Performance At Its Best- Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the CEO and founder of KOI IXS which is a full-service performance-driven marketing agency. The venture believes in the power of performance marketing. With several years of experience, he strives to assist global brands to attain a considerable market share, come up with meaningful customer engagement and get new clients. He directly supports brands to move at a swift rate.

Edwin Miranda is privileged to lead a talented group of designers, thinkers as well as strategists. Every day, he assists in aligning the vision as well as uniting shared creative talents to come up with work that is worthy of adoration. Edwin Miranda relishes giving customers the edge they require to thrive in today’s cluttered market.

He also firmly believes that enthusiasm is a vital ingredient for the success of any venture. As a result, he has always been a fan of achievements and rejoices in delivering bottom-line results to all his clients. Edwin Miranda believes in hard work and being organized. As a result, he wakes up early and comes up with a to-do list each day to aid in measuring his accomplishments.

He also believes that surrounding yourself with people you trust is paramount when building any business. This is a requisite for delegation purposes since you can’t perform everything on own.

He also advises young creative minds, that failures should not prevent anyone from getting closer to their goals. Edwin Miranda believes that resilience, focus, persistence, dedication, and relentless pursuit are essential to overcoming any challenge. He encourages people to read books that change their outlook and information. Predictive marketing is one such book.

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Business Inspiration from Bhanu Choudhrie: A Successful Asian Entrepreneur

Bhanu Choudhrie is a well-established entrepreneur and philanthropist. He runs a wide range of investments and businesses all around the world. Choudhrie also specializes in emerging markets; China and Asia serve as perfect examples for this field. From his birth in 1978 in Delhi, he always desired to succeed throughout his childhood.

Choudhrie prides himself in an extensive career background, whereby, he owns an international business and marketing degree from Boston University. He also completed the OPM (Owners President Management) program at the Harvard Business School.

Bhanu Choudhrie holds the position of an executive director for C&C Alpha Group Limited since 2001. His role mainly revolves around directing investment strategies for this family-owned business. The firm boasts of an array of investments in different fields ranging from luxury hotels, restaurants as well as healthcare. It runs top-rated luxurious spa hotels in India and Mauritius in addition to various care centers based in the U.K. During an interview with, Choudhrie generously shares valuable tips with upcoming entrepreneurs that have helped him in his entrepreneurial journey. Read more business news about Bhanu Choudhrie at The Economics Times

Choudhrie felt honored to receive the prestigious Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2008 following his great achievements in business ventures. Moreover, one of the restaurant establishments under C&C Alpha Group was recently awarded the Restaurant of the Year title during the awards by Asian Voice Political and Public Life in 2010. However, the company will not stop at this, but will keep improving its services for even better ratings and awards.

Besides his business prowess, Choudhrie is committed to numerous philanthropic activities globally. He consistently makes huge donations to charity. According to Choudhrie, his giving spirit borrows from the Hindu philosophy that the more one gives the more one receives; something he has valued since childhood.

Bhanu Choudhrie is a family man currently residing in London with his wife. In the attempts to get back into the field of financial services, his recent move is the joining of New Century Bank’s board in the U.S. He has also established an Art Foundation in the U.K in a bid to support his love for art as well as promote Asian arts in the country.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Bhanu Choudhrie insists that the perfect time to launch and shine in business is during crises and harsh environments.



Randal Nardone- The Most Dominant Business Leader and Cofounder Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the cofounder of fortress investment group. His locations are in the united states of America, New York city. Randal studied English and biology in the university of Connecticut and then later joined Boston University school of law where he earned his doctorate in jurisprudence degree. Apart from him being the co-founder, he is also the director and the principal in the company since the year 1998.

Currently, Randal serves in four roles in different institutions. This includes being the director at Brookvale Senior living. He also works at New Residential Investment Corp as the executive manager. Additionally, he serves as the director at Spring Leaf Holdings. But his main role is being the chief executive officer, the director and principal of fortress management group. He was added to the board of directors in fortress group in the year two thousand and six November, time after he started working with the committee in the year nineteen ninety-eight. It’s with collaboration with other investors including Wes Eden’s, that he was able to begin the group

Before Randal began working with the fortress group, he has worked in several other organizations. He was a partner in Thatcher Proffitt & wood company. Randal later moved on to be the principal in BlackRock financial management organization. From May 1997 to May the year 1997, Randal Nardone served as the managing director in UBS.

Among Randal’s achievements, he has also been ranked at number five hundred and fifty-seven as a billionaire to be listed in Forbes magazine. Fortress investment group is a profit private company that deals with management of equity, hedge funds and equity funds. It has an allowance of around 5000- 1000 employees who have shown their interest in content personalization, blue jeans network and also rapid application development. Soft bank being a dedicated company in financial services, Randal was so much in the idea of its purchase.


Randal Nardone has shown competence and proficiency in his works. He has a creative and innovative mind that has enabled him gain a very high profile in the business sector. From the many companies he has worked, Randal Nardone level of experience has gone high there by increasing his viability. Under his leadership, fortress investment group has managed to grow extensively from 18.5 million dollars to 40 billion dollars of assets.

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Rick Cofer: Attorney at Law, Philanthropist by Choice

Austin, Texas is a unique city with a well-known acceptance of members of the LGBTQ community. A city known for its welcoming nature and open-mindedness, Austin is growing in the ranks of popularity for drawing in a rising population percentage of LGBTQ residents. Along with this particular segment of population growth comes a defined need for comprehensive and affordable healthcare within the Austin city limits for what Texas identifies as one of the state’s most vulnerable populations.

In an effort to bolster current actions toward ensuring the healthcare needs of the community are effectively met, the Kind Clinic in Austin worked in conjunction with the Law Office of Rick Cofer to organize a Halloween Ball to benefit the LGBTQ community. According to chronicleweek, the Halloween Ball, held on October 27, 2018 is one step toward an issue which needs far greater attention according to the following facts:

Despite the thriving and open gay acceptance and pride, according to a study of the LGBTQ population, there are certain basic needs such as safety and wellbeing as a whole which are not necessarily being met. With over 850 individuals surveyed, over half of those under the age of 30 admitted to being homeless at some point during their lives. Of that same group, roughly half also mentioned delaying healthcare needs due to financial inability. While there are free healthcare clinics available, some of these are funded or backed by religious organizations which led the LGBTQ group either to not attend the clinics or, in up to 30% of cases, not disclose their gender and/or sexual orientation.

In addition to basic physical healthcare, there is a great need for mental healthcare services, as well. Sexual healthcare is also an exceptionally important part of the total picture here, too, and something still not being cared for to the extent in which it is needed.

The aforementioned Kind Clinic, in association with Texas Health Action, began in May of 2018 to provide healthcare with an emphasis on sexual health. Access to PrEP for all sexually active individuals of any sexual orientation is very important. The transfer risk of contracting HIV is nearly eliminated with proper use of PrEP, but both the medical community and the United States in general is in need of education about this preventative. Of course, even with the use of PrEP there are various other STIs which may spread since the preventative is solely focused on HIV and does not prevent other forms of sexual risks.

Thankfully, there are individuals like attorney Rick Cofer. He is once again teaming up with the Kind Clinic and Texas Health Action to unveil an event known as the Show Us Your Fantasy Ball. The goal of the event is to demonstrate inclusivity and to raise money for the community. The event would not have been possible without the assistance of Rick Cofer. In practice he is a criminal defense attorney who is deeply committed to bettering the lives of those in Austin and creating opportunities throughout the greater Austin area. To know more about Rick Cofer visit

Cassio Audi -A leader in the Brazilian Financial World

Cassio Audi is the present CFO of the well-known Brazilian investment company Peninsula Participacoes. Before becoming the CFO of the company, he was a musician and worked in many capacities in leading Brazilian companies.

Cassio Audi attended Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and graduated in Business Administration. He later earned an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo. He started work as a stock and fixed income analyst at the Management Desk of Assets at J.P Morgan Chase. He later worked at many major companies including Dow Chemical and Gillette, Brookfield Asset Management and Rossi Commercial Properties.


Cassio Audi is a leader in the Brazilian financial world. He is also an accomplished musician. He founded a Brazilian All Boys Rock Band called Viper. It was Brazil’s first heavy metal band. Many of the band’s songs were written by Audi. He recorded the last album with the band in 1989.

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How A Creation by Deirdre Baggot Move the Healthcare Industry Forward

Deirdre Baggot is the expert that anyone would call on if they needed a solution for payments regarding the healthcare industry. She was responsible for creating a bundled payment system that allowed many medical facilities to save money and improve health care. The healthcare facilities improved because they made the treatments more efficient and eliminated tests and procedures that were not needed. Baggot has a doctorate, Masters, any degree in nursing. She is responsible for the rising Healthcare facilities regarding the benefits of implementing a bundled payment system. With her with her help, the bundled payment system is becoming very popular with medical facilities around the country. Keep up to date ECGMC Thought Leadership

The professional career of Deirdre Baggot started as a staff nurse at Northwestern Memorial in 1997. In six-year stay at NMH, she would also become a coordinator. Once Baggott moved on to the University of Michigan Health System, she started to pick up how to improve patient care and payment system. It would be years later that Baggot would serve as Senior Vice President, Health Care Payment Innovative Practice Leader at GE Healthcare. She would help GE Healthcare produce annual revenue of over $6 million. That would be a great help in helping many medical facilities transition to the bundled payment method. She was able to inform medical facilities about some of the risk factors to expect while making the transition. Baggot informs medical facilities that leadership should be examining potential risk and they should be coming up with solutions.

Deirdre Baggot has been able to help many medical facilities while holding the position of Expert Reviewer at CMS for Bundled Payments. Her guidance helped several medical facilities to avoid any problems that they would have while transitioning to the bundled payments method. She was able to tell facilities that personnel in leadership positions should be able to come up with solutions that made the transition phase better. Read more:


Dr. Dov Rand solution to anti-aging problems

Dr. Dov Rand is the bran behind Health Aging Medical Centre. The Centre is accustomed to providing a solution to patients encountering conditions related to old age. His procedure is designed to balance the body’s hormonal level as depicted in healthy individuals. The primary medical problems include anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Dr. Dov Rand system for hormone therapy has been planned to improve and track the advantages of an assimilated program.Dr. Dov Rand is also expertise in anti-aging and the decrease in weight. IV nutritional therapies are combined to hasten metabolic action leading to weight loss.

Aging Process

Dr. Dov Rand has made it known to the people about the aging treatment basing on the investigation of the process itself that can be overturned under the right conditions. A section of his program includes educating the people about the situation itself.When the patients are aware of what is happening o their bodies, they will be part of the process.The health Aging Medical Centre has been known to be a place where people go to get the best solutions to problems they encounter. The program is designed to assist both men and women facing body changes. They include effects of menopause and erectile dysfunction for men.

The people in the society are always surprised to find out about the solution as it is still known to be unavailable. Getting old is inevitable but people need to learn to adjust, this is why the education to the patients is an important aspect.

Dr. Dov Rand incorporated Hormonal Therapy.

Hormonal Therapy is Rand’s primary unit for the cure of weight loss and aging as they are beneficial. The chemicals used are of great significance. His Anti-aging therapy is original and has long-lasting results.

Interview recap

Dr. Dov Rand brings ideas to life by working hard so that he can get referrals from the patients he has treated. His institution comes into existence by his captivation in health and nutrition. Dr. Dov Rand says that he saw how other doctors were ignoring effective treatment; he then decided to come up with an anti-aging Centre to help people.

Dr. Rand pieces of advice the young entrepreneurs is to not always believe in what others say, but to believe in what they do and do it correctly.

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Rocketship Education, Provides Creditable Opportunities

How do students benefit between classroom management, the use of technology and intervention procedures? These questions and more are core issues facing teachers and schools in the 21st century. In a biased analyst, the National Public Radio (NPR) featured a review upon Rocketship Education. The apparent, intended outcome towards the determent towards the Rocketship Education image failed. Instead, the resulting response caused a productive, open conversation. This is a success because reviewing sincere questions and concerns is always a positive attribute in any school environment.

Fair Education for Every Child

Let us take a closer look, into Rocketship Education, in regards to this misdirected, critique analysis. Bear in mind, as a non-profit, elementary school, reaching out to the low-income, disadvantage population, it is the ultimate goal of Rocketship Education (founded in 2006) to close achievement gaps. Appropriate communication between educators and parental involvement provides the foundation for a lifetime success for children; otherwise, not in the position to gain the advantages offered at schools with more money and resources in more prosperous, demographic neighborhoods.

Management Classroom Guidelines and Procedures

Every parent desires for their children to attend a school; such as Rocketship Education, with the guarantee of a safe, productive, learning environment. This includes the control of chaos. For inspiring, successful, creativity to occur, there must be a managing workflow of scheduled events There should be the appropriated, designated time for ample, group conversations and uninterrupted, quiet time, too. Both ends of this spectrum provide a structure conducive to learning productivity.

Technology and Computers in the 21st Century

The ability to provide beneficial, lab time on a rotating basis for every student at the Rocketship Education Charter School assists in the ability for every child’s exposure to learn in a variety of ways. After all, in their adult life, during their later years in the workforce, these are the necessary skill sets for success. Rarely, does any profession have the absence of computer usage in a job category (whether blue or white collar). To disregard the fact that some families do not have the financial means to offer exposure to a home laptop is ignoring an unfortunate reality. Exactly, how much or too little curriculum taught on a computer will always be an issue of debate.

Perhaps, the underlining question, remains unanswered. Why do, supposedly, well-wishers for our school children’s success, as in the case of Rocketship Education, focus on their biases? What is the gain of cloaking their intentions into a sabotage of a one-sided opinion piece? The next time, you read a news article, ask yourself, did the author do their due diligence in providing both sides to a story. Did they take the time in committing to a fair report with actual sources from both sides of the spectrum in an argument. It is our responsibility, as informed readers, to always remain aware of our own confirmation bias.

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Rebel Wilson Shines in Isn’t It Romantic

Rebel Wilson is definitely a star to follow right now. The Aussie-actress has risen from anonymity to the top of the heap. First appearing in Judd Apatow’s Bridesmaids, Wilson gained national notoriety for her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect.

Now, she is putting aside her supporting character shoes for a new pair of headliners. The comedienne, singer, and actress is the lead of new Valentine’s Day offering Isn’t It Romantic. So far the film is doing well which is a good sign for Wilson, because she has a full schedule.

It was announced months ago that Wilson would be filming a female-led remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels titled The Hustle. The film, which Wilson co-stars with Anne Hathaway, is set to be released soon as trailers are already hitting theaters.

Wilson is also slated to play a role another remake, Private Benjamin. These are just two offerings from her IMDB filmography as the actress has a lot of projects in the works. If her evolution to leading lady is any indication Wilson’s career is on the rise.

About Isn’t It Romantic

Isn’t It Romantic is a romantic comedy with a twist. It is a rom-com trapped inside an actual rom-com. The majority of the film taking place in an alternate reality. This reality is textbook romantic comedy with all the familiar tropes rom-coms usually promote.

The difference here is that the main character, Rebel Wilson’s Natalie, is completely aware of the situation. A fan of rom-coms who became jaded later in life, Natalie is familiar enough with the genre to realize she is trapped in one. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

The movie’s cast is rounded out by Adam DeVine, Liam Hemsworth, and Priyanka Chopra. Hemsworth plays a handsome client of Natalie’s firm named Blake that she begins an unexpected relationship with.

DeVine plays her work friend who begins a relationship with Chopra setting Natalie up to be jealous. From interviews, articles, and trailers it appears that DeVine is the third tip of a traditional rom-com love triangle.

Although the movie follows a basic romantic-comedy plot the story is set to the backdrop of a hilarious lampoon. Everything in Natalie’s new world is perfect, she lives in a gigantic apartment, people randomly break out into song, and the whole affair is apparently rated PG-13. This is a great element as Natalie attempts to cuss and bed Blake to no avail as her words are censored and the sex scenes fast-forwarded.

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The Realreal Is An Authentic App Selling Great Luxury Items

The Realreal helps people see the value of every luxury product, whether it is new or not. And, it helps people buy the luxury products that they want for a lower price because it sells used items. The Realreal was formed in 2011, and it has grown a lot as people have come to see the value of consignment shops. And, people trust this shop more than others because it only sells items from good brands. And, it makes sure that each of the items that it sells is in good shape, and it posts pictures of those items online.

The Realreal has even started selling some new with tags items because of its recent partnership with Kering, which is the parent company of such luxury brands as Bottega Veneta and Gucci. And, the shop is still buying items from the average person, as well, and that helps people feel better about picking up any luxury item. They know that they can always sell it to a consignment shop like this if they no longer want it, and that makes them feel better about what they are doing for the environment as they won’t ever just throw away the item.

While some of the pieces available from The Realreal are priced at above $1000, there are other shoes, shirts, or purses for sale for much lower prices, and everything is discounted from the price it was when it was new. Those who enjoy shopping designer brands will appreciate that every piece is authentic. And, they can browse through the photos that The Realreal posts online to get an idea of the variety of items sold by the shop. The Realreal can be trusted, unlike other apps that sell luxury brands, and it is a great place for people to buy and sell luxury items.