Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong Talks About How Jingdong Would Become The Best E-commerce Company In The World

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Richard Liu Qiangdong has achieved phenomenal success in the e-commerce sector, and while there are many factors that contributed to his success, his patience, perseverance and hard work contributed the most. As an enterprising young man, Richard Liu has always been on the lookout for opportunities to grow as a person and achieve success. It is this opportunity he found for himself when he started a store in Beijing at China’s Technology Hub. He realized that the demand for the magneto-optical products was high and thus, started selling the same at his store. In the next few years, the profits that he generated transformed into building many new stores that dotted across the country. By 2004, Richard Liu Qiangdong was the owner of nearly a dozen stores across China that sold not only magneto-optical products but a wide range of other products as well.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was left with no option at the end of 2004 when the SARS outbreak made his business suffer tremendously. Buried under losses and faced with not many ways out, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to take his business operations online. It is during this time he started 360Buy, which was later renamed JD. The online retail operations were a hit in the market because it touched chords with the customers’ demands and requirements. People who were looking for reliable and affordable products with fast delivery started to trust JD due to their in-house logistics network, which is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world. The continuous integration of the latest technology in business is what has helped JD remain a leader in its niche.

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes in keeping up with the latest innovations that can improve the efficiency o their delivery system. It was among the first companies to test the drone delivery system and were successful in it. The company uses drone technology to deliver their goods to the countryside as it often takes a lot of time and money to reach those places. With drone technology, it becomes much easier for the company to deliver the goods and they have received massive applause from its customers for it.

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