Eli Gershkovitch Brewing Genius and Leader

Any fanatic of a cold beer while watching a football match, or perhaps while at home or in a pub relaxing with friends may enjoy the fantastic chance to be the judge of worldwide entries come to the United States Open Beer Championship. Most loyalists who stick to their one favorite brand may come to a shocking day and realize that hundreds of styles exist nowadays in which we consume beer, and all of them will attend the 2017 edition of the competition in Ontario (WeeklyOpinion).

Over 6000 beers took place in the competition for prizes and recognition by a board of directors of 2017 U.S Beer Championship. Judges from around the world, Canada, England, and the U.S. brought their expertise to judge the beers. Judges’ accomplishments would be a career as a president in a brewery, a designated master brewer, or being an editor at an industry publication or having broad experience as a professor at the college, instructing in the art of brewing.


The International Scope


The competition is open to award-winning home brewers, and even professional brewers seeking bronze, silver or gold medals. Some of the leading categories are lagers and ales, barrel-aged beers, hybrids, unique and non-alcoholic brews. The art of beer brewing attracted Eli Gershkovitch‘s attention from a young point in his career.


Craving for a quench


Most people attain a degree in law and March forward in life with the satisfaction of success as attorneys. Eli Gershkovitch is not your ordinary person, as he never rests until he creates something higher than himself. His preferred style of beer makes him seem like the machine that helps the process work, instead of the grease (https://thebrotalk.com/ceo/eli-gershkovitch-inspires-brand-awareness-steamworks-canadian-craft-beers/).

Shortly after his graduation from Toronto law school, he started developing that passion in craft beer, in 1987 while on a European tour. After tasting a Belgian beer for the first time, he craved the ability to make a libation that would satisfy his passion for building something great.

Eli Gershkovitch, born 4th of July 1975, got his name to mainstream in Canada through his businesses, primarily as CEO of Steamworks brewery and Co. Additionally, he is a pilot and lawyer.



Eli Gershkovitch Setting Trend in the Canadian Craft Beer Market

Beer is among the top consumed drinks in Canada. The Canadian beer industry contributes over $ 14 billion annually in economic activity with 90% of the country’s beer consumed locally. The beer market in Canada is composed of over 650 breweries that are home to over 7000 brands. Before 1646, brewing was done domestically for special occasions and personal enjoyment. The craft beer frenzy began in 1982, then, consumer preference had shifted from larger to more traditionally brewed beer. Commercial beer consumption declined significantly since 2000 while the craft beer sales registered double digits growths annually (http://inspirery.com/eli-gershkovitch/). The craft beer market attracted large and small scale brewers among them Steamworks brewery.


Eli Gershkovitch’s exposure to a different variety of beer and a visit to a microbrewery in Germany influenced his view of the beer market. Having studied law, he got a chance to work with clients that had ventured into the liquor market (The Bro Talk). During this period, he familiarized himself with the laws in the industry, built contacts, confidence, and credibility. He left active law practice to build something that was more tangible and to add value to his career.


Eli Gershkovitch desired to own a place where people could enjoy freshly brewed beers. He identified a building in Gastown that continues to host the brewery to date. However, the liquor control board was opposed to the idea of having the brewery in the neighborhood. Eli Gershkovitch initiated a referendum that led to the enactment of a law that allowed for the operation of the brewery. Steamworks Brewery opened its doors in 1995 in Gastown.


Steamworks’ capacity in Gastown has grown over the years from 184 to 754 seats. Steamworks brewery products include seasonal brews, Steamworks Pilsner, Kolsch, and Pale Ale. The brewery also branched out into neighboring areas like the Waterfront Station. In 2013, another Brewery was opened next to the Burnaby boundary increasing the brewery’s production and revenues. According to Gershkovitch, growth has to be proportionate to demand.


Today, Gershkovitch is an inspiration to many. He has transformed Gastown into an emerging destination for business. His advice to other entrepreneurs is to build a strong brand in the local market before branching out and be committed purpose.

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