Article Title: Agera Energy Seeks To Empower Energy Consumers

Agera Energy is a leading utilities company which got into a contract with the City of Cambridge to provide energy supply to the city businesses and residents. Company Founded in 2014, the company got into the major contract barely three years after inception. It specializes in the supply of electricity and natural gas services in deregulated states. It is committed to change the conversation about the top energy supply.

Agera Energy entered into the crowded marketplace at a time when energy consumers were being exploited with huge energy costs. Energy is an essential commodity to everyone including homeowners and businesses. Therefore, it has been serving its clients in a unique way. It guides, educates and empowers customers to make good energy decisions that can strike off some dollars from their monthly electricity bill. Additionally, it is concerned about the environment and it is pushing forward the idea of green energy. With the green energy initiative, it has solar projects that it aims to get the conversation going.

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