Article Title: Here’s Why Steve Ritchie is Being Considered as Emotionally Intelligent

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Papa John’s new president and CEO, Steve Ritchie, has a mammoth task ahead of him as the famous pizza company’s new leader. But from what has been seen so far, he is more than equipped to handle the responsibilities on his own.

One of Ritchie’s first courses of action as president and CEO was to reach out to the company’s customers and remind them that Papa John’s stands on a strong foundation of values.

The newly appointed exec demonstrated immense emotional intelligence in the letter, which resonated with not only the customers who read it, but also with business and financial experts who had a chance to go through it.

What Was in the Letter Penned By Steve Ritchie?

In his letter, Steve Ritchie began by mentioning how Papa John’s is a company that is based upon strong values. He connected with the customers through this strong dedication towards something of substance, and then moved forward with outlining steps that will respect and preserve these values in the future.

Since Ritchie has been associated with Papa John’s since 1996, he has been able to see the ins and outs of perhaps every process at the company. He now wants his senior management to obtain the same level of familiarity, which is why he would be sending them through multiple locations of Papa John’s to hear the employees’ concerns who work at the ground level at the company.

From there, Steve Ritchie outlined the plans to bring in outside experts in order to help resolve the issues found within Papa John’s. This went a step further in displaying the kind of initiatives that Ritchie is willing to take just to keep the company strong.

Ritchie also mentioned how he plans to maintain the utmost transparency to Papa John’s customers, so that they know how the company is doing in terms of upholding its values and could hold it accountable if necessary. By offering this sheer bond of trust, Ritchie once again showed how his leadership would be able to connect to Papa John’s customers like never before.

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