Daniel Bethelmy-Rada and the R.A.W product

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada is the current president of MATRIX and BIOLAGEL. This is the professional products division for the larger; L’Oreal company. He initially worked as the general manager for MATRIX in L’Oreal professional products division in the US. He was regarded as the youngest DMI and general manager for this company at the age of 25.

He became the deputy chair in 2005. Since the time he took the mantle of MATRIX, he has transformed it and brought new face for the company. He has revitalized the company and made it accessible and to the customers.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada is a graduate of Sorbbone University. He graduated with an aa degree in International Business. He later went to pursue his master’s degree from ESSEC School of business in France back in 2002. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada started his career as a product manager in for L’Oreal Company in the LaScad branch. He moved on the top positions in the same company until he sat on the DMI bench.

He had worked in many other branches before he was brought o MATRIX. This company is under L’Oreal umbrella only that it deals in production f natural beauty products.

The company has produced the best beauty product that is trending in the market, R.A.W. this product is made from natural ingredients with no chemical additives.

The components vary from the native plants of the earth to the sea plants. Another advantage of this product is that it is 100% biodegradable it is made to adhere to the current environmental policies.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada advice the consumers to by R.A.W to live natural life without struggling with the chemically made beauty products. He has launched an extensive awareness campaign across the region to all people taste this product. They will use all the available resources to make sure that all beauty products’ consumers get to know the existence of R.A.W.

The only drawback is that many people do not to be taught on the importance of anything. They do not have time for that. They buy whatever they wish and test them at their own time. This may make the campaign to take too long.