Sanjay Shah of Solo Capital

Autism is a development disorder that is commonly diagnosed among young children. With a one in 68 chance of being diagnosed with autism, this is an interesting developmental disease that lacks information about the disorder despite its common diagnosis. In recent news, one individual in particular is on a mission to learn more about autism and has even started a foundation to collect donations to further fund the research of autism. This individual is known as Sanjay Shah Denmark who founded Autism Rocks in 2014 as a way to learn more about the development disorder due to the recent diagnosis of his son in 2011.


Sanjay Shah is an expert when it comes to giving financial advice. Though he is the owner of the successful investment firm known as Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah is first and foremost a family man who has kept his family in mind with every single important decision that he has made. As a father of a child who has been diagnosed with autism, he feels as though it is his own duty to understand the triggers of the development disorder that will help his and his son’s relationship flourish and continue to develop overtime. With research, Mr. Shah has no intention of curing his son. Instead, Mr. Shah wants to understand how his son processes information.


Autism is a commonly diagnosed disorder that is misunderstood. For children who are diagnosed, it can often be hard on the parent as the diagnosis not only requires extra attention to be provided, but also medical attention to be required. As a parent, Mr. Shah feels it is his duty to understand the diagnosis more. Though it is commonly known that autistic individuals communicate in a different way and that they often have a hard time in social situations, the questions that needs to be answered for Mr. Shah is the cause behind this. The research will not only help him and his family, but will also help other families around the world.


 Autism Rocks was officially founded by Mr. Shah in 2014 as a foundation that is currently based in London. The inspiration behind this foundation was using the love that he and his son have form music as inspiration to developing a foundation that could bring his family together. Though this foundation is only two years old, it has raised millions of dollars and has helped further the overall advancement.