How Clay Siegall Has Steered Seattle Genetics to Success

Clay Siegall is among the world’s most respected biotechnologists. He is the founder and also the leader of Seattle Genetics which is a company serving in the biotechnology industry. The popularity of Clay Siegall comes mostly from his involvement in the treatment of cancer. He has over the years managed to achieve a lot when it comes to the treatment of cancer. The Chief Executive Officer at Seattle Genetics has over the years managed to acquire a lot of expertise and experience in the pharmaceutical industry with this being one of the major reasons as to why his company has registered a lot of success and growth. Clay Siegall is described my many as a hard working, passionate and disciplined person who is also a team player at Seattle Genetics. His extensive education background is also among the reason why he has acquired a lot of success in his career.

Clay Siegall first launched Seattle Genetics in the year 1998 after he had spent quite some time serving in other leading biotechnology firms in the United States. Clay Siegall attended some of the most prestigious schools in the US such as the George Washington University where he acquired his PhD in Genetics. It is at this particular university where he was able to sharpen his scientific skills. While at school, Clay was always a sharp student who was very much disciplined and committed to his studies. Majority of Clay Siegall’s time is spend in research about the cancer disease and has managed to come up with a number of therapies dedicated to the treatment of cancer.

The established scientist is a member of a number board of directors. Just recently, Clay Siegall became appointed to work as an outside director at the Mirna Therapeutics. His responsibilities at this position are to improve the options of cancer treatment as well as work towards inventing other therapies in treating the deadly condition. The main mission of Clay Siegall in life is to assist people suffering from cancer get the most effective cancer treatment that still has fewer side effects that mostly come with chemotherapy. It is through this desire that Seattle Genetics has gone on to become the leading company in the industry of pharmaceutical.