The Waiakea Company Has Seen Tremendous Growth in the Last Few Years

Waiakea water has taken the industry by storm ever since its launch in 2012. The premium water has seen tremendous growth in the last three years by 5,000% in just this past year. The water was discovered and founded by Ryan Emmons who has since gone on to prove his company can define the industry of bottled water.

The Bottom Line

Waiakea is a company unlike any other who take the environment, renewable energy, recyclable packaging, and charity seriously. Ever since their launch the company has proven time and again how much they cherish the environment and the efforts they make to reduce their carbon footprint.

Gust reported that the Waiakea spring is sourced from an aquifer with a 1.4-gallon recharge rate and is bottled in a facility that uses 33% renewable energy. The packaging is even eco-conscious to further the company’s focus on protecting the environment.

The premium water bottles and beverages are the first in the world to be certified as CarbonNeutral. The packaging is made using high grade, 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate which uses up to 85% less energy to manufacture compared to regular plastic bottles. The entire manufacturing process itself has even been able to cut down carbon emissions to over 90% and even gone to great lengths to ensure their plastic is BPA free too.

Partnership with Pump Aid

Waiakea is aware they need to take care of not only the environment, but those in need too. Emmons even stated from the beginning he had a desire to include a social element into his final business model.

“We realized no premium water or beverage was truly addressing the naturally functional, social, and environmental trends,” Emmons stated.

This is why Waiakea has become a partner with Pump Aid, a charity who is dedicated to bringing a clean source of water to disadvantaged communities located in rural Africa. The charity has given many people who are less fortunate access to sanitation, clean, and safe water.

They’ve helped to improve the lives of over 1.35 million people to date and have established well over 3,200 Elephant pumps. These water pumps were designed by Pump Aid and are based off an innovative three-thousand-year-old Chinese design.

The continued efforts between Waiakea water and Pump Aid has allowed them to donate over 500 million liters of water to date. The company has continued to move forward in their endeavors with helping not only the environment, but those less fortunate too.

How The Presidential Candidates Could Change The Future Economy


As the presidential race counts its days to the next U.S President, the fundamental question that Americans should ask themselves is how their lives are going to be affected by each presidential candidate’s plans. Currently, it’s impossible to figure out the effects of their actions, but certainly, there are a few pointing factors as to where the impact of the weight will lie the most.


Greater Scrutiny or Fewer Brackets

Both Trump and Clinton aim to simplify the tax code. They claim that it will make it readily available to the average American, but the way they intend to execute this simplification varies between the two candidates. Currently, capital gain taxes are worked out according to income brackets, but if Clinton wins the elections, the capital gains will take a turn to how long an investor has held them.

On the other hand, Trump wants to do it by breaking down the existing tax brackets into simpler income levels.


Concurrent ideas on Child Care

The two aspiring presidential candidates have come to settle on the idea that child-care tax should be brought down. The candidates hope to offer more help to families by providing bigger subsidies for increasing child care costs.


Estate Taxes

Among the many changes that the candidates are putting on the table, Estate Tax is the most notable between the two candidates. For Trump’s Estate tax plan, he intends to revoke estate tax. He would also like to increase the amount payable to capital gains taxes, and then remove the money taxable to small farms and businesses.

In contrast to that, Clinton wants to lower the minimum requirements for the estate tax and also seeks to increase the maximum percentage earned from this tax. Clinton also sides with Trump in eliminating particular clauses of this tax, which in turn will make capital gains taxes to shoot up.


According to Brad Reifler who is an investment adviser and a serial entrepreneur and also very well-known in the financial world for discovering Pali Capital, Forefront Group, and the Forefront Income Trust agrees that their taxes which need to be done away with completely.  Read about what Brad is doing for the average investor in full on Yahoo Finance’s article “Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Want to Diversify Your Portfolio”.


Wikipedia writers cite that Brad Reifler has been in the business of wealth management and boutique investment banking. He offers investment advisory services to institutions and individuals on both a non-discretionary and discretionary basis. His firm satisfies the long-term appreciation and income needs of international agencies, financial advisers, individual investors, and distributors. Brad Reifler also said through Twitter that some areas are not going to be significantly affected by either of the candidate’s aspirations like the social security, but still some areas could be greatly affected by the election’s next president.  Read Brad’s article in full here:

Relax at The Manse on Marsh


In beautiful downtown San Luis Obispo, you will find the luxurious Manse on Marsh. Farron Bernhardt is the new award-winning senior living community Chief Executive Officer. Bernhardt has more than three decades of experience in senior housing positions and was recently the Vice President of Nevada’s Housing and Neighborhood Development for Assisted Living. Bernhardt has gained a reputation for his capable management approach.


The Manse on Marsh not only has a wonderful team of staff who genuinely care about their tenants but also because of the excellence that is upheld there that is an example for all senior care facilities in the Central Coast area.


The Manse on Marsh has received recognition for being the Best of 2016 and has been awarded the Caring Star award for the second time consecutively. They are among the top one percent in the nation for senior care.


The Manse on Marsh is located conveniently close to communities and families needing assisted living care for their loved ones. The Manse on Marsh offers spacious private homes and flats, fine dining at The Bistro, laundry services, maid services, transportation, social events, personal assistance, a trained nurse on staff, and capable caregivers.

It has the ambiance of a grand hotel with all the comforts of home. There are many planned activities such as dinner dances and nature walks, as well as fitness activities to help enhance the well-being of its tenants. A manicurist, podiatrist, audiologist, and dry cleaner have regular scheduled visits. There’s even a salon offering hair and nail services for both men and women. There are various room service options, as well as weekly laundered linens and housekeeping. Beds are made daily. Fresh fruit and beverages are always available, whatever time of day it is and the scheduled transportation makes it easy to get to appointments and to go shopping. Utilities are included, such as cable, and a handyman keeps things running smoothly.


The Manse facility is like living in a dream, complete with a glass-topped Atrium. It is warm and inviting and perfect for social gatherings, and they have tons of activities on site. There is no place quite like it.  Read the real user reviews on OurParents to get a feel for what this facility can do for you.

Cone Marshall Continues To Lead The Field

Cone Marshall, an international New Zealand tax and trust law firm, continues to expand their business and assist it clients in making sound financial decisions. Firm principals, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall have built their business on helping international families set up New Zealand trusts, partnerships, and companies. They also provide wealth and tax planning advice to their clients.

While they do not seek out private clients, Cone Marshall work directly with attorneys, family advisors and other financial institutions that are headquartered outside of New Zealand.

In recent years New Zealand has become a popular destination for the establishment of foreign trusts. Mr. Cone states that this popularity is due to New Zealand’s stability and high-quality jurisdiction, and sound laws.

He points out that the country actively supports transparency in all of the financial dealing that are transacted there. New Zealand is a charter member of 2002 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters.

Because of these efforts, New Zealand is viewed as a trusted and safe destination to place one’s assets. The country’s reputation is one of safety and stability. With firms like Cona Marshall setting the standard for tax and trust transparency, New Zealand will continue to be seen as the premier country for international clients.

Cone Marshall applauds this move and has always, and will always, adhere to the highest standards of trust and tax transparency. By holding themselves to a higher standard, Cone Marshall can assure their clients that they are getting the best financial advice available.

Cone Marshall was founded in 1999 and is currently located in Auckland. Prior to joining the firm in 2005, Karen Marshall was practicing law in London. She worked for 10 years in commercial litigation. In 2006 she became a principal in Cone Marshall, where she is an advisor to statutory trustee companies.

Geoffrey Cone has been providing international trust and tax planning to his clients since 1980. Upon graduating with honors from the University of Otago, Mr. Cone went to work for one of the leading law firms in Christchurch. He returned to Auckland in 1997 and founded Cone Marshall two years later.

Everything Town Residential Has Done in Three Years

Town Residential has only been in business for three years. In the time that they have been in business in the New York City area, they have done much more than what some real estate agencies have done in three decades in the city. They have been the most successful business because they always put their clients first, they cater to specific needs and they don’t limit themselves.


The client should always come first in any business, but it is even more important in the real estate business. Without people who were looking for homes, real estate agents would not even have a job. They need to make sure that they are catering to all of their clients and that they can get them the home that they need. This isn’t always an easy task for Town Residential with the gridlocked real estate market that is in most of New York City.


When it comes to the specific needs of clients, Town Residential knows what they are doing. They want to make sure that their clients are able to get the most out of the things that they offer them and this includes catering to the specific needs of the clients, no matter how outrageous they may seem. Town Residential works with many different clients and the clients almost always have outrageous requests. This is something that has allowed Town Residential to show off their expertise in getting exactly what their clients want, which makes their clients happy.


Town Residential has never limited themselves. They have never said that they only want to work in one area of New York and they have certainly never said that they only want to work with one demographic of clients. While they do cater to the higher end of residential living in New York City, they are able to provide their real estate services to anyone who wants it and who is able to afford it when they are looking for a home in the city. No matter who it is or where it is, Town Residential is confident that they can help them out.


All of these things have worked together to make Town Residential a true success in that they are able to open even more offices than they ever imagined possible. They have only been in business for three years and have recently opened up their tenth office. This is a huge deal for the company because many real estate agencies in New York City aren’t even able to stay in business for a month or so because of the tough competition of other agencies and because of the way that things are tied up in the housing market of New York.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea

In an article from Pr Newswire Dr. Avi Weisfogel is shown his various methods on ways that people can get treated for their sleep apnea, undiagnosed forms of sleep apnea, and how to bring awareness to it. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which a person has short interruptions of breathing in his or her sleep. Although this seems minor, it can lead to various other dangers that people might not think about.


Since Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been a dentist, he has seen the effects of sleep apnea. In 1999, he established his first dental practice, where he has received numerous awards for his work. As he continued to establish himself in dentistry, he started to research the way that sleep apnea affects the health of the people who have it. Fifteen years after he started his dental practice, he established Dental Sleep Masters. What Dental Sleep Masters specializes in is that it helps bring awareness to the dentists whose patients suffer from sleep apnea, and how they can treat their patients. Also, he has various methods on how people can be treated for it, including implants that can be inserted into people who suffer from it, or having patients go to clinics for treatment.


The shortness of breath when someone is sleeping might seem small, but it can lead to serious illnesses later on. In the article Dr. Avi Weisfogel has noted the various problems that could occur if a person has untreated sleep apnea, “New research has helped to show the correlation between sleep apnea and serious conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. With the surfacing of these serious complications comes a renewed study and sense of urgency to find treatments for sleep apnea.” With such side-effects, he wants to make sure that dentists know when a patient is in need.


Dr. Weisfogel also wants to bring awareness to those who suffer from sleep apnea, “Roughly 90% of people that suffer from this disorder remain undiagnosed.”


Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone: The Brains behind Cone Marshall’s Success

Cone Marshall is a trust and international tax law firm established in 1999. It principals are Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall and its offices are at the Parnell House, Level 3 in Auckland, New Zealand. The firm can be contacted through their website or via telephone on +64 9 307 3950.Their main area of business is to offer its client’s tax planning and global wealth advice and help them establish partnerships, companies and New Zealand trusts. Cone Marshall strives to operate under the highest principles of trust and tax transparency and at the same time provide its customers with the most trusted advice on trust law and international tax.
Karen Marshall has a long history in the law industry having worked for ten years in a law firm in London. Her specialty at the law firm in London was Commercial Litigation. She made her move to Cone Marshall in 2005 and was made principal in 2006. She is very experienced in managing trusts in general and utilizes the experience by acting as an advisor to statutory trustee companies.

Geoffrey Cone has been in the business of providing trust and trustee management and international tax and trust planning services since 1980. His skills in the business earned him the tag Quintessential Tax Lawyer in an article that serves as a Law Firm and Experts Directory. Geoffrey has also not been one without an opinion about New Zealand’s tax system and its corporate sector with particular regard to the banking industry. In 2012, he posted an article titled ‘Model of Tax Transparency’ on social media with the hope that it would get rid of the idea that New Zealand had a secretive banking industry and that it was a tax haven. He made certain that he let people know that New Zealand followed strictly the principles that were outlined in the gold standard for transparency in the 2002 OCED (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) model agreement exchange of data relating to tax.

Mr. Geoffrey Cone also sought to let people know why New Zealand had seen an influx in foreign trusts in the recent past stating that it was because of people’s view of New Zealand as a safe country to have their trusts administered in. He continued to add that the country’s good laws and substantial professional and legal infrastructure had a part to play in causing the increase in the number of foreign trusts.

The entrepreneurial genius that is Don Ressler

Don Ressler is the co-founder and co-executive director of beauty, Inc. He is also known t have co-founded and acted as CEO at Fitness heaven and many other ventures that have become wildly successful. When he started his internet career, he was interested in consulting with companies so that they could take advantage of the growing online space. Up to date, Don Ressler has generated over one billion dollars in sales for the different companies and has also raised more than half a billion dollars as capital for internet companies.

Early years
Don Ressler met his long time business partner and friend, Adam Goldenberg when they were barely out of their teens. When they met, Adam had already created and sold his first company. Don, on the other hand, was by then an entrepreneur in his own brand building and he had just sold his own company, Fitness to Intermix. From the year 2001, the two have engaged in many business transactions, most of which have catapulted them into the state of stardom in entrepreneurship.

How JustFab, Inc came into being
JustFab is an online shop that deals with subscription based sale of items such as shoes, handbags, denim and jewelry. When the duo founded this company, they hoped that they could manage to offer a personalized shopping experience on where the clients would list down the fashion style and preferences before the shop comes up with an appropriate style. The company recently changed its name to Tech style fashion group.

The company has been operational for close to six years now and it offers great dressing solutions for the people who like custom made ideas in clothing. The online establishment includes Fabkids, shoedazzle, and fabletics.

Don Ressler says that the biggest setback that he ever faced was in 2005, when he and Adam had to watch the company they had built, Intermix, get ignored by the News Corp. Most of the team that was part of the making of Intermix got bored and left the merger. Then, Ressler and Goldenberg decided to create a brand building enterprise they could manage without the need to involve other parties.

They gathered a team of former Alena Members and started working out of the house and within two weeks, they had created Intelligent Beauty. It is from this success trail that JustFab was launched in 2010. On realizing that their main clients were parents, they brought in Fabkids and acquired Fab shoes from Europe.

Currently the company has a total capitalization of $250 million. Ressler states that the best thing in business is finding the right partner to grow with. He states that the commitment RHO has shown in creating durable brands while still being entrepreneurial makes them the ideal partner.

The Triple-Digit Inflation And Lack Of Food Are Turning Venezuela Into A Horror Show According To José Manuel González

Men like José Manuel González are keeping hope alive in Venezuela. Jose Manuel González is trying to end the economic nightmare that has turned the oil-rich nation into a horror show. Mr. González is a well-respected business person and a Deputy in The National Assembly. González and other assemblymen have been working for months to form an agreement that would alleviate the food, medicine, and basic necessities shortage. The farms in Venezuela stopped producing food because President Maduro had an import policy in place that dates back to the days of Hugo Chavez. But Chavez had excess oil money to spend on imported goods, but the excess money is gone.

Maduro spent that money, and he spent more money he didn’t have. The people are paying the price for Maduro’s shortsightedness, but José Manuel González is still trying to solve the food shortage using domestic food production from the farms that are still in operation in the state of Guárico. Guárico is a large farming state, but lately, the state has been inundated with crime because of the shortages.

José Manuel González is pushing for a democratic solution to the triple-digit inflation, and the rising unemployment and the lack of everything that has turned Caracas into the most dangerous city in the world. The people of Venezuela have reached their boiling point, but González is still working on a peaceful solution. There is a recall referendum circulating throughout the country, but the election board will not have a recall vote until 2017. That will give Maduro at least another 18 months in office. The National Assembly is concerned that the country will go into civil disobedience mode before the 2017 vote.

The leftist governments of South America are disappearing, according to González. Brazil is in the process of moving away from the left, and Argentina did so at the beginning of 2016. The socialist party in Venezuela, under Maduro’s incompetent decision making, is on the way out, but it could be a messy battle to remove Maduro and the loyalists that support him, according to José. González is pushing for a peaceful settlement, but the opposition is running out of patience.

The Midas Legacy Investment and Advancing Opportunity

Midas Legacy is a wealth management and consultancy firm based in Winter Garden, Florida. According, the company offers investors and entrepreneurs a lifetime opportunity to participate in joint ventures or become affiliates. The research services provided by the company target all individuals looking for success, from budding investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to anyone else who wants to become a better and happier person. Subscribed members get exclusive access to crucial advice on real estate investment, retirement saving, natural health and financial planning and other areas of public interest.

Investors worrying about wealth management now have a partner who is able to sit them down and offer the right advice of growing investment and ensure peace of mind. The retirement savings advice is crucial for people who plan to take early retirement and natural health advice for individuals interested in using natural cures to treat various illnesses. The advisory council of Midas Legacy includes prominent experts from various fields such as Jim Samson, Mark Edwards and Sean Bower. Jim is a highly successful entrepreneur, publisher and bestselling author, Mark is a specialist in natural health while Sean is an accomplished chief editor.

One of the bestselling books Jim has written is called the “Real Estate Riches”. Mark dedicates most of his time, spreading the word about the benefits provided by natural cures and reveals the secrets behind healthy life practices and common food that are unknown to many people. Besides working as an editor, Sean is adept with the workings of the capital markets and is well read on financial matters. He is also a highly opinionated personality, having made several appearances in international media, including the International Business Times and Yahoo Finance. The Midas Legacy is also involved in charitable giving as part of its growing corporate responsibility.

Some of the organizations that have benefited from this generosity include; the Wounded Warrior Project, the Salvation Army and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, among other organizations. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is at the forefront of fighting childhood cancer and other debilitating illnesses that afflict children around the world. According to the Midas Legacy Website, you can share in the success of the company from day one by getting the Midas Code book, which is offered to members FREE. The books demonstrate firsthand business, investment and healthy living experiences from Midas Legacy experts and contributors, stock market investors, authors and entrepreneurs.