Clay Siegall the Blogger and Phenomenal Scientist

Clay Siegall blog contains a wide variety of research articles ranging from environment and global warming to scientist’s research on the human brain. In his recent blog article, he shares a story on coral reefs bleaching as a result of global warming. According to the writer, it can take about a decade for the coral reefs to recover their color.

He blogs about how it soon could be possible to tell when and what kind of dream a person has by studying different brain activity. The research could also be used to explain how the brain switches from mental state while asleep, to a fully conscious state while completely awake. Clay shares a fascinating story of how a rare snail found love through the internet, through people.

Other than blogging, Clay Siegall is the co-founder, CEO, Board Chair and President of Seattle Genetics. He co-built the company on a foundation of intense research, scientific innovation, and a great passion for helping patients.

He is a trained scientist with a primary emphasis on various cancer therapies and treatments. Mr. Clay holds a science degree in Zoology from The University of Maryland and a Genetics Ph.D. from George Washington University.

He led the company in a massive capital raising drive which saw the company secure over $ 1.2B through both private and public financing such as the 2001 public offering. Siegel has been keen to lead the company to be the leading manufacturer of ADCs (Antibody Conjugates) and also seeking its approval by the FDA.

He committed himself to top notch cancer research in a bid to provide relief for cancer patients. One of the drugs developed by Seattle Genetics, ADCETRIS, is now being used to help cancer patients in over 60 countries worldwide. The drug was given FDA approval in 2011 after Siegel’s vigorous push for its approval.

This determination testifies to his passion and remarkable dedication to developing cancer drugs and ensuring researchers stay focused on cancer therapies and treatments. According to a Forbes contribution by Luke Timmerman, Clay Siegall can be referred to as an ‘Oprah’ in the biotech world.