Jeremy Goldstein: The Man Behind One Of New York City’s Leading Law Firms

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who has gained prominence for the work that he has done in the field, as well as when it comes to helping the clients who come to him. He has an extensive pool of knowledge when it comes to the legal sector, which is also what has helped him reach the notable position that he currently holds within this industry. With the work that he has been able to do, there is no doubt that he is someone who clients can rely on in their time of legal necessity.



Currently, Goldstein stands as the name partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a company that stands as one of the more notable names within this industry. Through the company, Goldstein has been able to lead an impressive team that offers a range of solutions to a number of big corporates across the world. He has served in positions wherein he has offered advice to business leaders across the world and CEOs and upper management of various well-known names.



Mergers and Acquisitions is something that Goldstein is fairly familiar with and was the sector of law that he decided to specialize in. He is also a notable member of the American Bar Association and is someone who has contributed immensely to the development that the Association has seen.



Corporate life is something that Goldstein is fairly familiar with, especially because of the vast and expansive career that he has had here. He has also had an impressive educational background that has enabled him to reach the prominent position that he currently holds. He attained his degree in law from New York University and has also attained degrees from Cornell and the University of Chicago.



The idea to start up Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates came to Goldstein after his active involvement within the corporate sector. After spending a considerable amount of time within this field, he realized that many corporates faced problems when it comes to any kind of executive compensation. This meant that a company that offered this kind of service would easily be able to grow and become one of the more notable names within the legal industry. Goldstein knew that his company could become one of those names, which is also why he decided to start up a company of his own.



Ever since then, the company has managed to acquire several well-known companies and has partaken in a number of successful legal tasks for the clients who come to them.


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