Dr. Imran Haque Specializes in a Wide Range of Diseases

Imran Haque is a specialized internal medicine specialist. He is known as a caring medical doctor and also highly respected. He holds a medical degree in from the Universidad Iberoamericana located in Santo Domingo. He also has a master’s degree in the field from the University of Virginia. He is fully trained and licensed. Haque practices his medical career in the North Carolina. The medical facility that he works in is Horizon Internal Medicine located in Asheboro. Haque has now been treating many diseases for fifteen years. From this, he has developed high expertise in the field and now deals with many diseases and carries out many medical examinations. Haque is dedicated to handling patients with care and the population around Asheboro who visit his office frequently and read full article.

Haque deals with services including carrying out physical examinations, venus body contouring, diabetes management, 360 resurfacing, laser hair removal and weight management. His diverse experience in many fields has earned him trust, and many of his patients come to him for specific treatments. Some come to him as a primary care physician in which Dr. Imran Haque take them through diagnosis procedures and offer referrals if need be. In addition to these services, Dr. Haque carries out laboratory checkups and also performs an ultrasound.

In an interview, Dr. Haque said that he was first inspired to open the facility when he was working for a hospital owned internal medicine facility. He saw the need to provide services that are beyond what the facility offered. The satisfactory remarks from his patients motivate him as well. After this, he involved himself with carrying out thorough research on the same issue. Diligence and hard work were key for him to be able to put up and run a medical facility and Twitter.com.

The trending factor that is incorporated in medicine, he says, is the integration of technology. Invaluable advancement in medicine has been experienced through technology. The medical data has been centralized. It is now easier to enter data, keep records and also to carry out a coordinated care in real time. Apparently, technology has enabled easy delivery of medical services to the patients while still streaming workflow and resume him.

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Avaaz, the Bridge to a Better Life

Avaaz is a Persian word which implies” voice.” Avaaz is an online political network that promotes global activism on; climate change, poverty, human rights, animal rights and corruption. The organization was co-founded by Res Publica and supported by Service Employee. Avaaz co-founders include Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Herman and Andrea Woodhouse. The organization was founded in 2007 in New York and more information click here.

The founding president Ricken Patel, studied political philosophy, economics at Oxford University and a master’s in public policy at Harvard University. Through the international crisis group where he worked around the globe, he learned how to bring rebel groups to the negotiations table, monitor elections, restore faith in corrupt systems and spot foreign government manipulation. He retreated to the United States where he learned online tools for activism.

Avaaz does not take donations from corporations instead it receives funding from the generosity of its members who managed to raise $20m. Avaaz carries its campaigns through a worldwide network whom they communicate using emails. They stage stunts such as sit-ins, phone-ins, and media-friendly stunts. Members suggest the strategies be carried out, the suggestions are supplemented by guidance from specialists, and tester emails are then distributed to the Avaaz members. Once receiving a sufficient response a campaign proceeds to be opened and follow their Twitter.

The organizations hope to bridge the gap between the world we live in and the word we expect to have .in other terms make the world a better place. Avaaz supports good campaigns, those that are deemed towards improving society such as calling the global action on climate change, the establishment of the no-fly zone in Libya which led to military intervention in the country. During the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests, it set up servers to allow protestor s to upload videos. The organization also coordinated the evacuation of photographer Paul Conroy from Horms. This is a clear indication that the organization is doing well by putting the interests of the word above and pushing for a better future and learn more about Avaaz.

Other Reference: http://www.ngo-monitor.org/ngos/avaaz/

US Money Reserve – The Austin, TX-based Gold Dealer to Help the Houston Community

According to the article in the Chronicle of Week, recently the U.S. Money Reserve announced that its partnership with ADRN (Austin Disaster Relief Network), a nonprofit organization that works to provide crisis relief to help Hurricane Harvey survivors to recover from the event that was devastating.

The Austin Disaster Relief Network services that the U.S. Money Reserve was proud to support and give immediate financial assistance, spiritual care, emotional, and emergency housing transportation.

U.S. Reserve is arranging a relief fund where 100 percent of donations will go toward ADRN and meet the survivors’ immediate emergency needs.

To encourage donations and raise funds that are available for the emergency relief, the U.S. Money Reserve is going to match YouCaring donations that are made to ADRN’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund a maximum of 100,000 dollars. Donation matching ran the whole of Sep.

For U.S. Money Reserve, the Hurricane Harvey hit close to home. The destructive storm that cleared through the entire TX Gulf Coast Region affected several employees of Money Reserve plus many customers.

Founded in Austin, TX, the company still has its headquarters based in the city. In addition to their main office, the U.S. Money Reserve has offices in Lumberton and Beaumont. The partnership with ADRN had enabled the U.S. Money Reserve to support the community of Houston that welcomed the firm when it was still young.

TX is now ready for moving forward and working towards reconstructing the local communities that are around the state. Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, said that the recovering project from the hurricane aftermath would be costly and time-consuming. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

The damage that Hurricane Harvey caused have been calculated to amount to almost $180 billion. Federal aid is covering most of those costs, but there’s still more help needed. Fortunately, many nonprofit organizations, including ADRN, have contributed to help in funding the relief programs in TX.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Founded in the year 2001, U.S. Money Reserve has grown and became among the world’s biggest private distributors for the United States as well as foreign government-issued platinum, silver, and gold legal-tenders’ products.

U.S. Reserve was established with a mission of guiding clients about purchasing precious physical metals. For over 15 years, the company has managed to earn the trust of a total of 400,000 satisfied customers.

Clients have profited from the unique expertise of the company staff in numismatics, coin research, as well as finding the best products that are on the market.

Why The Dog Food Brand Beneful Was Named That

Beneful is a very popular brand of dog food that was first released to consumers in 2001. By 2012 it had established itself as the fourth most popular such brand in the United States. Beneful definition sells over $1.5 billion in dog food every year, including both dry and wet food products as well as treats. The company behind Beneful is Nestles Purina Petcare.

As for the word Beneful dog food itself, it was chosen as the name of the brand because it means “full of goodness”. This name was chosen because Beneful has a number of ingredients that are very healthy for dogs and includes natural ingredients such as wholesome chicken, carrots, sweet potatoes, salmon, and others. It offers a complete nutrition to dogs with tastes that are very appealing to canines.

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Sujit Choudhry Role in Constitutional Reforms Across the Globe.

Sujit Choudhry is a practicing professor at the University of California. As a lecturer, he has engaged in various research. Sujit Choudhry organizations in handling various constitutional timelines.

Currently, Sujit Choudhry is also acting as Director for Center for Constitution Reforms. The team mobilizes and assembles knowledge that will help in the building of constitutional reforms. The group achieves this objective by gathering some legal experts to take part in thematic research projects that aim at providing substantive evidential laws to various lawyers, judges, and magistrates. To date, the firm has contracted over sixty experts drawn from different nations across the world. The Center for Constitutional Reforms partners with other players in the economy. These include; governmental bodies, multinational firms, prominent individuals in the profession as well as other nongovernmental institutions. Sujit Choudhry has addressed some conferences on related constitutional matters. To read his blogs and know his timeline activities, visit him on facebook.com.

In one of these lectures, Professor Sujit Choudhry focused on the quasi-presidential system that the Ukraine government had adopted. In the address, he stated the possible challenges with the system and the best remedies to cure the situation.

Sujit Choudhry is currently working on three global research projects. The topics of research focus more on the effects of terrorism threats, the consequences of democratic transition across the world. The research also focuses on the first fundamental human rights and how to uphold them from a partisan and authoritarian rule. The main aim of the research is to produce policies that will govern in the formulation and interpretation of existing laws. Professor Sujit Choudhry has been with the World Bank Institute at the United Nations at the Development program. Helpful details on papers.ssrn.com.

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Among the main issues, Professor Sujit Choudhry seeks to address include constitutional design and how the government can use of to transition from more violent to peaceful and fair elections leading to effective translation of power.  Related article on constitutionaltransition.org.  He sees peaceful transition of authority as a basis for upholding fundamental human rights. Prof. Choudhry feels that various government agencies can use the constitution design to get remedies for their respective ethnic divided nations. As a professor, Choudhry has made over 90 publications.  Check independent.academia.edu for additional reference.

Ricardo Tosto: The Brilliant Corporate Lawyer From Brazil

Lawyers are an essential part of any business. Any businessman or company owner can attest to the fact that their business would not have been where it currently is without an ace lawyer by their side. Even though giving all the credit to the lawyer of a company would be a little over the top, there’s no secret as to how much they actually do to keep the company going. A good lawyer can do wonders for a company, while a bad one can bring it down, which is why the stress on finding the right one is so prominent. Brazil has been seeing a steady increase in the number of lawyers making it to the big leagues. A lot of people in the country are turning to the profession, not just to safeguard their offices, but also to make a good living. A corporate lawyer generally is required to study a great deal for their work, and therefore has plenty of information regarding the subject at hand and more

Ricardo Tosto is one such Brazilian lawyer who has managed to make it to the big leagues, and has emerged to be one of the best at the business. He has worked with some of the biggest names in corporate law, and with some of the largest companies in the entire country. He is also an expert of financial law, which is something that a lot of corporates need when they are looking for a corporate lawyer to take care of their business. Through the course of his long career, Ricardo Tosto has worked with a large number of companies that all come from varying sectors of society. This diverse exposure that he has received has given him an edge over other people in the field, and has given him the hope of one day rising to be one of the most well known corporate laweyr names in the entire country.

Besides working with some of the biggest corporates, Ricardo Tosto also offers his services to some of the biggest names in the government. Ricardo Tosto has been a personal lawyer to numerous government officials and politicians through the span of his long career.

Money Making Opportunities That Are Worth Looking into And Traveling Vineyard

According to many people, the only way to make money is through a regular job. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of working from 9 till 5 even if they wanted to. There are too many factors and politics at play which can prevent people from getting the jobs they want. Fortunately, there are more ways to earn money than just working a regular job in the office. In fact, the creative types are going to have an easy time finding something that they can do. If they are good at marketing, then they can really succeed.

Among the many different earning opportunities that people can come across are online writing, internet marketing, and wine guides. Out of all of the opportunities, the wine guide opportunity is one of the best opportunities. It is very easy to get into with very little qualifications needed compared to joining survey sites and taking surveys. It also allows people to earn as much money as one of the more successful internet marketers. The only thing is that unlike the other opportunities, being a wine guide has the perfect combination of a ton of money coming in at a fast rate. This makes it the perfect opportunity for people who are looking for a way to make some good income.

One of the best companies for being a wine guide is Traveling Vineyard. This company is one of the most prominent and easy to join companies that people should look into if they want to make money. People earn money by showing wine to people in their homes. One of the best things about this opportunity is that people get to run events in their home where people get to taste and learn about wine. With each successful event, the wine guide earns money.

Anyone that is interested in becoming a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard just has to sign up for the membership. Anyone that would rather find another way to get into the program just has to send an email expressing interest in this opportunity. Shortly after the registration, the wine guide will be given a leader who will train the guide on every aspect of the event. Eventually, the wine guide will be ready to run his own events so that he can make a living. The best thing about this opportunity is that the wine guide can choose when and how much he works.

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Does Sawyer Howitt’s love of racquetball inspire to play it professionally?

     Racquetball is a fun and fast moving sport that is gaining popularity. Not only known as a gym sport, young people are diving on board for this interactive and intense game. If you enjoy it so much and are considering doing it professionally, here are some things to consider.

Find the right coach. It’s not about getting the closest coach in your town, or the cheapest. You want the right coach who will train you for greatness. You may have to travel or relocate to find them. You must think to yourself how bad do you want it. This may require a decent amount of research to acquire a coach. You may also read about other’s experience playing racquetball and learn as much as you can. You will be better prepared. Then, you must practice all the time. Great athletes train every day to become who they are, especially Olympians. You cannot get better unless you train, practice, eat and breathe the sport. Do your research and find the right workouts for racquetball. You won’t become better at racquetball if you are training for ice skating, and visa versa. You must also eat right, drink lots of water, and get enough sleep to perform at your optimal level. If you have a plan, stick to it. If you don’t have one, do it now. You must stick to your plan to see results. It takes time, hard work, and lots of determination to get there. If you give up you won’t experience the fruits of your labor. Now that you are on your way to greatness, you need to get paid to continue. Find a sponsor or jobs that allow you to train in the meanwhile. Athletes often promote company brands to get paid. You often see their logos and symbols on their outfits. You can also teach racquetball to make your bills, whatever works.

Racquetball pro Sawyer Howitt is taking the business world by storm. At only 17, he has managed to create a portfolio of business accomplishments that someone three times his age would envy.

Sawyer is a entrepreneur, philanthropist, racquetball enthusiast, and just all around good-natured person. He works as a Project Manager at The Meriwether Group in Portland, OR and is currently attending the University of California, Berkeley.

Neurocore helping patients overcome depression and maximize brain health

Depression is a serious mental illness affecting millions of people worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that as many as 350 million people suffer from depression. While adult women are more likely to experience depression, it can affect anyone at any age. While most people with depression fully recover through effective treatment, as many as 1 in 3 people with depression do not seek treatment from a medical professional.

Here are 3 reasons to seek professional help if you or someone you care about is experiencing the symptoms of depression.

1. There may not be a clear cause and effect. There is not one particular reason that people experience depression. While stressful life events can be a cause, it can also happen on its own. Just because nothing “bad” happened doesn’t mean that a person can’t experience depression. Biology and genetics play a role and can lead to depressed feelings with or without a trigger event. A mental health professional can help identify the origins of depression and develop an effective treatment plan.

2. There are different kinds of depression. Depression can be a short-term or long-term mental illness. It can be linked to other medical conditions and life experiences like pregnancy. Some people experience a general malaise while others feel physical pain because of their depression. Depression should always be taken seriously, and no matter how severe or mild there are treatment options.

3. Depression is more than a feeling. Depression is often mischaracterized as just “feeling sad,” but it can have a much bigger impact. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that Major Depressive Disorder is the leading cause of disability in the United States. Depression can affect physical health, and a person’s ability to participate in day-to-day activities like work and family time.

Social stigmas around depression can make it difficult for people to seek the help they need, but proper treatment can improve health, quality of life, and even prevent a tragedy like suicide. The brain can be worked like a muscle, and specialists like the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers can help maximize mental health for resilience in the face of depression.

Neurocore Brain Performance Center uses state of the art brainwave mapping technology to monitor brain activity and give feedback in real-time. Neurocore has 9 locations in Michigan and Florida where treatment is provided using audio and visual feedback that “train your brainwaves” to consistently function it the optimal range. The goal of this innovative treatment is to reduce symptoms and improve overall brain function. Since its founding in 2004, Neurocore has grown to become a national leader in applied neuroscience.

End Citizens United: Who Are We?

Back in 2010, the Supreme Court changed the way elections happen. Citizens United v. F.E.C. made corporations the equals to a person. That swung open the door for special interest groups and billionaires to create a trail of money that could not be traced in elections. Around the 15th of March in 2015 End Citizens United was created as an Action Committee to stop all of that. It’s a grassroots program that works with donors to raise awareness and put an end to that abomination of corruption.

Voter and candidates can fight against all of that by not letting the politicians buy their votes. Working together, we can pressure lawmakers into taking action against the corruption. The mission is to stop Big Money from rigging elections in their favor to hide their wealth. We need to pass measures to make the nation aware of what is happening. That’s what we work on at that grassroots level.

When nobody works on these issues, the bad guys win. When our organization works on the issues, like this one, stuff gets done. It’s that idea that has made our nation great over the years. The ability to fight for things that are good for everyone, against those who try to take those rights away, is always a good thing. We will always be at the helm of that progress. It takes hard work though. It also takes a lot of money to accomplish all of those goals. That work that we do is based on some basic core beliefs. Those beliefs are essential for the process to be successful. It takes the change that starts with a process that always maintains a high standard of action. Everyone knows that action is required for the change to happen. We believe that too.

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Some of the measures that we use to accomplish this goal are very straightforward.

– We must elect candidates that are in favor of reform.
– We must make the nation aware of this issue.
– We must pass laws to accomplish this.
– Membership is the means to the end of fundraising for this issue.

During the 2016 elections, we raised $532,500 for democratic candidates that were running for the House of Representatives. That money was used to help make the nation aware of the reforms that need to happen in our country today.

This type of fund raising has been going on for years now. When it comes to grassroots fundraising, our organization is the best. We account for every cent that we use to help our nation become aware of the corruption that is happening today in Washington. Every cent is used to help influence lawmakers to stop this atrocity as well.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpLmnN_7TxPdpGODs-JXxg