Article Title: Liu Qiangdong And The Future Of E-Commerce In China

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Making a Difference Where it Counts

Its rare that a company is set apart by its innovations. Today there are hundreds of multi-billion dollar companies that all seem to compare to one another. The Good News is that customers notice the quality of service they receive and the bargains or prices from which they get quality merchandise that changes the way they shop.

The CEO Behind

Liu Qiangdong has created a company that doesn’t thrive on keeping from its customers the internal things that make it tick or cause it trouble; and its Chief Executive Officer make choices, either scheduled or unscheduled and make those changes transparent to the customer. Furthermore, transparency is the way business takes place at

Leading by Exampler keeps three principles at hits business core and that is the way in which it keeps integrating low-income communities into its business model, the way in which it makes an environmental impression on populations it serves. wants to be known as a company that leads by example. makes its operations align with its goals. Lastly, invites its customers to help with its goals on a smaller home-based environment.

Vast Scale Warehousing has created over 500 warehouses in different part of its distribution center locations in order to be the most aggressive handler of packages while offering to its customers next day as well as two-day delivery on s packages. Liu Qiangdong has a passion for his customers and making the services offers to reach customers with optimum timing. Today services over 500 million customers.

Growth and Expansion

It continues to grow and expand into other strategic locations like its recent movement into Southeast Thailand, where it is working with another global corporation to bring more E-commerce services to the Thai people. Over 80% of its customers shop because of its cellphone accessibility as well as its great assortment. carries the most successful brands from around the world, especially China’s most successful companies and continues to expand its selections as customer demand more prominent.

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