HCR Wealth Advisors Suggests Teaching Children the Basics of Finances to Help Ensure Their Futures

HCR Wealth Advisors believes that one of the most important gifts a child can receive is a good financial education. The registered investment advisory firm encourages parents to educate children regarding finances when they are young. It also takes the time to ensure clients are educated regarding personalized plans and investment strategies. HCR Wealth Advisors wants all of its clients to achieve their financial goals. The firm offers quality services, uses education to establish and build relationships, and helps to protect their clients from risks with personalized financial strategies.

A lot of parents do not discuss financial topics because they are afraid their children are not ready or will not be interested. When children are knowledgeable when it concerns money the chances of them making intelligent financial decisions as adults increases. This is why HCR Wealth Advisors recommends parents talk to their children about money and finances early.

Children can be taught about money by being given an allowance when they complete household chores. This teaches them money does not come free and must be earned. If the child requests more money they can be given additional chores to complete. The child can be taught how to budget their money. This can be accomplished by writing down their income and expenses. When the two columns are side by the side it will help the child understand the concept of a budget by ascertaining what the child can and cannot afford.

Taking the child to open a savings account teaches that banks keep earnings safe. They will eventually need to understand how to use debit cards and establish a savings account. The child can be taught not to keep checks and cash somewhere they can be stolen or lost. This will instill financial responsibility. An investment in financial knowledge can be very beneficial for children. If they understand how to invest as adults in bonds and stocks, they can grow their net worth more effectively.

There are numerous ways to ensure children acquire an interest in investing. They can choose one share of any reasonably-priced stock. As they watch the way the stock performs they will learn the reasons it increases or decreases in value. Articles can also reveal a lot of valuable information if children are still confused.

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Jason Hope: Skyrocketing Anti-Aging Research

Writer Amanda Peters has finished an article for releasefacts.com covering a recent donation made by technology guru Jason Hope. “Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging” is an in-depth read about some of the current literature on the antiaging technology being researched by the SENS Research Foundation, where Hope donated more than $500,000 to further the cause. It seems that in recent years people have become less focused on trying to halt the aging process. Instead, there has been a greater concentration on accepting the inevitable fate of death and trying to make the most out of the years that one has left. While the thought is certainly pleasurable, it is untrue that there aren’t any technologies that will slow or reduce the aging process. In fact, all of the research done by the SENS Research Foundation is exclusively centered around reducing the damage done by normal aging. Individuals like Hope see the potential that is alive in this type of research, and they’re hoping to be a minor part of the process.

The donation that Jason Hope provided the SENS Research Foundation is far from minor. The money that he has provided to this foundation will allow them to not only increase their research but open up more collaborative channels and establish research facilities in the United Kingdom. This increase in facilities and international saturation will give the SENS Research Foundation more influence in the experimental community. One of their defining beliefs is that they do not look at individual diseases, disorders, or ailments. They are specifically focused on repairing cells that have undergone normal wear and tear damage due to aging. A specific example that the article uses talks about a drug that will assist in preventing arteries from hardening. When arteries harden this can cause individuals to have high blood pressure, a precursor to heart attacks and other serious health complications. The hope is that if the team is able to rectify some of these smaller problems, they will be successful in preventing the bigger ones.

Jason Hope has spent much of his career looking at the ins and out of technology. When it comes to anti-aging research, his interest is no different. This is why he has chosen to donate such a large sum to this research foundation, he has always put a lot of his own personal capital into what he believes in. With the help of individuals like Hope, perhaps anti-aging research will skyrocket.

About Jason Hope: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

Chris Burch Career in Business

Chris Burch has had an exciting career as a business owner. From the time he was young, Chris has had a passion for operating a business. He attended Ithaca College and focused on business. He started an apparel company with his brother called Eagle Eye Apparel. The company was focused on making sweaters for college students. The company was much more successful than he dreamed. Soon, Chris was selling jerseys to college campuses across the country. He was not passionate about clothing, and he decided to let his brother operate the company.

Real Estate

Chris uses the additional income from his companies to fund real estate purchases. He is the type of person who wants to improve his financial position continuously. He recently bought and sold a home and made millions of dollars on the transaction. He focuses on buying luxury homes in affluent areas (architecturaldigest.com).  With a few drastic upgrades, he can sell the house for much more than he paid for it.

Chris started investing in real estate at an early age. He had to stay disinclined to fund his investments.

Nihiwatu Resort

Several years ago, Chris Burch had an idea to build a luxury resort in Indonesia. Indonesia is a nation with multiple islands. Not only is the weather beautiful, but the beaches are stunning. Many people enjoy visiting the area.

The Nihiwatu Resort is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Prominent business leaders from across the globe stay at the resort each year. Anyone who wants to have a luxury vacation should consider staying there.

Future Goals

Although Chris could retire, he plans to continue investing and operating companies, see prnewswire.com. He owns a significant position in Voss Water, which is a bottled water company focused on sustainable bottling practices. He firmly believes that business owners should help the environment whenever possible.

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NetPicks and the world of online trading.

NetPicks indicates that price fluctuations of currency pairs provide an investment opportunity for a trader. To make a successful trade, one will have to carry out an analysis to make a good guess in the movement of the currency pair prices.

The market is decentralized. Trades are made online. Markets revolve around cities such as Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney and New York. If a particular city’s market closes, one can trade in another city which means that the market is open for 24 hours a day. Online charts with live powered signals aid traders in their activities.

The following are the aspects of the forex market:

  1. It has a liquid nature.
  2. The forex market does not have a lot of trading options to choose.
  3. The possibility for large price movements is high which provides a trader with ample opportunities of profitable trades.

A margin account enables a trader to use a portion of their investment process known as leveraging. Brokers are available and will offer funds for trade. The funds are a debt that must be paid. Therefore, margin accounts should be opened by traders who are capable of repaying the involved brokers.

According to NetPicks, research must be done before choosing a currency pair to trade with (netpicks.com). Based on the speculation deduced, a buy or a sell should be based on the ability of the base currency to become stronger or weaker than the quote currency. Live price movements allow a trader to close or open orders at any time. Newbies are encouraged to research on the forex market before trading to increase chances of success.

What NetPicks offers.

NetPicks is a company that allows traders to carry out online trading activities in Stocks, Options, Forex and Future markets. It was founded in 1996. It has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. Texas Soberman heads it. Click ceocfointerviews.com for his interesting interview. His team of workers is competent in their services.

Apart from offering an online trading platform, the company also provides trading education in the different trading areas. The company holds that having the right information about trading will increase chances of success.

Freedom Checks Have the Internet in a Frenzy

Let’s take a look at Freedom Checks. Why are they such a big deal and why is the internet going crazy over them. To understand Freedom Checks you need to understand the man behind them, Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali is a writer for Bayan Hill Publishing, the single largest underground investment publishing company. 400,000 readers swarm to Bayan Hill daily, and Matt himself has 100,000 readers of his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. These aren’t just readers they are subscribers the publication is members-only and costs about $100 a year.

Why is Matt worth $100 a year? Well, first of all, he has been in the natural resources and energy game for over two decades. He calls T. Boone Pickens a friend and gives presentations to Anadarko and Exxon Mobil. Matt has made some ridiculous picks. From .06 a share gold mining stocks that turned into 4,400% gains to healthcare picks, Matt has made good picks. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

So why is Matt Badiali talking about Freedom Checks? Freedom Checks are simply Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. MLPs operate under statute 26-F and allow companies in the oil and gas industry (as well as a few other industries) to operate tax-free given they share 90% of their profits with the shareholders of the company. There are 560 plus of these types of companies. MLPs typically perform well, are taxed lower than stock, and usually, have a basis in gas and oil.

Badiali is calling them Freedom Checks because he thinks that reliance on oil is easing up. This is making approaching the oil market a more friendly profitable experience. A couple of the picks that Matt hints at seem to be a few gold companies as well. I’m not a subscriber to his newsletter (which I am not regretting) so I can’t get the exact details of why he is picking gold companies, but it seems like he has some insight on the gold industry.

Overall, Freedom Checks aren’t as crazy and complicated as some are making them out to be. They are stable investments that often generate a return. Badiali’s initial goal of generating hype was successful, now all he has to do is generate results. Knowing Matt, I’m sure he will.

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What Is The RealReal’s Fundraising Move Up To?

Whenever a standalone company matches the market and announces that they are pitching for a fresh funding, many market observers become too curious on what the move could be insinuating. Having in mind that the Chief Executive Officer of The RealReal has been saying that their final private financing would come immediately prior to issuing their IPO, many tend to think the intended raise of $100 million could be the real pre-IPO financing. Nevertheless, those are just guesses and prediction but soon it will be well known what it is really.

Being launched in 2011, The RealReal has been committed to offering its secondhand clothing sales specifically from the renowned Gucci and Louis Vuitton brands. Over the 7 years of its operation, it has raised over $170 million which has helped it to be a world-class company as it is. The RealReal uses a consignment approach in its operations where a certain seller usually ships their consignment to the company and in return, the company sells for them and the profits are shared between the parties. One of the major issues the company has been facing though it is curbing it with an establishment of a team of inspectors and authenticators is fake goods.

The RealReal Company was originally started to deal specifically with women’s luxury wears but currently, it has expanded their supplies to jewelry, menswear, home décor, arts and even watches. The Company is one of the few fashion resale online businesses still being operational and has overcome the pressures of the competitors. It has a great backup of Kering Company which produces Gucci and Laurent brands and this keeps it running.

The Company was founded by Julie Wainwright who also happens to be its CEO. This brandy fundraising of $100 million many views it as a way of enabling the company to expand its scale base which will please investors and increase its worth when the time of acquisitions arrives. It could be also a way of enhancing their functions as a standalone company maybe after observing the wide gap and large market they are supposed to fill and feed hence they need to invest more capital. Whatever the reason could be, The RealReal is determined to dominate the online fashion resale market.

Read more about The RealReal: https://www.instagram.com/therealreal

Southridge Capital and Its Abilities To Protect People and Companies’ Assets

According to newswire, there are new fund managers today that try to always change the game of how economics and trading is done. While most of these fund managers fixate on many ways to increase profit, there’s not a lot of experts today who really know enough about trading to ensure survival first. It should be noted that there’s a big luck involved in stocks and trading, and all these irrational changes in the market seem to affect how the value of a certain asset is perceived. However, there are still financial services companies today like Southridge Capital who can tamp on the best ways to address the modern stock market challenges without forgetting to hedge oneself first against the risk of ruin. For more details

The Southridge Capital Progress

What makes Southridge Capital stand out today is not just its unencumbered series of soltuions that they employ to their clients. These solutions improve the development of these companies’ assets and spread their financial programs to them in a way that helps their clients tap their own innovation through the assistance of Southridge. With the excellent executive team that Southridge Capital has assembled, there are now many people, companies, especially start-ups in need of assistance, that can see the right direction in order to make sure that their assets don’t eventually end up in the drain.

About Southridge Capital

Southridge Investment Group is a private equity firm that has its roots in Connecticut. It is a company that offers various investment banking and securities brokerage consultancy and assistance since 1996. With about 50 employees, the company is able to make sure that many people can gain better control of their assets without losing their initial capital. For more details you can visit citybizlist.com

It is also impressive to know that Southridge right now has been able to finance over 250 public companies with their innovative soluitions in financial analysis, balance sheet optimization and operational guidance. Some would say that there are other companies out there who can tamp the offers of Southridge Capital in ways that can threaten Southridge, but experts argue that Southridge is better and has a proven track record to withstand the threats of fluctuations in the market.

For more info: https://www.southridgeholdingsllc.com/social-awareness

NewsWatch Tv PR Review

NewsWatch Tv has helped PR deliver its messages through people and understanding how it really works. It has helped make their word really get out loud and clear, by the way people can really understand it. With the help from NewsWatch TV SteelSeries Professional Gaming Gear has become much more popular and much more known.

With NewsWatch Tv SteelSeries got their ideas out there and have gotten wonderful feedback. Their message was short, sweet, and to the point. The qualities of their videos and the feedback they have gotten can all be thanks to NewWatch Tv. A lot of people watch NewsWatch Tv and are very happy with their site, because all of their videos get their points across in a short and entertaining timely manner.

SteelSeries has thanked and praised NewsWatch Tv for their help and the amount of people that have watched their series due to NewWatch TV. The gaming system world is getting larger and competition is getting heavier, but when you have a place like NewWatch Tv to help you out, it can really make your product heard and seen and much more popular. Many people would have never even heard about the gaming PR world if it weren’t for the amount of people that regularly visit NewsWatch TV. Thanks to people who want to be heard more worldly and sites like NewsWatch Tv that can make this happen, many business and companies are a huge success. NewsWatch TV is the best for news, clips, insight, and more.

Find out more about NewsWatch TV Reviews: http://www.newswatchtvreviews.com/


Malcolm CasSelle Stores Online Asset Value With Wax Tokens

Malcolm CasSelle continues to revolutionize the blockchain and virtual online gaming assets with the creation of WAX tokens that stores online asset value and creates opportunities for immediate and accurate transfers of gaming and other various forms of virtual asset transfers. Malcolm CasSelle serves as CEO and President of World Asset Exchange (WAX) and provides the needed strategic and foundational technological insight needed to guide the company’s infrastructure and software platforms to streamline the process of transferring gaming and other virtual assets over the blockchain. By providing a standardized value with the WAX tokens, the World Asset Exchange is providing opportunities for gaming and regular virtual asset transfers to be standardized with technology that eliminates the problems with Forex. Virtual assets can be transferred in various ways over geographical and continental regions without a lot of red tape regulations. However, by transferring assets to centralized banking institution platforms there are various regulations and guidelines that prevent quick resolute deliveries of value over geographical borders.

With the establishment of the cryptocurrency blockchain technology, the value is transferred over geographical boundaries quickly and easily with little regulations. This empowers individuals to trade, buy, sell and transfer assets in a decentralized fashion. WAX tokens continue to advance and deliver valuable opportunities for individuals and gamers too stabilized value and transfer, buy, and sell over the WAX platforms and deliver extremely easy accurate and timely delivery of asset value. Malcolm CasSelle also serves as Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins a high-profile gaming technology company that has pioneered some of the well-respected and significant technological advancements in the world an online asset transfer.


The development of WAX tokens allows assets to be transferred over geographical boundaries and eliminate Forex problems that can arise with the different currency value fluctuations. WAX tokens provide consistent values that can be transferred real time to individuals within the gaming arena are over the blockchain through cryptocurrency assets. Malcolm CasSelle continues to revolutionize the blockchain and virtual online gaming assets with the new technologies and advancements created at WAX and OPSkins that consistently stores online asset value and creates opportunities for fair and safe transfers of value instantaneously.


Academy of Art Alumni Worked on Coco

Coco was by far one of the stand out movies of the year. The film captured such a beautiful story of love, family, and connecting with the ones you love. Coco encapsulates the beauty of La Familia in a story where the animation is top notch and one of the best in the film industry. Having won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, there is no doubt that Coco has struck a cord with the Latino community, Disney, and everyone who watched the film.

What’s interesting is that the Academy of Art alumni, Daniel Arriaga, worked long and hard on this movie. He is now the Pixar Animation Studios current Senior Director, overseeing plenty of aspects regarding the film and where it was headed.

The Academy of Art University is by far one of the most prestigious schools in the industry. Arriaga spoke to students who were currently at this University to provide a question and answer opportunity from students. He explained indepth that there is a lot of growth and development that can be attained by going to the right school and getting the best possible education. He briefly spoke about what the importance of simply building your body of work and knowing what it is that you need to do in order to sufficiently grow in this industry. Being an animator is more so about building your style as efficiently as you can and finding what it is that brings you to the next level.

The Academy of Art provides the most efficient and indepth classes for those looking to jump in to animation. It’s proof through the man who helped create Coco that there are plenty of people who have made it in the world of animation by getting in to this school and using it as a way to grow and get the best education you can get. Academy of Art is the place to be if you want to learn from the best in the industry and gain an education that employers would be delighted to see on your resume. This is the way to get that knowledge.