David McDonald Contributions to the Chinese Food Market through OSI Group

One of the companies that have revolutionized the Chinese food market is — OSI Group. According to different magazines in China, the company has redefined some factors in the food industry such as — supplying quality products and providing excellent customer relations. Although the company deals with food entities, OSI influences the quality of food products in major food joints. According to David McDonald, the three decades the company has been in the Chinese market has been a test of their systems. Being in the Chinese market has given the company a chance to continue with its culture of only selling quality goods. David points out that the greatest test for the company was the Olympics — which created a huge demand for food.

David McDonald OSI Group believes that one of the greatest secrets to sustaining a company in China is through understanding the Chinese culture. Although OSI targets foreign citizens in China, embracing diversity in their food supplies is a critical part of sustaining the company in this market. Over the years, David has assisted OSI to add some few Chinese foods in their food assortments. Through these structural adjustments, OSI Group has increased their annual sales and more importantly, they have created a good rapport with the Chinese customers. Incorporating native foods with other typical foods requires a lot of research.

In order to achieve better sales in a competitive market, David confesses that the company has mastered the art of working with different companies. As one of the most trusted suppliers in the food market, the company has one of the best working relationships with various industry players — such as McDonald’s, Burger King Subway and Starbucks. In order to sustain these relationships, the company ensures that all the food products supplied in these entities are of high quality and the supplies are timely.

Finally, David points out that the company understands the importance of contributing to different programs in Chinese society. Some of the projects that OSI is passionate about include — sustainability projects. David points out that the company invests a certain percentage of the overall company’s profits to the Chinese communities as a way to CSR and because the company believes in sustainability projects. To know more about him click here.

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