumed locally. The beer market in Canada is composed of over 650 breweries that are home to over 7000 brands. Before 1646, brewing was done domestically for special occasions and personal enjoyment. The craft beer frenzy began in 1982, then, consumer preference had shifted from larger to more traditionally brewed beer. Commercial beer consumption declined significantly since 2000 while the craft beer sales registered double digits growths annually ( The craft beer market attracted large and small scale brewers among them Steamworks brewery.


Eli Gershkovitch’s exposure to a different variety of beer and a visit to a microbrewery in Germany influenced his view of the beer market. Having studied law, he got a chance to work with clients that had ventured into the liquor market (The Bro Talk). During this period, he familiarized himself with the laws in the industry, built contacts, confidence, and credibility. He left active law practice to build something that was more tangible and to add value to his career.


Eli Gershkovitch desired to own a place where people could enjoy freshly brewed beers. He identified a building in Gastown that continues to host the brewery to date. However, the liquor control board was opposed to the idea of having the brewery in the neighborhood. Eli Gershkovitch initiated a referendum that led to the enactment of a law that allowed for the operation of the brewery. Steamworks Brewery opened its doors in 1995 in Gastown.


Steamworks’ capacity in Gastown has grown over the years from 184 to 754 seats. Steamworks brewery products include seasonal brews, Steamworks Pilsner, Kolsch, and Pale Ale. The brewery also branched out into neighboring areas like the Waterfront Station. In 2013, another Brewery was opened next to the Burnaby boundary increasing the brewery’s production and revenues. According to Gershkovitch, growth has to be proportionate to demand.


Today, Gershkovitch is an inspiration to many. He has transformed Gastown into an emerging destination for business. His advice to other entrepreneurs is to build a strong brand in the local market before branching out and be committed purpose.

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