Article Title: E-Commerce Giant Jingdong Is Still Keen On Brick-And-Mortar Operations

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If you think brick-and-mortar stores are on the verge of extinction, think again. Most people today believe it is only a matter of time before everyone will be buying all their consumer goods online from giant e-commerce sites, such a China’s largest, JD.Com, also known as Jingdong.

But you may be surprised to know that it is top officials at Jingdong itself who are saying: “Not so fast.” JD.Com may be a gigantic e-tail company, but it is not interested in seeing the brick-and-mortar operation go the way of the dinosaur. They also know that e-commerce is still light years away from pushing out traditional stores.

Consider that e-commerce constitutes just 8.5% of retail sales in the Unite States and 15% in China. JD.Com logistics and strategy planners are keenly aware that the owners and manager of physical locations are an invaluable resource. Store owners observe what is happening in their shops every day. That means they have key insights on customer behavior and traffic flow.

Because of this, Jingdong is eager to establish relationships with store owners on city streets across China. In fact, it is making its technology available to brick-and-mortar operations. It’s all about developing “smart consumption” that engenders customer loyalty and retention. It blends the idea that some things can be bought online and some at a physical location. It can be a win-win situation for both platforms.

Then there is the idea of Virtual Reality. In a traditional clothing store, for example, customers can take an article of clothing into a fitting room and try it on. Jingdon is working on ways in which customers can virtually do the same thing in an online environment.

JD.Com is also helping traditional retailer with the concept of “smart supply.” This is leveraged by big data and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The goal is to provide retailers with information about what they want to buy, why, how often and more.

Jingdong may be China’s largest e-commerce site with 300 million active users, but they have no intention of abandoning the old fashioned way of buying things.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong Talks About How Jingdong Would Become The Best E-commerce Company In The World

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Richard Liu Qiangdong has achieved phenomenal success in the e-commerce sector, and while there are many factors that contributed to his success, his patience, perseverance and hard work contributed the most. As an enterprising young man, Richard Liu has always been on the lookout for opportunities to grow as a person and achieve success. It is this opportunity he found for himself when he started a store in Beijing at China’s Technology Hub. He realized that the demand for the magneto-optical products was high and thus, started selling the same at his store. In the next few years, the profits that he generated transformed into building many new stores that dotted across the country. By 2004, Richard Liu Qiangdong was the owner of nearly a dozen stores across China that sold not only magneto-optical products but a wide range of other products as well.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was left with no option at the end of 2004 when the SARS outbreak made his business suffer tremendously. Buried under losses and faced with not many ways out, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to take his business operations online. It is during this time he started 360Buy, which was later renamed JD. The online retail operations were a hit in the market because it touched chords with the customers’ demands and requirements. People who were looking for reliable and affordable products with fast delivery started to trust JD due to their in-house logistics network, which is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world. The continuous integration of the latest technology in business is what has helped JD remain a leader in its niche.

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes in keeping up with the latest innovations that can improve the efficiency o their delivery system. It was among the first companies to test the drone delivery system and were successful in it. The company uses drone technology to deliver their goods to the countryside as it often takes a lot of time and money to reach those places. With drone technology, it becomes much easier for the company to deliver the goods and they have received massive applause from its customers for it.

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Article Title: How Central Group Partnership Will Revolutionize Thailands E-Commerce Market

Article Text: is one of the few companies in the world that have brilliant policies on expansion. According to the management, expansion to Asian markets is part of the company’s bigger objective in the e-commerce market. Although is in most South East Asian countries, Thailand remains one of the markets the company has highly invested in for the recent 12 months.

In order to have a more significant impact in Thailand for example, the company is in partnership with different entities. In this market, for instance, Jingdong is in good business relations with Central Group. The creation of JD Central will revolutionize — how Thailand people shop for commodities and more importantly from e-commerce spaces.

Apart from working with Central Group on this new outfit, hopes to change the shopping experience in Asian market. Some of the areas the new outfit will pay attention to, including speedy deliveries, quality goods, and all-inclusive shopping experience. Before this partnership, the two companies carried out research. In the findings, they realized that the market does not have a reliable delivery system.

With the use of technology, JD central will not only supply goods to the customers at a faster rate but also offer safe and efficient deliveries. The new outfit will also adopt the policy on quality goods. According to representative, the policy on quality goods has enabled the company to make significant progress in customer satisfaction and more importantly  safeguard the interests of customers.

Apart from streamlining the market operation, the new company will also exploit the necessary technology by the Over the years, the top Chinese company has invested heavily in systems and technology. One of the most iconic technology is simplifying the shopping trends. With this information, JD Central will not only make better returns in this market but also ensure that customer satisfaction is a reality.

In 2017, the company ( signed an agreement with Intel to create a modern resource center where they can collect information on different markets. When this project is complete, JD Central will benefit in all the above areas and more importantly when making policies. With enough information about the market, creating a rational decision is not farfetched.

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Article Title: Liu Qiangdong And The Future Of E-Commerce In China

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Making a Difference Where it Counts

Its rare that a company is set apart by its innovations. Today there are hundreds of multi-billion dollar companies that all seem to compare to one another. The Good News is that customers notice the quality of service they receive and the bargains or prices from which they get quality merchandise that changes the way they shop.

The CEO Behind

Liu Qiangdong has created a company that doesn’t thrive on keeping from its customers the internal things that make it tick or cause it trouble; and its Chief Executive Officer make choices, either scheduled or unscheduled and make those changes transparent to the customer. Furthermore, transparency is the way business takes place at

Leading by Exampler keeps three principles at hits business core and that is the way in which it keeps integrating low-income communities into its business model, the way in which it makes an environmental impression on populations it serves. wants to be known as a company that leads by example. makes its operations align with its goals. Lastly, invites its customers to help with its goals on a smaller home-based environment.

Vast Scale Warehousing has created over 500 warehouses in different part of its distribution center locations in order to be the most aggressive handler of packages while offering to its customers next day as well as two-day delivery on s packages. Liu Qiangdong has a passion for his customers and making the services offers to reach customers with optimum timing. Today services over 500 million customers.

Growth and Expansion

It continues to grow and expand into other strategic locations like its recent movement into Southeast Thailand, where it is working with another global corporation to bring more E-commerce services to the Thai people. Over 80% of its customers shop because of its cellphone accessibility as well as its great assortment. carries the most successful brands from around the world, especially China’s most successful companies and continues to expand its selections as customer demand more prominent.

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Article Title: Drone Technology Is The Future

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To Richard Liu and his extensive strategic team, innovative engineering represents the future of Chinese businesses.

Before Richard Liu Qiangdong and Jingdong Multimedia, China’s retail industry was limited to offline consumer experiences, that lacked the modern flair of contemporary innovation. revitalized the local industry and redefined what was physically possible with the proper leadership.

What makes delivery system unique is undoubtedly that it is catered to providing superior quality to not only city-dwelling consumers but those that are located rurally.

Richard Liu designed his transportation system to reflect various challenges encountered with delivery to rural areas. With the acquired data, Richard Liu modified his business logistics to improve net efficiency in those areas. Made possible, by incorporating advanced drone technologies to utilize faster transportation capabilities, without over exhausting operational costs.

By 2014, the distribution campaign proved to remain a success and regarded favorably within the top Chinese market.

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OSI Food Solutions America

OSI Production Company is a private company located in Aurora. It is a worldwide distributor and producer of food products. The company has tremendously grown with the help of Sheldon Lavin as the CEO. It was begun as Otto and Sons business and later remodeled to OSI in 1975. This mean that OSI Food Solutions is a family owned business.

OSI company focuses on increasing its services and delivering customized food products everywhere in the world. The business is now able to build, establish and distribute food solutions because of the establishment of new facilities, professional team, and financial materials. OSI Group attained Baho Food in August 2016 in order to expand in its industry in Europe. David, the company’s president, stated that the acquisition of Baho would help in developing the company’s awareness in Europe.

Baho Food produces meat items, snacks and other food products. These products added to the OSI production strength and also widened its abilities in producing quality and standard services and products to the increasing customer wants and needs. However, the business transaction of purchasing Baho is yet to be approved.

In the agreement John Balvers, the Baho managing director was to continue managing the company together with all the managerial experts and would also join with executive leaders of OSI Group. Mr. Balvers was very pleased by being a part of the OSI Group. He said that OSI had an excellent relationship with its clients and suppliers. He further added that the combination of Baho and OSI powers would be the best in supporting its clients in the realization of their strategy offering a wider product cover. Balvers went ahead and said that business deal would help in speeding Baho’s development strategies and in helping in the attainment of its goals.

In 25th November, 2016 OSI Group was rewarded with the Globe of Honor Award at Draper in London which was given by the British Safety Council because of its support and dedication for environment management. Mike Robinson, chief executive of the British council said that the award would help in improving the businesses of the organization. An organization was expected to illustrate to an independent panel its capability to keep a track record of best practice in health and safety of management during the entire business.

Article Title: Accelerates Into The Future

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Accelerating Beyond the Human Mind

An AI Accelerator program by promises to spur the growth of artificial intelligence worldwide. Jingdong’s AI investment is not only a gift to society, but you can expect the retailer to also use the solutions that come. These technologies will be possible with the funding offers.

Qualifying startups, after first competing in the new program, receive money for their work. The world needs them to mold ideas, to invest in artificial intelligence and to reveal our potentials for technology. “Demo day,” as set for the month of March, 2019 by, will test each idea. Those that qualify go to the next stage for funding, and every industry is covered.

From science, to medicine and finance, the solutions only need to be effective. Speech recognition is an example of how already uses AI. Jingdong now sets higher standards and waits to see who the winners are from its accelerator program.

A Better Look at

Sixty-billion-dollars in yearly revenue is enough to innovate on any idea with. What earns—positions it to expand beyond online retail. Its sights are on a global market, for the 300-million consumers it has are now mostly Chinese. Jingdong developed from the hands of CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong, and he guides JD with care.

The internet allowed him to capture JD’s current market share. Using  simple app to display, organize and sell goods makes the transactions of Jingdong easy. Its work, to boost what artificial intelligence can do, is expected to increase consumer spending. The ease of AI promises new ways for customer service to be done and for growing JD’s online presence.

Why the Acceleration Program, and Why Now?

There’s a strategic advantage in developing AI today. Jingdong is now meeting shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Amazon and Google. These agencies use AI in every facet. Capturing a larger market share requires to expand on what artificial intelligence can do.

Jingdong now embraces AI as it follows the trends of major-U.S. brands.

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New Mortgage Lending Solution Discussed by Michael Nierenberg

A qualified mortgage is a type of financing that meets the lending standards of government entities. In recent years, there has been a growing amount of mortgage options that include loans that go beyond these standards. This type of financing is known as non qualified mortgages. A non qualified mortgage has a considerable impact on both homeowners who seek a new mortgage and an investor who is looking to review the alternatives to securitized mortgages.

The company known as New Residential Investment Corp is one of the many real estate investment trusts that include a number of non QM securities. Michael Nierenberg is the chief executive officer who is behind the development of many of the firms’ loan programs. New Residential offers services that help investors make decisions on what to put their money into. Michael Nierenberg has been very active in assisting investors who are looking to invest in mortgage backed securities. There is a difference between both qualified mortgages and non qualified mortgages that investors need to be aware of according to Michael Nierenberg.

Traditional underwriting of mortgages can be somewhat rigid. Due to the inflexible nature of some underwriting guidelines, a number of loan applications can be denied. These denials can even be given to high income borrowers. When a QM mortgage verifies the income of a borrower, it will be necessary for them to provide several pay recent pay stubs. The loan guidelines of QM mortgages can also result in denial for non traditional applicants such as self employed individuals, those who possess a substantial amount of assets, foreign nationals and a person who has had a recent sale of a distressed property.

During the past few years, non QM mortgages have become the ideal solution for borrowers who need to get around the rigid guidelines of traditional QM mortgages. Michael Nierenberg has been involved in establishing more of these programs. With a non QM mortgage, lenders use different underwriting guidelines that are much more flexible. While these types of loans are more flexible, they still consider the borrower’s ability to make the loan payments when deciding to grant them a mortgage loan. According to Mike Fratantoni of the Mortgage Bankers Association, all mortgage loans are evaluated based on the applicant’s ability to repay the loan. Those who are non traditional applicants are able to use their financial statements instead of W2 forms in order to inquire about a mortgage.

Performance At Its Best- Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the CEO and founder of KOI IXS which is a full-service performance-driven marketing agency. The venture believes in the power of performance marketing. With several years of experience, he strives to assist global brands to attain a considerable market share, come up with meaningful customer engagement and get new clients. He directly supports brands to move at a swift rate.

Edwin Miranda is privileged to lead a talented group of designers, thinkers as well as strategists. Every day, he assists in aligning the vision as well as uniting shared creative talents to come up with work that is worthy of adoration. Edwin Miranda relishes giving customers the edge they require to thrive in today’s cluttered market.

He also firmly believes that enthusiasm is a vital ingredient for the success of any venture. As a result, he has always been a fan of achievements and rejoices in delivering bottom-line results to all his clients. Edwin Miranda believes in hard work and being organized. As a result, he wakes up early and comes up with a to-do list each day to aid in measuring his accomplishments.

He also believes that surrounding yourself with people you trust is paramount when building any business. This is a requisite for delegation purposes since you can’t perform everything on own.

He also advises young creative minds, that failures should not prevent anyone from getting closer to their goals. Edwin Miranda believes that resilience, focus, persistence, dedication, and relentless pursuit are essential to overcoming any challenge. He encourages people to read books that change their outlook and information. Predictive marketing is one such book.

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Business Inspiration from Bhanu Choudhrie: A Successful Asian Entrepreneur

Bhanu Choudhrie is a well-established entrepreneur and philanthropist. He runs a wide range of investments and businesses all around the world. Choudhrie also specializes in emerging markets; China and Asia serve as perfect examples for this field. From his birth in 1978 in Delhi, he always desired to succeed throughout his childhood.

Choudhrie prides himself in an extensive career background, whereby, he owns an international business and marketing degree from Boston University. He also completed the OPM (Owners President Management) program at the Harvard Business School.

Bhanu Choudhrie holds the position of an executive director for C&C Alpha Group Limited since 2001. His role mainly revolves around directing investment strategies for this family-owned business. The firm boasts of an array of investments in different fields ranging from luxury hotels, restaurants as well as healthcare. It runs top-rated luxurious spa hotels in India and Mauritius in addition to various care centers based in the U.K. During an interview with, Choudhrie generously shares valuable tips with upcoming entrepreneurs that have helped him in his entrepreneurial journey. Read more business news about Bhanu Choudhrie at The Economics Times

Choudhrie felt honored to receive the prestigious Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2008 following his great achievements in business ventures. Moreover, one of the restaurant establishments under C&C Alpha Group was recently awarded the Restaurant of the Year title during the awards by Asian Voice Political and Public Life in 2010. However, the company will not stop at this, but will keep improving its services for even better ratings and awards.

Besides his business prowess, Choudhrie is committed to numerous philanthropic activities globally. He consistently makes huge donations to charity. According to Choudhrie, his giving spirit borrows from the Hindu philosophy that the more one gives the more one receives; something he has valued since childhood.

Bhanu Choudhrie is a family man currently residing in London with his wife. In the attempts to get back into the field of financial services, his recent move is the joining of New Century Bank’s board in the U.S. He has also established an Art Foundation in the U.K in a bid to support his love for art as well as promote Asian arts in the country.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Bhanu Choudhrie insists that the perfect time to launch and shine in business is during crises and harsh environments.